The Krystal Kaleidoscope

A Mandala of Soul

The Krystal Kaleidoscope is a healing, multi-dimensional Time Vector, or rather Memory Portal, experience to open internal lush landscapes of Meditation to explore…


On a personal note, this took zillions of hours to lovingly bring into Manifestation! What might seem a ‘simple’ animated video is actually filled in “Frequency, Energy & Vibration“, operating within numerous TIME-JUMP GATES..

Time-Jump Gates

A Time-Jump Gate is a holographic architecture to move from one dimension or vector point to another. Just like in a game of Chess, moving one piece on the game-board to another! Rather, within Krystal Kaleidoscope, we SPIN the DIAL to Time-Jump from one dimension to another in order to open multiple light reflecting worlds of ancient discovery, born anew…

Please be aware this Experience is soft, quiet, reflective, meditative and requires patience and sitting through potential ‘boredom thresholds’ to allow internal trapped energy to be released into the Void which opens space for fresh, lush rains to cascade into our lives………?

Please refer to PROTOCOLS page, for any extra direction..

I hope you enjoy and marvel at this majestic masterpiece which is a sonic reflection of you…

Most warmly,