MM: June 2022-Inner Earth and Inner Bodies 1

Inner Earth and Inner Bodies

Thursday 2nd June @ 5.00 pm uk time


please see timezone convertor

Creativity SouL, Studio

We will be performing a Presentation TransMission, guided meditation/activation, collective healing and Q & A’s and cannot say how long this will be, lets say 2-3 hours, could be more or less…….

Expect some colourful CALaMities!! 😉

MM: June 2022-Inner Earth and Inner Bodies 2

Monthly Maps: June 2022 – Inner Earth – Inner Bodies

Regular Monthly Maps: including Presentation/TransMission + Activation and Q & A’s and Group Sharing’s…….


If you are unable to join live – all is well – the REPLAY & DOWNLOAD link will be in the PDF you receive within 2-3 hours (after you purchase this event). But please allow up to 24hrs for any technicals.

All healings, frequencies and vibrations will be free of time and space so you can tune in, or retune in as many times as you like…

Okay, lets 💎 this!! 🙂

Darling, AurorA’h and the Beloveds 

MM: June 2022-Inner Earth and Inner Bodies 3

Please integrate PROTOCOLS page if needed before/after this event. Thank you!