Mystics of the Maji Grail Lines

APIN Atlantean Pylon Implant Network

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LPIN Lemurian Pylon Implant Network

Planetary Grid Work

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Great White Lion (@dean.sneider)

The Ankh – Universal Gateway of Life

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Pure, Plasma Energy!!

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“This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you.”

– Hafiz –

Crystal Caves – Mexico

buried 984 feet (300 meters) beneath the Sierra de Naica Mountain in Chihuahua, Mexico. Anchored to the walls and floor of a sweltering cave, the crystals went through at least half a million years of uninterrupted growth.

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massive Gypsum Pillars –

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Ashayana talks about these crystals in her Masters Templar workshop and I remember her saying they were implanted from Nibiru to mutate the DNA and keep it locked in a lower frequency band of consciousness.

Also it misdirects energy to siphon and steal energy from the “living planetary bodies” similar to below:

The Nibiruians keep their planetary Templar and Star Gates functional by drawing energy from other “Living” planetary bodies via unnatural “External Merkaba Field” linking. (Merkaba structures that are “external to” or nor naturally a part of the intrinsic D-12 Christos Divine Blueprint for our Time Matrix)

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However, I innerstand these have been rewired to install True Light Mechanics back into the planetary timeframe and working alongside our True Friends: The Four Faces of Man, White Lion Network, Sacred Blue Cow and Original Blueprint of Golden Eagle Grid.

However, please use own discernment as whilst the Four Faces of Man is still Organic, I read (2015) that the White Lion has been partially corrupted with inorganic grids in heart and paw [see Planetary Grid Network]. This could very well have been restored Now? Our Lion strength Heart is so pure and Golden, transmitting from 12D Lyra Stargate that I can’t imagine they got their grubby paws on it – but it’s possible.

If so please use your “Protective Plasma Ring” of your beautiful, empowering Sacred Crystal Heart to superimpose over any inorganic parts (in red) of Great White Lion, Image to block any reversals.

Also see: Sacred Crystal Heart (Thymus Gland/Core Seed Atom)

“The Sacred Blue Cow has been reclaimed and then activated by the return of the Amethyst Order and the corrected 5D-6D-7D fire letter sequences that they have brought with them”. {see Sacred Blue Cow}

And quite frankly I don’t know if Golden Eagle’s inorganic wing has been repaired to original blueprint as it was hijacked. [see Planetary Grid Network]. UPDATE: 25/5/23, our 1st live Ma-StarY course : GOLDEN AQUILA – Voyagers of Discovery is in part, a Mission – to repair this Wing, using remote viewing and innate Right of Return, Repair Mechanics.