Freedom Convoy! Symbolism of the Griffin 1
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Freedom Convoy! Symbolism of the Griffin

Freedom Convoy! Symbolism of the Griffin 2

The Truckers Convoy, or “FREEDOM CONVOY” began in Canada in January 2022. Truckers driving across sub zero temperatures to Connect in Ottawa in solidarity and support of our freedom.

Young, old, All nationalities standing in the freezing cold in support of these Heroes.

We inner-stand that potentially there could be a devastating implication to our food supply; But in this absurd ‘poker game’ of life between: “We the People” and Atmospheric Intruders) the Truckers called the first hand before them… They had a far more insidious plan in mind!

Let’s “STAY POSITIVE” that the most peaceful, authentic Highest Outcome will prevail.

Freedom Convoy! Symbolism of the Griffin 3

Canadian Cowboys or Horsemen have joined the re-love-ution
Quebec 05/02/22 – vid UPloaded @ 11.11 ! Cool!!

PM. “We are Family”!!!
love this……. old anarchic systems are breaking down!!!

Also, we include:

aUStralia EPIC Freedom Camp

in Alignment with the Freedom Convoy…….

Posted Cafe Locked Out from Facebook LIVE Protest Canberra The Girls Day 6 1.24pm 5th feb 2022

I could relate to the beautiful young ladies testimony as this bs has also ripped apart my family in shocking ways of devastation – a ravine we can no longer cross together unless we come together in Oneness…

“..Leave our Kids Alone!”

Fantastic take on Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall”

Symbolism of the Griffin

Freedom Convoy! Symbolism of the Griffin 4

… magnetically spinning, opposing elements are mercury and gold which, in Tartarian symbolism, is represented by the Griffin – the merger of the lion and the eagle. The eagle represents mercury and the lion represents gold. The Griffin represents free energy produced by the spinning of mercury and gold.  


The Griffin wanted to come through and connect as a Totem Animal for The Truckers and our Freedom Movement as a whole. A hybrid of an Eagle and Lion to embody the strength and dynamism of the Aethers to Overlight them/Us All in cascades of GOLDEN STARLIGHT…

(check out the narrators name!) 😉

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