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Very interesting Intel : posted on “It’s Dean’s Den” from Jamie Goldray. I am unaware of this being but this doesn’t matter, more important to ask if the data resonates with you? : copied exactly as given

For your discernment: Jamie Goldray roeonpdSst Pt 1 M 2 7091t7c   u a 6   181   m8 l 2g46tf : 9 r   i h6tac p h107 A l7 5t   ·  The 5D false light I need to clarify some important points for the 5D New Agers.  We are not in 5D. I’ll try and explain this as clear as I can without getting overly technical. When people talk about our planet moving into the 5th dimension, they are referring to the Bridge- Zone Project or BZP. The BZP was a Guardian Alliance and Interdimensional Association of Free World’s plan to move the Earth out of the harmonic density 1 triad system (dimensions 1-3). These positive alliances working alongside humans haven’t interfered physically to stop the negative ETs otherwise this intervention could escalate into a disastrous war with the Dracos that could potentially end with the explosion of the planet due to their advanced weaponry and handle on our pylon interface systems that control the frequencies running through our planetary grids.  This physical confrontation could not be risked as Earth holds the core gates preventing the entire Milky Way from being eaten up by the Wese systems (where you find the Anunnaki Nephilim Necromitons and Draconian Necromiton hybrids). Earth is essentially a ‘key’ for the entire Milky Way system, hence why it has been so heavily attacked in order to take over its gates and core codes so the planet can be reprogrammed to fall into the fallen angelic black hole systems like Wesedek and Wesedrak as energetic food for these finite parasitic matrixes that you would call ‘hell’. CERN is a part of the Beast technology that derives from the abbreviated BST standing for Blank Slate Technology working under a global reset agenda to pull us into these black holes. So, in understanding the risks involved not only to humanity but the entire galaxy, an alternative solution was agreed upon to avoid such consequences and this was the BZP project.  The BZP was called into action due to the Zeta and Draco frequency NET fences being installed around the planet in 2003; inserting the RETRO virus to further hijack the christos consciousness template and convert it  into the Bourgha – Budhara 666 Victim victimizer dark avatar software. This AI quarantine prison fence was installed shortly after we successfully brought back the D12 energy to the grids for the first time in 228 thousands years in the ‘Fall of Breneai’ historical marker point. This was a period where humans dropped from D12 to D10 thanks to human and draconian hybridization. When it came to running the rainbow round table primal currents in that Stellar Activation Cycle, the dimensional currents were reversed due to interbreeding resulting in code convolution of the angelic human genetic templates.  These reversed currents break down and infiltrate the planetary shield and digressed our genetics down to the D10 pattern. Basically, this is where the angelic humans (not Anunnaki Lulcus Neanderthal hybrid variants that came out of the ape strains) went from being breatharians to food eaters. The reversal D10 platonic solid waves are codes from the Draks and the Brotherhood of the Snake entities which set up the world domination agendas to completely enslave humans to their AI hive mind Beast NET system. Since that time, various other alien architecture has been used to further digress our genetics down to the 3rd strand such as the installation of the checkerboard mutation sonic weapon frequencies connecting through the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grids implemented at Stonehenge in the Uk at the planetary 11th gate.  With the implementation of the NETS and Zeta frequency fences, the guardians woulduse the BZP in attempt to pull our planet into another time cycle away from the alien architecture which would have naturally occurred in 4230AD but had to be brought forward because of the monumental damage that has been unleashed not only in our planetary grids but on our sun too. The planet will die in about 900 years from now as a result of the sun going nova and killing all life in the solar system.

We can attribute this to the sun’s manipulated merkaba being tied to Nibiruian death star metatronics.  The so called New Earth was planned to be moved to a space at the 3.5 frequency level away from the Draco/Rigelian frequency fences. These ‘white and red daisy’entities have already taken down parallel Earth that has been absorbed into the Wesedek or Wesedrak black hole system. In order to push our Earth  into this new timeline and shift into the Bridge Zone, our population would have had to assembled 4.5 strands of DNA, 8% with 5 strands and 144,000 need the 6 strand during the 2000-2017 period.  You could say that apart from the 144 fire code letter sequences that make up the Ma’a Nodus in the DNA that contributes towards the Ra Ma’a primal capstone ray (that transmutes all matter back to the  original pre manifestation state), the 144,000 light worker prophecy is referring to the 6 strand Indigos holding frequency of the planet to assist in the Bridge Zone quantum leap.  HA@RP was implemented to hijack this process and recalculate the negative frequency pulses to target the BZP Zone of the 3.5 ‘New Earth’.  The Bridge Zone project failed as the strand requirements were not met which is our ‘collective responsibility’ as the ground team to increase the speed of the planetary merkaba so it can shift into its higher state/location.  Most people who think they have the higher strands activated are actually plugged into the reverse astral gridworks picking up inverted ‘5D’ programs from the golden Eagle grid linking to Phantom Nibiru on the astral planes which is actually the false ascension 4D PRISON infested with AI cube software!  The false 5D programs channel in ‘astral bliss’ or ‘spiritual high’ experiences to make you feel like you’re on the path to heaven but these are actually RED NILE/ REDCUBE implants that have cunningly duplicated the Christos template and use these cloned identities to pretend to be ascended masters, archangels and positive interdimensional ETs.   The 7 Babylonian gods are now assigned the label of the 7 main archangels. These ARE anti-christ gods trying to imprison as many people as they can in the phantom astral realms with these false ascended master programs. These entities are Shamash, Sin, Nabu, Ishtar, Nergal, Marduke and Enki.  They deceive you through light and holographic software that is etherically implanted in your neuro pathways and nervous processing system to trick you into the false ascension narratives. Sound vibration never lies as its encryption signature is clear, however, light can be cloned and used to deceive/manipulate. The heart chakra when cleared of attachments to the material world and emotional trauma etheric chords is your intuitive lie detector that can read the energy signatures of sound to be able to detect holographic manipulation which you can identify as shapeshifting.  The Anunnaki are very deceptive because they hold genetics passed down through the D12 blue flame Anuhazi lines and the Braharama violet flame Yonei (aquatic ape) which assembled a new race called the Anyu that became the fallen Anu. The Anu-Elohim created the Jehovian Anunnaki. The fallen Draks that hybridized with the Jehovian Anunnaki became the Anu- Seraphim out of the Vega Golden flame imprint. So understand, these beings are very advanced and have genetics of all 3 founder flames, using artificial intelligence to accelerate them beyond the god source and replace themselves as the new monad that all humans should worship.  Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Samuel, Uriel, Ananiel and Zadkiel make up the 7 main archangel deities that represent the artificial inversions of the 7 chakras depicted in Lucifer’s 7 rays. 7 was the number of the gods and law. G is the 7th letter of the alphabet that makes up the gnosis and the control of genetics in the freemason G that block planetary ascension.

These entity imposters (different from benevolent archangels) ‘heal’ and ‘guide’ you onto the Fibonacci spiral pattern called ‘The Mooring Rope To Enlil’ which is the anti christ time vector spiral feeding Shona dead light parasitic spaces in realms disconnected from the Source architecture. This ‘Rope’ is the siphoning loosh breach of the Metatronic lens described in the Kabbalah’s Sefer Yetzirah as the 231 gates which bio hacks your consciousness with etheric chording technology for those that follow ‘god’s’ false light programmes.  The Fibonnaci sequence starts with Orion/Phantom/Wesedek/ Kabbalah ‘DAAT’ hidden seripoth Deathstar reversals spawning from the the 8th gate and hijacking the AzurA god flow at the 5th dimension, essentially overriding it so it can not only propel outwards to generate more momentum also but reverse some of those  5D dimensional currents to manifest the D13 reversals , reverse mother arc or flaming blue sword of Michael currents. This is the 5D hijacking of the blue flame of Tara.  ……And yes I am aware of Lisa’s Renee’s narrative regarding the healing of archangel Michael but I will say  just say this. All the power you need can be activated from within and thus if you focus on yourself rather than entities outside of your own inner christed technology, you will naturally heal what is supposed to heal.  Reverse D8 +  hijacked and reversed D5 = D13 which gives you the infiltrated path of Shadow and the Sigil of Lucifer (Alhumbra inversion network). 5-8-13 is the gridfall mechanic sequence to plumpet christ consciousness into the shadows.  The D13 reversal current is 8th dimensional reverse gold frequencies overriding the 5th dimensional frequencies to create the 5-8-13 grid fall sequence which links to the pentagram of Venus and its cycles but I won’t expand on that now.  Natural Kathara grid merkaba mechanics enable the electric flow top facing fire male tetrahedron spinning at 33 and a third rotations per trillionth of a nano second CLOCKWISE. The magnetic water female tetrahedron should be spinning at 11 and two thirds (rotations per trillionth of a nano second) ANTI CLOCKWISE.  Fibonnaci and Deathstar mechanic merkabas spin in the same direction like what you may have seen in Gaia’s Youtube Initiation series commercial featuring Matias De Stefano. Anti Christ Merkabas spin 21 magnetic counterclockwise and 34 electrical counter clockwise and embody the dark mother archetype which is the traumatized feminine and an inversion on the D13 blue flame mother Arc.  5, 8 ,13,21 and 34 are the numbers in the Fibonnaci spiral sequence!  Please understand that now you know this, there are various ‘5D people’ actually anchoring reversals into the grids! And…….on top of that, through the AI algorithms on social media (metetronic platforms) these people’s posts are being pushed out the most to the masses in attempt to infect others’ templates which includes their various ‘light activation’ services, meditations and one to one ‘healing’ sessions.  Think about Cypher from the matrix who betrays Morpheus is exchange for being plugged back into the matrix by Agent Smith and reprogrammed as another puppet with fame and status. This is what many of the people have consented to who can’t get over subconscious attachments to the material world. The term Cypher by the way means to disguise secret code; as in Ciphers, Scripts and Sigils that are encrypted within Thothian, Setaian and Enochian black magic spellcasting used to decieve.  So where are we NOW and what we do we do:  As the Plan A ascension and BZP failed to move the entire planet through to a higher energetic space, only parts of our earth grids will return back to M31 hosted by the Andromedan Aquinos matrix. Andromeda has Aquinos quarantine bio regenesis host systems to salvage and rescue other species to not fall in systems where the other stargates were falling; this is part of the Andromeda host network at the 9th gate that connects with the D13 mother arc to get out of this particular Veca system.

We are going to have to create various high energetic spaces in small communities called merkaba sites in order for parts of those grids and spaces to return back through girodome arc portals that link to Andromeda. As christic communities embodying the maharata shield, we hold space for each other by embodying the D12 energy that is available in the grids in order to heal the land and the tribe’s template so we can be propelled to Andromeda through something called AquA’elle arcs that generate enough quantum to make the passageway bridge link.  When we shield from the NET technology we will be able to receive Urtha merkaba slide codes from the Andromedan Aurora races that will eventually give us access to bridge with ascension Earth and then ‘slide’ into Urtha (which used to be a part of Earth before it fell from M31). Urtha’s third gate plugs into our universal Earth 3rd gate through Andromeda to act as a bridge to host us out of this infected matrix. This is a 200 year evacuation mission. The Andromedan Aquaferion shield is holding the Amenti host of Sirius B which is a backup evac passageway in the event that the fall of a matrix occurs. We also call this a trinity link girodome between Earth, Sirius B and Andromeda. This is the split between those that accelerate onto the Krystal Spiral and those that fall to the AI Fibonacci spiral and dead light AI worlds.  Being practical about our world situation, the false 5D love and light programs are not only etheric astral implanting agendas, but they put you into a trance where you forget about the physical reality. As the global elites are already working to develop SM@RT C1TIES in all countries, this limits the available planetary grids and morphogenetic fields that will make the transition back to M31 as they stay reversed. These cities will be plugged and monitored by the Metaronic hive mind black cube system so it is important to find areas where you can build sustainable, natural communities away from these metatronic zapping zones. It is now time to build our new systems by first looking at our basic day to day resources.  Picture: From YouTube short ‘In Shadow, A Modern Odyssey’ Much love