Northern Lights & I Am Peace Now, Mantra

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

This is a spine chillingly powerful statement to observe especially during these challenging times of power & control mechanisms orchestrated by “Atmospheric Intruders” which can focus our awareness on their blatant antics and steer us away from the true power of peace which is oozing out of every orifice of our precious earth.

Right Now, as we speak super powers of majestic light frequencies are streaming out of the Aurora BoREALis to RESET CODES of Light, Truth and Honour. To remind us of our Truth Gods which we embody through this carrier wave of information.

The Aurora or Northern Lights are housing biosphere chemical components of magistracy through Liquid Light Councils from the 7 Higher Heavens which is an altruistic ‘time continuum’ way past the Cosmic Horizon of this Universe.

Let us say these are like Aurora Star Pillars which carry one up through safety RESET Codes to strengthen the Nervous System which is under severe energetic attack right now and acting like delicate strings about to snap.

Tuning I Am Peace Now will reset your 7 astral waves into Cosmic Zero Point energy fields to facilitate Creator Levels of healing and are focused on clearing any astral debris which is swimming around our cosmic oceans, obscuring our view of clarity. We wish you to know that All is transcended through this light wave mechanism and all returns to the Father from hence within.

This is overriding the “gas-lighting” which is being severely rained down on us from the illusionary force which feels very real right now. A mechanism orchestrated to drive the dear ones mad or turn ‘brother on brother’ with divide & conquer tactics ruining blessed relationships or undermining our true authority to the Christ within.

We have a Divine Duty of Care to ourselves to cherish, sustain and look after our Emerald Mansions. The componency of heart grace which is much deserved and needed right now, accessed through the Carrier Wave of Breath and facilitated by Aurora Angels which are covering all angles, so to speak.

I Am Peace Now

“I Am Peace Now” which has a similar resonant tone to the mantra sung in the timeless Krystal-Rose Temples of LeMUria is to be sung, spoken, chanted, visualised, enhanced through you for at least 5 minutes to reset circuitry, if you choose? When obsessive thoughts or recurring mental arguments come up, simply sing this Mantra to them especially if the gut begins to churn with vicious thoughts or thoughts of hurt, harm, blame, judgement or injury.

This is a very simple technique that can be practiced daily for 3 weeks to see profound peaceful statements transmitting though you even in the face of severe anguish, fear, panic, hatred, anger or violence. Especially what we are witnessing in the global narrative being beamed into our homes each day causing severe depression, anxiety and powerlessness.

If you wish to further amplify this technique, simply visualise rainbow streams of l00% Higher Octave Liquid Light filaments which are Plasma Pillars from the 7 Astral Waves running all the way though your body, especially running up and down the spine and coming out of your mouth moving in fluid spherical motions 360° all through and around you.

Now you have ignited this ‘Flame’ or Prayer Wheel you can simply say this little affirmation whenever you feel challenged and it will set off mechanisms of ultimate enhancement through the sub-conscious mind and brain to override any negative conditioned thinking; Thus activating the Astral Wave Pillars to Take Command through the grace of your I Am Avatar Christos Mind to best serve you? And So It Is! Thank you!

It is challenging times we all face right now with persecution codes beaming at us from all directions of the false-light matriarchy and yet we may house ourselves in these majestic ‘Pillar’ frequencies to best assist us to see ourselves all the way through to the other end of the abyss which is nearing completion.

The more we can focus on what we stand for, rather than against will give us the loving strength and empowerment to act as conduits of these tremendous light frequencies to come through us as easily as a a Cosmic Cascade of purified healing waters flowing through you reminding you of infinite opportunities to create new realities, new friendships, new relationships, careers and the like.

Whilst this dark night of the soul, so to speak, may feel as if it is being born through the dark abyss it only serves to shine a profound Light of Truth on who we are and what we are truly capable of together because we are truly the Light that is shining through this dark tunnel to supersede all false illusionary games in the Cosmic Adventure of Life, Dear Ones.

Please take the Seeds of Consciousness that resonate with you and lovingly disregard anything that isn’t in Highest Alignment with your biospheres.

All is Well!

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