A Stand in the Park 1
Kitchen Garden by Sharon Graham

Canons Park,

A *NEW* Stand in the Park will begin on:

Sun 31st October @ 10am postponed until Sun 14th November 2021 @ 10am

and every Sunday thereafter until further notice..


Hi, fellow, ‘Stand in the Parker’ 🙂

We will open this Sunday 31st October 2021 @ 10am in the beautiful Canons Park, in Edgware/Harrow to connect with the World-Wide: A Stand in the Park frequency wave, who meet every Sunday at 10am in over 900 different parks and open spaces across the globe to connect with like minded souls in honour of Freedom, sovereignty, soul expression, peace and love.

I look forward to welcoming you there……… 🙂 Please wrap up warm, bring a bottle of water &/or hot flask of tea as the days are getting colder and come with an open mind and heart and let’s get ready to create something beautiful together……

I am always open to new ideas as this is my 1st Stand in the Park, so allow your imagination to run wild!

Expect the unexpected………


For further information or directions etc, please mail me: ArcofAurorA@protonmail.com, or connect with me here.

Please note: I am igniting this Flame, however I will be moving out of the area by next Spring just so you are aware; But it’s my intention that someone will warmly take this over to continue the blossom from Spring and beyond…. Thanks x


AurorA’h (or you may know me as AdelE x)

Meeting Point :

We will meet at the White “Temple” in Canons Park, Edgware/Harrow HA8 6RL, near Canons Drive, entrance, facing North of the enclosed Kitchen Garden/George V ‘Secret Garden’.

A Stand in the Park 8
White Temple, Cannons Park (Cannons Drive, entrance)
How to get to Canons Park
Walking iconThere is pedestrian access to the park from Canons DriveDonnefield AvenueHowberry Road and Whitchurch Lane.
Train iconIf you plan to visit by train, the closest train station to Canons park is Canons park (Underground) which is a 3-minute walk to the park. 
Bus iconIf you plan to visit by bus, the closest bus routes are: 79, 186 and 340.
Car iconIf you plan to visit by car, there isn’t a designated car park so you will have to park in a suitable location on a nearby street. Free Parking on Sundays (Cannons Drive Entrance)

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A Stand in the Park 9
Majestic Redwood Trees, Cannons Drive entrance

Carousel: all images by Sharon Graham, except The Guardian and Autumn Mother Tree by AurorA’h