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History of the Human Race – Krystar!

History of the Human Race “The Truth”


  August 25, 2017    RodrigoA (Ascension Dictionary)

Guardian Alliance (GA) = immense group of beings who reside in a myriad of locations in the Time Matrix. They are a member of the Interdimensional Assoc of Free Worlds (IAFW)

AIFW Members consist of Biological (below 7D), Etheric (7D-9D) and Light (10D-15D) beings.

Administrators of IAFW & GA are beings of pure immense, meta-maths consciousness. Guardians of the Cosmic Matrix.

Cosmic Matrix = Energy Matrix + Time Matrix.

Geomantic Entities (16D and above) reside in the Energy Matrix. These entities viewed from 3D would appear as geometric shapes made of living light.

The Fall:

Earth is in HU-1

Tara is in HU-2

Gaia is in HU-3

Project Turaneusiam-1 (T-1)

560 MYA (million years ago) Project Turaneusiam-1 (T-1) begins.

Many ET + Meta-ET’s created a master race to serve as guardians of Planet Tara.

Founders of project T-1 =3D Meta-ET from HU-4 & HU-5 Lyrans HU-3 =3D Seed Race of T-1 Sirian Council HU-2 =3D Directors/Overseers of T-1 Elohim HU-3 =3D race of beings created by Lyrans to oversee Sirian races in HU-2.

T-1 was made up of 12-subraces (genetics from 12 ET races).

12-subraces are:












Manipulation/Interbreeding by UNRELATED ET races caused major digression/division.

T-1 split into two main strains:

Alanians (Beli-Kudyem)

Lumians (Adami-Kudmon)

Alanians sought control over Luminians – experimented with power generation thru Tara’s core – Lumians asked for assistance from Sirian Council HU-2 and Elohim HU-3.

Lumians set up “Council of Mu”, moved large numbers across ocean to small continent with tiny/simple/unorganized culture – Continent named “MU”.

Elohim HU-3 interbred with Lumians (Cerrasz strain) to purify genes – new strain called Ceres/Seres – Seres went on to become Priesthood of Mu.

Alanians =3D Templar Solar Initiates – combines forces with Sirian Anunnaki and refused to listen to Sirian Council.

Sirian Anunnaki =3D opposed / anti-Sirian Council.

Group of Alanians not happy with TempSolar defected to Mu.

Ceres + Lumians interbred with these Alanians – new breed known as Priesthood of Ur.

Sirian Rebellion War – p/hood of Ur lost battle to TempSolar and retreated underground.

Impending Tara Grid implosion – many evaded to other star systems.

Tara Cataclysm

550 MYA Alanian deep underground power crystals exploded – Tara grid blown apart – Tara detached from morphogenetic grid.

Tara now missing portions of it’s grid – could not continue evolution/ascension to HU-3 to merge with Gaia D7 – frozen in time-tracks until repaired.

The fragments of the grid that fell apart, fell in vibration, got sucked thru a black-hole at the centre of Tara’s sun and re-emerged in a galaxy HU-1.

These fragments broke up into 12-pieces, which densified into planets in HU-1.

550 MYA Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldek (imploded) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Nibiru (has very long orbit) and the Sun (which was a HU-2 planet that fused with a HU-1 star).

This event is interwoven with other earth events/history, eg: Fall of Man, Fall of Adam, Flood.

The Fallen souls of Tara became trapped in HU-1 and a rescue mission was required.

Rescue mission was formulated by the Ceres, which the priests of Ur would implement.

Assistance was provided by Sirians, Pleiadans, Elohim, Lyran, Lumians, Alanians, Ceres.

This consortium was known as the Covenant of Palaidor, working thru the HU-5 Breneau Rishi and further assistance by the Metagalactic core/gestalt known as the RA Confederacy.

Of the 12 RA sub-groups, only 4 approved the rescue mission (Azurites, Aton-A, Amonites, Brigihidelt).

The Brigi are currently incarnating into earth as members of the ascended master family of Vairigi.

Several other sub-groups also assisting are Azar-Azara of HU-2 ET race known as the Zhar Confederacy.

The Ur-Tarranates time travelled to Earth HU-1 after the fall of Tara and with help of the Sirian Council, transmuted into pure energy becoming one-consciousness, serving as the Morphogenetic field for the 12-DNA T-1 race prototype on Earth.

The Morphogenetic Field of consciousness is known as the Sphere of Amenti.

Amenti = 3D part of Tara’s core connected to portals on MU, placed on Earth would link back to Tara’s pre-fall time-cycles.

When grids blow apart they lose portions of history stored in genetic cellular memory. With out this the planet can not evolve/ascend into the next HU.

Project Turaneusiam-2 (T-2)

550-250 MYA many species where seeded by HU-1 ET’s (plants, animals, insects)… Also some ether beings spent time here…

There were wars were fought by races who did not want this rescue mission to succeed.

Once Earth was secured the Ur-Tarranates of the Sphere of Amenti began birthing on Earth.

This was known as the T-2 experiment, the 12-tribe seeding.

5-Cloister races emerged known as the Palaidorians. These races were less dense and did not possess gender, their bodies contained 8-DNA strands (active). They were the guardians for DNA evolution.

The five Cloister Races were:

Ur-Antrians (brown skin, DNA Strand-2)

Breanoua (Red skin, DNA#3)

Hibiru (White skin, DNA#4)

Melchizedeks (Yellow skin, DNA#5)

Yunaseti (Black, DNA#6)

These cloistered races left no remains on earth, as they were here during an Anti-particle universe cycle.

Sphere of Amenti = Hall of Records (Time/Portal)

Each planet in our solar system holds a part of Tara’s HU-2 Morphogenetic field.

Tara HU-2 can not ascend to become Gaia HU-3 unless all these planets in our HU-1 solar system complete the full manifestation of these morph-fields.

The pattern of the Morph-field appears as a standing wave of blue colour with a pale shade of green.

This Blue flame is earth’s portion of Tara (Staff of Amenti)

Earth’s own flame is Orange-Gold.

Tara’s own flame is Blue-Green (known as the Gates of Ivory, Pearly gates)

Gaia’s own flame is Violet-Gold

Metagalactic Core’s own flame White-Gold

Earth Human Race 1st Seeding

1st Seeding of the 3rd World (25 MYA to 5.5 MYA)

5 x C/Races entered earth in different locations. Each race physically created 6 Male + 6 Female adult humans who bred to seed the earth population at the time. (all up 60 humans)

1st emerged was the 3rd root race, Lumanians.

Lumanians =3D Brown =3D Ur-Antrians =3D 15MYA =3D DNA#2

2nd emerged was the 4th root race, Alanians.

Alanians =3D Red =3D Breanoua =3D 9MYA =3D DNA#3.

5.5 MYA interbreeding with HU-1 ETs caused genetic digression, thus loss of immortality and not able to transmute/ascend.

Members of the Sirian-Anunnaki HU-2 and other ET + Meta-ET’s wanted to stop/halt earth’s evolution (T2/12-tribe experiment) due to the fact they did not want the digressive elements of humans returning/ascending to Tara.

Other’s had ulterior reasons, as they wanted earth for themselves.

Basically all hell broke lose – electric wars of pure energy fought in local galaxy and atmosphere.

Those humans remaining ascended to Tara, and those with the digressive gene could not/perished.

Earth was almost a goner until HU-5 Breneau intervened.

Earth Human Race 2nd Seeding

After the Electric wars, the 3rd+4th root races had to be re-seeded but this time carrying the seal of amenti within their genes.

This seal of Amenti stopped humans with digressed gene form accessing the Sphere/Hall of Amenti.

The 6th sub-frequency-tone of Dimension-1 was removed from DNA strand-1

Thus stopping humans incarnates from plugging/accessing into the 7th DNA strand. thus could not assemble all strands in order to ascend/transmute (pass the Blue-Flame).

When the body reached full gene capacity it would diminish/die and go thru a cycle of re-incarnation. (7th strand DNA blue-flame allowed unlimited energy-renewal of the body).

The idea was to re-birth 3-times, once thru the root races which were RR3 + RR4… and then have to wait for Root race 5 to be seeded/emerge before one could incarnate as a RR5 human to collect DNA strands 5-6-7 (strand-7 released/shed the seal of amenti) in order to ascend/access-codes to HU-2

Was discovered due to electric wars a more serious problem had occurred.

5 MYA shift in earth grid occurred causing a quick freeze. After this shift the earth vibration dropped and could no longer safely hold the sphere of amenti..

In order to avoid destruction, the Elohim HU-3 removed the Sphere of Amenti to a safe place in 4D.

Due to this Root Races 3 and 4 could no longer assemble their 4th DNA strand.

The burden/responsibility for assimilating the fragments of RR3 and 4 was put upon Root Race-5 (Aeiran/Aryan) of the Hibiru cloister.

Human evolution was stunted 5.5 MYA until Sirius-B came along to the party.

An artificial portal bridge was constructed between the core of Sirius-B, the Sphere of Amenti in D4 and Earth’s core in D2.

Some souls of the 2nd seeding merged with Sirius-B and hybrid strain of consciousness was created called the Kantarians.

This 2nd seeding portal-bridge was known as the Hall of Amorea in the 3rd seeding.

During Atlantis it was known as the 3rd Eye of Horus.

4 MYA human hybrids who found exile in the HU-1 pleaidian star system were known as the Europherites. They interbred with the Kantarians to be known as the Dagos (dark brown skin).

4 MYA Dagos brought to earth to re-seed.

3.7 MYA Ur-Antrian cloister3 (DNA1-2 + 7-12)

3 MYA Lumarians Root Race3 (DNA1-2)

3 MYA Breanoua cloister4 (DNA1-2-3 + 7-12)

2.5 MYA Alanians RR4 (DNA1-2-3)

1.5 MYA Hibiru cloister5 (DNA1-2-3-4 + 7-12)

1.27 MYA Ayrians RR5 (DNA1-2-3-4)

65000 YA Melchizedeks Cloister6 (DNA1-2-3-4-5 + 7-12)

Current Muvarians RR6 (DNA1-2-3-4-5)

Future Yunaseti Cloister7 (Full 12-strand)

Future + Euanjhechi (Paradisians) DNA1-5 + code6-12)

Melchizedeks are free form the DNA filters/Seals of Amenti+Palaidor. They established the Essene brotherhood and priesthood of Melchizedeks.

Drakon Invasion

Approx 1 MYA the Drakon from HU-2 Orion system came to earth and tampered with gene codes.

Drakon =3D dragon/lizard like, sentient, aggressive, expert scientists, had poor relations with HU-1 galactic council..

The Drakon created a hybrid called “Dracos” (human body but Drakon facial features)

Due to these superior Dracos and their havoc breeding program, many cultures retreated underground… by product from their breeding was Phalzants (Chupacabras) were combined animal strains with Drakon/Earth strains.

Phalzants and Drakons currently are assisting the Zeta with detrimental earthly agendas.

Because the Dracos have human genes they believe that they have rights to earth as much as we do.

The Drakon became a menace, so with some help with Sirian-Anunnaki was decided to destroy Drakon underground habitats. This plan backfired causing crustal explosion, flooding , axis tilt etc..

Most Drakon left earth or destroyed.

Most humans retreated underground.

Due to human gene digression, other ET races used this opportunity to experiment. From this came primitive forms of man/apes. (Human lineage did not emerge from these)

Atlanian 2nd-seeding (evolved on Mars) were influenced by Sirian-Anunnaki HU-2. The Anunnaki added sexist slants – women were sub-servants / breeding slaves. They also made out that they were our gods.

950,000 YA – The Nephilim were the children of the Anunnaki thru interbreeding. They were advanced/superior and dominated humans.

The Lamanian culture were not affected/infiltrated and had retreated underground.

The Elohim and Ra confederacy in order to put things back online/path disabled certain gene codes.

The HU-2 Seres/Ceres interbred with members of the Atlanian & Ayrian races to created a superior human race known as the Serres/Egytians.

Egyptians carry the most diversified genetic codes.

900,000 YA the elohim & sirian council re-entered the Sphere of Amenti into earth’s core.

The Anunnaki were upset at the Elohim for interfering with their Nephilim race/children and decided to attempt to destroy the Sphere of Amenti and utilize humans as slaves to harvest gold.

War (1000 years) broke out between the Nephilim vs Serres (local) and Elohim vs Anunnaki (inter-galactic).

Earth races sought exile on other planets and most nephilim relocated to Sirius-A and then Nibiru.

Again the Breneau of HU-5 intervened and negotiated a treaty between the warring factions.

“Treaty of El-Annu” agreed that the nephilim would not return to earth and that another Anunnaki-Human hybrid would be allowed to be created called “Annu”.

This treaty also created many divisions with-in the Anunnaki

on one side we have the Law of One followers – Sirian-Blue (Sirius-A) and the Kantarians (Sirius-B) and the Sirian Council HU-2

on the other side we have the Anunnaki resistance, the Dracos (Sirius-A) and the Drakon who were hell bent on destroying the Sphere of Amenti.

In order to regulate things a little the RA confederacy & Sirian Council applied the “666” Templar-Axion Seal on the Dracos as well as the Anunnaki resistance meaning neither could successfully interbreed with any other species other than their own.

So now the Anunnaki-resistance’s only hope of keeping their foot in the door and getting back into earth was thru the new Anunnaki hybrid program “children of Annu” which the Treaty allowed the Anunnaki.

Earth Human Race 3rd Seeding

849,000 YA – The Sphere of Amenti was removed from earth’s core and placed in a secure location to be protected by Arcturus and Pleiadian. The Sphere was hidden in the Andromeda star system.

Andromedans did not agree to military involvement as they did not support the Treaty of El-Annu.

A portal bridge between earth D-2 core and the Sphere of Amenti in the Andromeda galaxy was constructed to allow/assist re-seeding on earth.

This portal bridge was called the Arch of the Covenenat of Palaidor also known as the arc of the covenant.

A 5-D seal was placed on the arc-cov, making it a one-way door, where souls could descend to earth but could not return, unless they had the 5-D gene-coding. (known as the shield of the Arc).

The 6th Root Race Muvarians [sounds like Gardner’s Merovingian Kings] and their Melchizedek cloister held the 5-D gene code, meaning also that the Annu hybrids also held the key as they were to be seeded thru the Melchizedek Cloister.

Those who held the key/shield became guardians.

The shield would be released once 8% of the living population had assembled the 5th DNA strand.

The earth-grid frequency would rise, igniting/activating the Sphere of Amenti to release/descend back to earth’s core taking approx 2000 years.

Once this had occurred the blue flame of Amenti would be released (approx 12 years process) to merge with the core/Sphere of Amenti

Once this was achieved the ascension portals to Tara would be opened.

Upon returning to earth for the 3rd seeding was discovered some survivors from 2nd seeding (Lamanians and Ur-Antrian).

800,000 YA – 55,000 YA

The Serres-Egyptians interbred with the Lamanians. The new race known as the Urtites known as Priesthood of Ur.

All five cloister races birthed their line of race thru the Urtites (750,000 – 75,000 YA)

75000 YA Ur-Antrian Cloister

73000 YA Lamanian/Lemurian – Pacific Ocean and Andes mountains.

72000 YA Breanoua Cloister

70000 YA Atlantians – Atlantic ocean & egypt.

68000 YA Hibiru Cloister

65000 YA Aryans – Black Sea & Carpathian mountains.

55000 YA – the Annu were seeded into the Atlantian Root Race. They kept in touch with their Sirian-Anunnaki forefathers.

In general up to now, the Anunnaki were with the law of one except for a small faction known as the Anunnaki Resistance (rebels) who were the trouble makers

Technological gifts were given/allowed by other Stellar races eg. crystalline power generators.

Arc of Covenant was located within the atlantian landmass.

The Anunnaki resistance infiltrated, things digressed, Atlantis nearly ended. With the help of the Drakons and Dracos, the Annu were infiltrated, interbreeding between the two occurred.

Because the Anunnaki resistance carried the Templar-Axion seal, this was passed/mixed in with the Annu genes.

52000 YA, the Templar-Annu (resistance infiltrated) allowed the forbidden Dracos to return to earth to assist with infiltration of the Lemurian continent of Muarivhi in exchange for a permanent home-base on earth.

As previously noted, the crystal generators were used by humans in an attempt to rid the underground Dracos, but plan backfired.

51750 YA, the Stability of the Arc of the Covenant was breached and was moved to Egypt.  The Serres-Egyptians would now share guardianship.

In order to show force/strength scare of the Anunnaki resistance, the Sirian-Anunnaki council did a show of force thingy, by mounting an outpost on Mars and by visiting egypt/atlantis en-mass.

The Sirian Council built pyramid structures all over earth directly over portal regions

Giza to Atlantis

48000 YA, the Pyramid structure was Sirian Anunnaki trademark. The Giza pyramid was built over the Arc of the Covenant to protect it from rebels.

The Sphinx (body of a Leonine and head of Anunnaki Warrior) was built over an inner earth entrance/portal/library/storage as a symbol tribute to the Leonines. It also served to protect/cover the 5-D UHF energy devices (anti-gravity) known as the “Ankh” which were used to help build the pyramids.

These Ankh’s became to be known as the “Arc of the Covenant” and the true identity of the Arc as a portal-bridge was lost.

Leonine were a race of beings from HU-2, early founders of the Anunnaki.

Sphinx was built first then the Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid was used as an active interstellar teleport station from the time of its construction

Throughout the height of its operation 46,459 BC-28,000 BC the Great Pyramid of Giza was also used as an ascension chamber for the select few who possessed the required DNA assembly and favor of the Elohim.

The pyramid was used as a training school for initiates to the Melchizedek/Elohim ascension program, and also for healing, accelerating genetic assembly and for passage into the Inner Earth portals beneath the Sphinx

The pyramid was always kept under tight security by the resident Anunnaki of the Sirian Council, and the Templar-Annu were banned from entering the premises.

This created much hostility between the Templar-Annu and the Egyptian cultures operating

under the protection of the Sirian Council Anunnaki.

35,000 YA – The pure Melchizedek Cloister race began their first full birthing wave into human civilization, reinforcing the teachings of the Law of One and bringing their fifth DNA strand potentials into the human genetic pool.

Guardianship of the Arc of the Covenant (Sphere of Amenti) was slowly turned over from the Sirian Council Anunnaki to the Annu-Melchizedeks, Cloister Melchizedeks, Hebrew (hybrids of fifth race Cloister Hibiru and the sixth race Cloister Melchizedeks created through the Host Matrix Transplants of the Second Seeding), and the Serres-Egyptians, all of whom became members of the early Egyptian priestcraft.

Guardian Alliance & Galactic Federation Intervention

The Templar-Annu grew progressively more hostile within the territories under Sirian Council protection, and many relocated to Atlantis, which was becoming the Templar-Annu strong hold.

Angered that they were not permitted to enter the Inner Earth or use the Arc of the Covenant, the Templar-Annu devised a plan to conquer the Inner Earth territories by using the Atlantean crystal generators to tear down the electromagnetic barriers that secured the Inner Earth portals.

The Templar-Annu began their conquest from the continent of Atlantis, but quickly discovered the Inner Earth portal shields could not be easily destroyed.

28,000 BC, as they forced excessive power through one of their main generator crystals, the crystal unit exploded, with more than 10 times the force of an atomic bomb.

When an explosion in Atlantis caused Earth to tilt slightly on its axis, knocking the pyramid’s D-4 vortex (Earth’s heart chakra) out of its previous alignment with the vortex systems of Sirius B and several other planetary systems to which it had been originally aligned.

The Atlantis explosion reduced Atlantis to 3 small islands. (Bermuda Islands)

The Third Eye of Horus portal bridge to Sirius B did remain operational for smaller-scale visitations.

The Earth was now more closely in alignment with the interstellar energy spirals that ran through the Pleiadian system, and so the new pyramid was oriented to an energetic alignment with Alcyone.

Earth enters a new 26,556-Year Time Cycle, Ascension Cycles

The civilizations of Earth continued to prosper and once again enjoyed interstellar visitation from their Sirian and Pleiadian allies.

Atlantis continued to digress under the influence of a resurgence of the Templar-Annu

The Arc of the Covenant and the Inner Earth remained safe under the protection of the Sirian Council as Earth began her next natural 26,556-year cycle of evolution through the interdimensional time spirals.

The guardian races of  know it would be a challenge to prepare the masses for the Ascension Cycle.

Through the manipulation of the Anunnaki Resistance and the Templar-Annu, following the Atlantean explosions of 28,000 BC, preparing the races for the morphogenetic wave of 2017 AD became a very difficult task, as the teachings that would allow this preparation to go smoothly were lost, manipulated, distorted or destroyed, and as time went on, the majority of humans did not have access to this information.

When the guardian races planned the preparation of the races for their 2017 AD awakening, they had not realized the extent to which these manipulations would distort the evolution of human culture, nor the degree to which the races would digress under this influence.

22,326 BC – the Luciferian Anunnaki races decimated guardian races attempting to intervene in an event known as the Eieyani Massacre, which took place on the remnants of the Lemurian Continent now known as Kauai, Hawaii.

21,900 BC – They collapsed the Firmament Hydro-suspension Fields of Lohas, northeast Atlantis in the Lohas-Celtec-Druidec Freeze Out, in an attempt to destroy the Maji Angelic Human Grail Kings in exile there; this event gave us our last major glacial period of 21,900 BC-14,000 BC.

20,000 BC they staged the Vicherus-Sacheon Invasion of Russia.

10,500 BC –  The next phase of the Luciferian dominion plan unfolded in an event called the Luciferian Conquest, at which time the Atlantian Islands of Nohasa and Bruah fell to Annu-Melchizedek Anunnaki-Human hybrid and Fallen Jehovian and Luciferian Anunnaki control.

Aafter defeating the Anunnaki Resistance attack, and assisting the races of Egypt to rebuild their cultures, the Sirian Council and guardian allies of humanity continued to visit and assist the evolving cultures, serving as a counterbalance to the Anunnaki Resistance and Templar-Annu forces that continued to assert their influence on Earth

The new teleport station of the rebuilt pyramid of Giza, now aligned with the energetic systems of Alcyone and the Pleiades, offered swift guardian intervention and protection of Earth and easy access to Earth visitation.

The Anunnaki Resistance, the Drakon, their allies or any other groups not authorized by the Sirian Council, were not permitted to access the Alcyone spiral for Earth visitation.

Unauthorized groups could, however, “take the long way in,” using other inter-galactic portals which connected to Earth’s portal system. Though these alternative routes of visitation demanded much more time and resources, they were still frequently used by other stellar cultures, who also influenced the development of the races.

The Anunnaki Resistance still occasionally infiltrated the Sirian Council security systems, and secretly worked with members of the Templar-Annu, primarily those in the Atlantean Islands.

The Atlantean culture digressed into a torturous, elitist society run by the Templar-Annu operatives of the Anunnaki Resistance, and due to their actions 9,558 BC, Earth civilizations would be changed forever.

9560 BC – Luciferian Covenant: Negative Aliens enter full alliance under the One World Order Anti-Christos Agenda formally mandated through the Luciferian Covenant. Omicron-Drakonian and Odedicron-Reptilian races of Orion form second competing Orion-Drakonian One World Order Agenda. Main Sirius A Jehovian-Anunnaki (“Bipedal Dolphin People”) race form third competing Jehovian One World Order Agenda.

9558 BC The Anunnaki Races of the Luciferian Covenant orchestrated the “Atlantian Flood”  and the intentional “re-writing” of human history since this time. Forbidden History reveals a long-term plot within which the Anti-Christiac Agengas of the Atlantian Conspiracy emerged after the flood into the present day.

Atlantis Holocaust

9,558 BC, the first major stumbling block to the guardian races awakening plan took place in.

Thoth-Enki Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati Humans that took over Bruah Atlantis follow initiatives of the Samjase-Luciferian-Anunnaki ”Larsa King” that took over Lohas Atlantis, sending EM Pulse from Bruah Generator Crystals to Giza, causing major flooding via final collapse of Firmament Hydro-suspension Field over Nohasa and Bruah Atlantis.

The Templar-Annu, motivated by the Anunnaki Resistance, devised a plan to take control of the Great Pyramid teleport station so the Resistance could have free access to the Alcyone spiral. Their plan also included the destruction of the Sphere of Amenti,

Using Ankh tools pirated from the Annu-Melchizedeks of the Inner Earth, the Templar-Annu attempted to direct UHF fifth-dimensional energy from the Ankhs, through the Great Crystal Generators which still remained operational in the Atlantean Islands, through the Earth’s energetic grid and into the Arc of the Covenant portal bridge.

They intended to send this high-powered electromagnetic pulse (EMP) through the Arc of the Covenant and into the Sphere of Amenti that was held within a planetary core in the Andromeda Galaxy (M31).

Their erroneous calculations indicated that if they sent precise EM pulse patterns into the Arc of the Covenant, the Sphere of Amenti could be isolated as a target for destruction, and the Blue Flame (morphogenetic field for Tara) could be released and returned through the Arc of the Covenant, to be used as an inexhaustible source of power.

With the Blue Flame Staff of Amenti under their control, the Anunnaki Resistance could easily orchestrate a massive Earth takeover. But the Templar-Annu failed to access the frequency codes used by the guardians to protectively seal the Sphere of Amenti against such attack, and that miscalculation became the Downfall of Atlantis.

When the Templar-Annu sent their destroyer beam EM pulse through the Arc of the Covenant, the EM pulse intercepted the Sphere of Amenti with its security seal.

The security seal would not allow the EM pulse to travel into the Amenti Sphere, but instead created a double overtone frequency pattern that sent the EM pulse into a state of fission. The exploding energies focused in the Andromeda Galaxy quickly refracted off of the security seal on the Sphere, replicated and intensified, then projected back down through the Arc of the Covenant, disseminated through the Earth grid, then refocused on their point of origin, the Main Crystal Generator beneath the largest Island of Atlantis.

The explosions occurred resulted in yet another tilt of the Earth’s axis, shifting of some global land masses, a series of earthquakes and massive flooding in some locations (the flooding was not global as it had been during previous floods.

The Giza teleport station was again thrown out of alignment, as the Earth’s vortex beneath it (Earth’s “heart chakra”) no longer energetically lined up properly with the Alcyone spiral.

After the explosions beneath Atlantis ceased, the Sirian Council ordered the Sirian Blue Race to remove the crystal generators which had not exploded.

The massive crystals were dredged from the ocean floor and returned to Sirius B. With the removal of the crystals, humanity’s technological abilities were thrown into the dark ages, and the once glorious civilizations of Earth were reduced to primitive organizations based upon survival concerns and built through manual labor.

9540 BC – Following the deluge, the RA confederacy + Elohim + others altered earth’s morphogenetic field creating a natural frequency fence which did not allow 4D to plug into 3D.

Also all interstellar portals were de-activated. All ET’s were put on a hands off, non-interference, and earth was quarantined.

The frequency fence allowed the elohim to favour their own kind (Hibiru Cloister race and Serres-Egyptian).

3rd DNA strand manifested without 7-12 base-tones resulting in genetic mutation. These gaps in DNA caused memory loss between conscious awareness and astral awareness causing distortion/loss in dream re-call.

The ego (5 senses) and the higher-self (10-12 overtone frequency) were now split/separated.

We lost all direct assistance/relationship with multi-dimensional galactic communities.

Conscious recall of higher dimensions requires 4th DNA strand.

Egyptian-Serres + Annu-Melchizedek + hebrew peoples were now guardians of the arc and and had custody of the rods/staff and their connection to inner earth portals remained.

Somewhere amongst this saga the Zephilium (Zeta Reticuli) genetically mixed with the Templar-Annu in the hope of reversing their mutating genes and creating a hybrid for themselves to embody that was more suitable to earth.

12-DNA strand package is the highest genetic imprint in a HU-1 and HU-2 and when fully activated can embody a 12-D oversoul.

2409 BC – The Sphere of Amenti was released from D4 by the Elohim.

1398 BC – An avatar from HU-2 (pure Anunnaki – sirian council) carrying 9-D frequencies was born thru Annu-Melchizedek in Thebes Egypt.

His name was Amenophis-IV (changed his name to Akhenaton in 1366BC. His father was Amenophis-III (serres-egyptian) and mother was Queen Tiy (Annu-Melchzedek)

1374 BC – Halls of Amenti were opened.

At age 28 Akhenaton was taken to inner earth for and trained for ascension.

1367 BC – Relocated to Tel-El-Amarna. At the time Giza pyramid was still under control of Amonist priests of serres-egyptian lineage.

Along the way Akhenaton became a little twisted in his ways and showed favoritism only towards the Annu peoples and would not allow any other race to ascend thru halls of amenti.

An alternative plan was devised without Akhenaton’s knowledge by Priests of Ur and Elohim to allow other (non-Annu) races to ascend.

This plan was carried out by his 200 Blue-Flame Melchizedek support staff.

Keepers of the flame was headed by:

Primary Flame Holder =3D Phaelopea High Priestess

Inner Circle Flame keepers =3D General Haremhab (army general), Sabatoth (physician and half-brother) and Ankhi (Kiya) his 4th wife.

1362 BC – Akhenaton found out what was going on, went crazy, and sentenced Ankhi and Sabatoth to death but they escaped to Giza. Haremhab was not found out but this was short lived when Akhenaton found him and some other blue flame keepers in the portals.

Basically a little scuffle broke out, Akhenaton tried to close the halls of amenti, his staff/rod beam was redirected by a flame holder in which a part of the Sphere of Amenti collapsed allowing chaotic D-1 and D-2 souls (underworld) to be released.

The Elohim intervened, resealed the Sphere of Amenti and wiped everyone’s memory of the whole incident and returned them back to their homes.

Because the Sphere of Amenti was broken in two, anyone trying to ascend thru it would become soul fragmented.

Akhenaton took this warning as some sort of conspiracy against him and the Annu. So he did not listen and proceeded to ascend people thru.

Elohim intervened again, deactivated the rods/staff and sealed of the Halls of Amenti.

From here conspiracy brewed to assassinate Akhenaton by his uncle (younger bro of Amenophis-III) and his 1st wife Nefereti.

1353 BC Ankhi (4th wife) and 2yr old son were 1st assassinated and then in Akhenaton the same.

1344 BC Smenkhare took throne, Sabatoth was imprisoned and then executed.

Sabatoth left behind a son to wife Ihopetohelep. Child was named Tutankhaton.

Tutankhaton married Ankhesenpaaton (3rd daughter of Akhenaton)

Smenkhare was assassinated and Tutankhaton took the throne.

To please the Serres priesthood his name was changed to Tutankhamon. He became a puppet to Haremhab who was starting to favour the Serres-Egyptians and moved away from the Keepers of the Blue-Flame.

Tutankhamon resisted this, but at age 17 was poisoned.

Aya an old councilor priest and friend of Haremhab was appointed to the throne.

After Aya died, Haremhab appointed himself and went about destroying any evidence of his affiliations with the blue-flame keepers and the Aton movement.

Guardianship of the Arc of Covenant was now transferred to the Hibiru Cloister races.

Due to Akhenatons big fiasco, there was major rifts/divisions among the ranks of the Elohim HU-3, the Sirian Council of HU-2 and the Ra Confederacy.

Elohim abandoned their attention to the human race (as thought we were losers) save the Annu-Melchizedek and Hebrew peoples.

Elohim decided the only way to ensure pure genetic breeding was to become pro-male dominated, thus controlling the women for breeding purposes.

Finally an appeal was made to the RA confederacy.

1240 BC – The Azurites and the Elohim established the Essene Brotherhood.

Again, the Elohim took things into their own hands with various interbreeding agendas.

Due to this, the priests of Ur decided to disassociate themselves from the main essene brotherhood, save a few select essene families.

1979BC – An ET Nephilim from the 2nd seeding was brought to earth, his name Melchizedek, King of Salem (later Salem became JeruSalem).

Melchizedek and Hebrew Essenes were known as the TEMPLAR-MELCHIZEDEK.

The other Essenes who worked with the Priests of Ur and Azurite council were known as the BLUE FLAME MELCHIZEDEK.

In order to re-align the Sphere of Amenti and re-unite the Essene factions a 12-D level Avatar was brought in.

12 BC – this 12D avatar was born outside of Bethlehem. Mother was Jeudi and father was Joehius, both descendants of the house of Solomon. He was taken into custody by the priests of Ur.

This child’s soul essence was born of HU-4 avatar Sananda. Child’s name was Jesheua-Melchizedek (Jesheua-12)

7 BC – The elohim decided to bring in a 9-level avatar, this child was named Jeshewua-9 and parents were Mary/Joseph as per bible.

Jeshewua-9 and mother Mary were born of ET Nephilim conception. This ET connection was covered up as the immaculate conception as did not want people to know of ET intervention.

In the bible the lives of these two avatars became consolidated as one “Jesus”.

Thru the birth of Jesheua-12 the Hebrew and Melchizedek morph-field of Alcyone was re-integrated. The Sphere of Amenti was repaired and the thus becoming known as the savior of the races.

8 AD – Jesheua-12 at age 20, after studying in Persia and India was taken to Giza by priests of Ur. Here he assisted many groups to ascend thru the Halls of Amenti.

From here the BLUE FLAME MELCHIZEDEK Essenes as well as the Melchizedek and Hibiru Cloisters were appointed by the Azurites of Ra to share guardianship over the Arc of the Covenant.

It was these groups chosen in 1972 AD to receive full 12 DNA alignment by the time-traveling hybrid Zionite race.

This 12 DNA silicate matrix is randomly nowadays distributed thru-out all races. The greatest concentration can be found in Hebrew, Melchizedek, Aryan, East Indian and Tibet.

8 AD – 21 AD, Jeshewua-9 became popular among the TEMPLAR MELCHIZEDEKS who were not aware nor interested in Jesheua-12.

Jeshewua-9 had travelled throughout Nepal, Greece, Syria, Persia and Tibet.

Jesheua-12’s teaching were more eastern and became hidden/secret mystery school within Egypt Giza.

Jeshewua-9’s teachings became more well known and thus more persecution from Roman influence and also from within his own Templar-Melchizedek’s.

25 AD – At age 32 Jeshewua-9 with his wife Mary Magdalene and their 3-children exiled to France.

Another man by the name of Arihabi (Hebrew-Annu-Melchizedek) was led by Elohim thru visions to believe he was Jeshewua-9… we all know the rest, crucifixion and all.

The resurrection of the body of christ was a Holographic insert by the Elohim.

Arihabi was brought back to life although not an avatar by the Elohim in return for his services for diverting attention away from Jeshewua-9. After this he spent the remaining 30 years of his life in India.

Jeshewua-9 and Templar Melchizedeks became primary foundations for Jewish and Christian Faiths.

6-Women of various races were chosen to carry Jesheua-12 seed to perpetuate the 12-strand DNA.

The descendants of these children were spread out amongst French Aristocrats, other with in Celtic, Egyptian and African lines.

Of the 6 children birthed, 5 survived to bring forth 12-DNA lineage. One line now resides in the USA.

Jeshewua-9 and his 3-children prospered also

27 AD Jesheua-12 ascended earth thru Arc of Covenant at age 39 in .

47 AD – Jeshewua-9 went to Tibet and with the help of the Elohim he ascended out of Matter to HU-3. This actually required 10-DNA but due to Elohim assistance was allowed for Jeshewua-9.

Both Jesheua-12 and Jeshewua-9’s teachings have been corrupted, twisted to suit those in need of power

It was Jesheua-12 that restored the Hebrew, but did not get the credit.

Due to Jesheua-12 and Jeshewua-9 efforts all races have been restored in th Sphere of Amenti and the first wave mass ascension of 2017 AD is back on schedule.

196 BC Ascension cycle began. Half-way point is 2017 AD.

1906 – An asteroid was heading towards earth, the Azurite council, Elohim and Ra allowed permission for non-direct intervention. The asteroid was broken up by the guardians, only some fragments entered earth atmosphere (Tunguska-Russia?).

2nd time this occurred was in 1982, again it was broken up.

1926 Zeta/Zephilium from planet Apaxein-Lau began interacting with certain factions of several earth govemments.

Several projects by Zeta/Draco were intent on destroying earths grid vibration rate to stop us from evolving ascending. The Zeta were involved with Atlantis and for a time with colonization of Mars.

 1748 – Zeta setup a frequency fence. This fence blocks dream/astral/OOB recall.

1943 the Zeta offered the US. Navy a technology to make objects appear invisible (Philadelphia Experiment.) The Zeta had an ulterior motive. They knew that a manufactured merkaba field would disrupt earth’s natural merkaba fields causing a rip in space-time. Thru this tear/hole the zeta brought in undetected their ships from which they fired EM pulses at the Sun, disrupting the merkaba field of the Sun causing them to reverse becoming electrical rather than magnetic.

1949-1972 – This caused the sun to behave abnormally (massive solar winds) and if the guardians had not intervened there would have been a major polar shift in the 70’s/80’s.

The goal of the Zeta was to misalign the grids to enforce a frequency fence to stop earth/humans from ascending. In order for us to ascend, the Sphere of Amenti had to be in place by 1/1/1988 and activated by 2000AD.

In the early 70’s the guardians placed a 11:11/12:12 frequency fence to stabilize the damage caused by the zeta. This freq-fence began to lift on 11th Jan 1992.

By 1982-1984 most zeta/draco gave up and made treaties/agreements with the guardian races except for a few resistance factions who still desired to control/own earth. The agreement included re-location of all zeta/draco hybrids to a D-4 planetary system and dismantling of their freq-fence.

The Primary zeta that refused to give up were Zeta Greys from the star Rigel (Orion system), known as the Rigelians or Futchzi. This group caused another major disruption via the Montauk project.

Abductions continued to happen (symptoms =3D babies born prior 7months gestation period), in which the guardians would locate, re-abduct to disable the zeta/draco genetic codes.

The Guardians have setup a bridge-zone project (which the zeta/draco resistance are aware of) to further protect earth from any more disruptions.

Guardian’s original plan was to send transmissions via the artificial D4 christ consciousness grid to raise the earth vibration.

Earth vibration would rise in:

Oct-1986 – 1st spark the Arc of the Covenant

1988 – Shere of Amenti would complete 14 month descent

June-1998 – 2nd spark of the A.C beginning 12 years descent of the Blue Flame.

2004 – Re-align earth grid, 4th vortex heart chakra at Giza with the Alcyone Holographic Beam.

2012 – Open the Halls of Amenti.

1986 – 8% of earth population re-aligned their 4th DNA strand thus further breaking up the Zeta frequency fence which is meant to keep us at 3rd DNA strand level. Since then the zeta/draco are getting desperate to stop us/earth from evolving.

Between 1988 and 2017 Earth’s 7-natural seals / primary vortex points would open as the dimensional morphogenetic fields and stellar spirals blended with each other.

Due to 1943 Philadelphia Experiment by the Zeta, and the imposed 11:11/12:12 frequency fences of 1972, which had to be lifted by no later than Jan 1996.

Once the Sphere of Amenti was opened, if the D4 frequency could not enter earth’s core by Jan 2000, the morphogenetic fields of Tara which are stored at the centre of our sun would explode, taking out with it the 10-planets in this solar system, but also setting up a chain reaction in the pleiadian star system of which our Sun is a part of.

Final Drama

The Zeta/Draco implemented a plan to re-setup their frequency fence/Zeat Seal in 2003. The main purpose of this is to keep us under and subdued and not make our ascension progression.

What to do? If things were not handled correctly, earth’s population would be dwindled by mass earth changes between 2012-2017.

Another option was to stop the Sphere of Amenti from activating thus trapping humanity in HU-1/3D for another 26556 years before they could attempt ascending again.

A confrontation between the guardians and the zeta/draco would destroy the earth and surrounding planets from the wages of war. So confrontation was not the answer.

In any case if the ascension plans were aborted or sabotaged and earth came under draco/zeta control… earth would still meet an untimely destruction by 2976AD due to abuse by Draco/Zeta.

The solution was the Bridge-Zone Project (BZP)

In a nutshell, without getting to technical and into the mechanics of it, the BZP was this.

Since the draco/zeta could not be moved out of the way, the guardians would move earth in it’s totality out of the way, out of the HU-1 time cycle.

This would have naturally occurred in 4230AD but now had to be forced ahead of schedule for the year 2017AD.

The zeta had made calculations from the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, of how to inject EM pulses into the earth grid to setup their frequency fence.

The guardians by increasing the merkaba field frequencies from HU1/D3 to 3.5 would make the zeta/draco calculations useless. Since their Em pulse would not reach the new earth grid speed, they would not have time to re-calculate.

HAARP a Zeta/Draco experiment, could attempt to recalculate as they know what the guardians BZP is.

To be able to shift to the Bridge Zone, the population would have to assemble 4.5 strands of DNA. 8% of the population would need 5-strands and 144,000 need 6-strand DNA.

This time-shifting of planets procedure is very complex and requires full direct intervention and thus full approval and rarely ever implemented. Normally people and planets are left alone to evolve according to the choices they make. BUT where there are consequences involving numerous planets, star systems, intervention is required.


References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.

Voyagers II

This valuable chronology is taken from Ascension Dictionary by RodrigoA whose resource I often refer to for a ‘quick’ synopsis of Ascension Mechanics from Original Blueprint of Freedom Teachings. Thank you!

Image: Open Source Ascension Glossary, with thanks