Indigo (1, 2 & 3) Soul Contracts and Timelines

Dr Edward Group gives an educational intrigue into Indigo Children Blueprints……..

If I feel the Call to add anything I will, its not really my speciality to see Indigos as 1, 2’s and 3’s……. Rather the whole! But still valuable for those who need some form of ‘identification’, especially if new on the path of awareness but not limited to this either.

With love…..


Tommy, from Truth, Honour & Integrity Show, gives an interesting History of HUman Race, Timeline perspective and Intruder Races from Guardian texts of Emerald Order.

just a note: sensitive indigos, please use Kristiac Shielding or fast forward some of songs that don’t resonate with you, (as they have lower vibratory tones which can have dark crystals in them) However, this doesn’t distract from fascinating information portrayed in Tommy’s laidback, easy breezy, intelligent style.

Do not disregard the Fruit if some has gone bad. Cut that part out! However if more of the Fruit has gone bad than what is ripe and juicy. Disregard it immediately!

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