Med Beds are Real! 1
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Med Beds are Real!

video: I inner-stand this lady is called Sky and has awareness of the secret space programmes and is a credible source.

video sourced from Telegram Channel.

Holographic Healing Beds (Med Beds)… This is Here Now!! Waiting to assist us to heal diseases, viruses, anti aging, stress, depression, drug therapy, Jaberloony repair, DNA regeneration, growing new limbs etc…

This tech comes from Andromedan’s using Organic Scalar Wave frequencies : (Primal Light, Colour & Sound Fields) re-patterning of Original DNA Divine Blueprint Template… ACTIVATE!💫
INCREDIBLE NEW EARTH, We are ready, willing and able…✨🙏✨

Alex Collier, gives a thorough explanation of Med Beds in his online 2 hour presentation of Current States: click here if you wish to purchase his full seminar? Very valuable Intel.

I will add to this post as I get more info………………….

updated: 07/03/22

Med Beds are Real! 4

Updated: 22:10:22 : “Suppressed secret technology, med beds, replicators, free energy, stargates, anti-gravity” – unknown

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    1. Hi Darrin, yes phenomenal tech….. I don’t know when they will be made available to humanity but we are reaching a “critical Mass” so let’s intend it to be soon… 🙂 For Now, I place myself in an 🌠etheric Vibrational Med Med🌠 in meditations to infuse scalar wave patterning’s into the cells etc……. Good vibes to you, my friend. Au 🌠