Plasma Pod of Protection

A protective Balm of pure plasma frequencies, dynamics and energetics to preserve Personal Power & Space.


Thank you for considering this special course: Plasma Pod of Protection which is a pre-requisite course, alongside Source Shield, Mechanics to taking the How to Create your own Holographic Blueprint Plan. course.

Plasma Pod, is also available in the Treasure Tree Shop so you don’t have to take it in Course format if you don’t want to?

However, if your intention is to truly preserve your energetics, we highly encourage you to consider participating in these essential foundational blocks.

If you have any questions, joys, or concerns to share, please write me a comment (above) and I shall endeavour to respond within 3 days to assist you as best you can.

Above all, relax, In-joy and be in full flow as exciting ‘Miracles of Manifestation’ occur within these vibratory resonances…

Lovingly, True


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