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Ancient:Modern Cures….

Max Igan talks with Rick Simpson on cure for c@ncer using Hemp

So many cures have been suppressed by big pharmaceutical companies. cashing in on the ‘programmed dial’ plugged into humanities subconscious that if someone develops a serious illness or disease, conventional medicine is the only way to define it and this is simply not true.

Please see this short but succinct video on how to cure c@ncer to help and inspire you to remember that there truly is magic in the world if you create a vibratory field to see it………

Even greater we have MED BEDS ARE REAL which has been hidden for over 50 years and yet ready and available ( in Divine Right Timing) to truly transcend the old programmed, ‘sick’ satanic hospital agenda and instantly cure previously thought of incurable conditions,

The potential is limitless…

  • image Queen Hatshesput and Princess Neferura credit:
  • video: Dr Leonard Caldwell,
  • audio: Max Igan talks with Rick Simpson – Hemp – A Cure for Cancer

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