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  • Aurora-Pillars-of-Light

    Aurora Pillars of Light!


    – Frequency Stabiliser

    This is my Core Stabiliser, bringing Light, Colour % Sound resonating securely within 4 gigantic, Cathedral Pillars…

    This is truly “Lights, Camera, Action”.  To feel confidence and courage to take positive action in life!  Earthed & rooted, yet perfectly connected to Higher Codes of Truth!

    “Bouncing Bouncers” of tremendous strength, support and encouragement to fulfil Mission Codes undisturbed by electronic/inorganic interference and beyond..

  • Jewelled Expressions, BottleRose

    AURorA Vibrational Spray


    Vibrational AURorA Spray!

    Jewelled Expressions

    My Signature Scent….


    Highly concentrated premier Essential Oils, infused in Himalayan Pink Salt

    ‘Miracle’ Elite Shungite (Nano) Water

    Vibrationally attuned, Crystals

    Attuned Elementals – Koshi Chimes: Aria, Ignis, Aqua, Terra &


  • dna

    DNA, Sun Disc


    DNA Sun Disc,


    A very special frequency Activator: DNA Living Light Code (Dynamic Network Access), invites you to marvel at visual receptors within Krystal Kaleidoscope Video Series.



    If you have been part of any trauma MK Ultra Mind Control programming, please ask in your heart whether this Template will best serve you?  If you get a “yes”, please continue and consult PROTOCOLS page for support?  If you get a “no”, please TRUST this and do not download this package.

    Whilst, it has been created in best, Highest Intention, it contains a butterfly which can be used in mind control trauma tactics.  However, this Template, nor any part of the Krystal Kaleidoscope series is related to MK Ultra: Monarch Butterfly.

    In fact, it is an Overwrite Khee to dissemble and neutralise this distortion, being merely a butterfly signifying the catalytic principle of the beautiful transitory nature of our DNA lifeform;  But sadly this can have significant implications to those dealing with severe, unresolved trauma.  TRUST YOUR ORGANIC GUIDANCE!

    Please see:



    Electric Plasma Storm


    Electric Plasma Storm MP3

    Lightning fast turbo charger, reboot to CNS (Central Nervous System)

    CALM, SOOTHE, Re-orientate Internal Compass


    Nature Kingdom Connector!

    TESLA Transmitter & Super Conductor

    PLASMA POD frequencies.


  • Magical-Rainbow-Inner-Child

    Lullaby, Light Language


    ** SPECIAL GIFT **

    “Lullaby, Light Language” – A beautiful, soothing harmonic repertoire of soft music to soothe children, or (inner-child)…….. Sung from the Soul in deep, profound love for you………

  • The-Tor

    Magnetic Coil, Grounding Cord!


    **A Gift from the Tor, Glastonbury……**

    A New Light, fast accelerating application into New Earth Codes, realising atomic structure as star, galaxy starlight, liquid light of Nebula, plasma waves and beyond…….

    Truly star-spectacular!

    Not to be missed!  Pulsating in starry, yet grounded dance waves of prose..

  • UlurU

    Mother Arc, UlurU


    Mother Arc, UlurU

    *UPDATE 11:11:21*  Within lawful respect of the Sovereigns of Australia I have made this Template as a GIFT for All.

    Please see SCROLL Dear Freedom Fighters

    The Mother Arc Opens and ancient Treasures are revealed through Cosmic Egg and Heart of Creation… UlurU, (Ayers Rock) Australia….. Inter-dimensional Time-Jump Stargate to Mother Cosmic Aethers to activate Sacred (Mother) Dragon.

    Commanding strength, regaining Power of Presence…… Commitment to Mission, undaunted……. Healed, whole, re-born to overcome all adversaries.

    Dragon 1st Fire Activation, warm, fiery Volcano Heart and Cosmic Earth-Heart Mother STARGATE

  • Plasma-Pod



    ** SPECIAL GIFT **

    Plasma Pod, Frequency Booklet (PDF)

    Activation of Plasma Pod (MP3)

    Beluga Codes, Light Language (MP3)

    Electric Storm (MP3) * see below video

    Light Template (Image)

    In-Joy pulsating sensations……… Go easy!

    Lovingly, Au x 

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  • Rainbow-water

    Water, Water Everywhere!


    A Frequency Booklet about the Vibrational healing quality of Water…..

    Features Electric Plasma Rain, Thunder & Lightening…..

    Healing Power of Water!

    How to Programme Water

    Magnetic Anchor, Template

    & Sonic frequencies….. of love, compassion and empathy!