A Polar Ice Story -Meditation

A Multi-Sensory:
Inter-Active Meditation Experience

Meet Polar Bear & Penguin who take you on “A Polar Ice Story” multi-sensory, healing meditation journey to clear deeply held trauma within subconscious mind – with ease, love and grace.

Innocence reflecting……

Introducing a unique Visual Masterpiece……

A dynamic, unique mind-scape which opens vast reservoirs of mental, visual & auditory, multi sensory receptors to infuse CNS with calming, healing ways of deep expression..

Ideal for deep relaxation, yet optimum activation of Internal Cosmic Playground to bring greater clarity and deep, healing release.

Fascinating for Children (as well as precious, Adults’ – Inner-Child) as an introduction to the wonderful world of visual/auditory meditations.

Drink plenty of water after this multi-dimensional experience and read GUIDELINES, if necessary?

The AUDIO VERSION & VIBRATORY PDF BOOKLET of A Polar Ice Story can be purchased from ‘Treasure-Pleasure Tree Shop

(This is a superb accompaniment to aid in deep sleep-time to clear negative sub-consciousness programming and restore cellular components of love and deep compassion for self and others)