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Return of the Mother – Cosmic Playground!

Return of the Mother:

Cosmic Playground!

Continued from Article: The Lion Gorge, A Hidden Spiritual Echo, Return of the Mother

Day 1: 09:09:20 Preparatory Work for the Return of The Mother: Ceremony

sandcliff 67
Chalk Cliffs 67 million years old!

Standing Wave Formations

Bask a while in these majestic ‘Standing Wave Formations’ which are 67 million years old… Here we are in a modern residential area of Chafford Hundred, Essex and yet strangely there’s this atmospheric backdrop of ancient Sand Cliffs which seem so odd and out of place in this pretty but superficial housing complex!

I’ve named this area ‘The Jurassic Place’ as it still feels as if its steeped in mysterious ancient timelines existing in an etheric sub-tropical climate with sandy pathways which lead to nowhere… Yet the Cliffs remind me of ‘Standing Wave’ formations which are scalar wave patterns which can travel inter-dimensionally in undulating sound waves acting as ‘tele-port stations’ which flash on and off as they move in and out of frequency range whilst magnetising higher conscious states of reality.

Sandy Pathway yet several miles from the Ocean?

Strangely, the notion of extinct prehistoric dinosaurs still roaming around exists here, although I’m yet to see one!

Although, I remember, whilst in a special vortex spot in Montezuma Well in Sedona, Arizona in 2014, having walked around the whole parameter of the Well, I sat on a bench and was out like a light, immersed into a deep altered state of awareness and began to astrally travel deep under the Lake where I clearly saw many Dinosaurs roaming around and when I awoke I immediately told the person I was with: “There’s dinosaurs under there!”

Although, sceptical, I just knew I had seen into a parallel reality which existed in the Here & Now and it was utterly mesmerising – like I had been shown a special gift from this World and its creatures….

Perhaps this isn’t so farfetched and perfectly possible as they very well could’ve carved their way deep into underground Caverns and Tunnels to cleverly avoid the ‘big freeze’ about 65 million years ago and choose to live in another quantum reality very close to our physical reality yet existing at different axis points.

This is partly how we can maintain ‘form’ for millions of years, able to exist in another quantum reality or parallel world in a Zero-Point energy field which transcends the limitation of time and space. Cleverly they must’ve had a mastery of their ‘angular rotation of particle spin‘ which is how we change molecular structure to speed up our atomic rate at lightening speed in 45 decree angles, to transcend timelines, or physical infrastructure, to make it through, or escape – for that matter – to under-ground, or over-ground Portals.

To further add to this ancient sub-tropical vibe, each time I walk here I feel the vibration and sonic movements of fiery volcanoes buried deep in bottomless layers of molten lava, disguised in piles of sand which I imagine the scientists cannot detect with their ‘hi-tech’ instruments – which isn’t necessary anyway – as when we open our ‘High Sight‘ (rather than physical eyesight) and align our body as a ‘Sensor Instrument’ I can actually see, hear and feel Volcanoes deep under the verdant richness, alive and pulsating which is a real thrill.

We shall see what transpires in the Podcast Ceremony when we open the Dormant Valves of the Chafford Gorges, to the soft Light of Truth and inner-standing?

There’s also a lurking creepiness to the place, an underlying aching loneliness of ‘no mans land’; Which, however shifted today because of the school-children who’ve been ‘allowed’ back to school. For 2 months I’ve trekked these vistas, largely alone with the odd dog-walker in sight, mostly avoiding ‘doggie contact,’ because of the schisms terrifying the people not to mix and avoid social contact, so it was so refreshing to see some normality with laughing, chattering children, albeit the few masked ones.

Main Sand Cliff
2nd Sand Cliff perspective

Digger/Carver Bees!

The verdant beauty of the Cliffs attracts unusual looking insects; But I’ve never seen so many honey bees in one place totally swarming the whole of the large expanse of sand cliffs! Literally thousands upon thousands of them expertly carving our their ‘nests’ and making their virile home here in the ancient sand cliffs…… They appeared out of nowhere, for I imagine, their breeding season, full of passion, intrigue and sheer focus and determination.

Initially, I was rather daunted taking this video, especially zooming closer as the fear implants started to kick in about being swarming us en masse and running like wild fire being chased by thousands of killer-bees! “Oh how the mind wanders into caverns of illusions coming to all sorts of conclusions..” ( See: A Polar Ice Story Audio & PDF and Meditation Video to clear fear implants),

So, I simply connected with my breath to calm and RESET my circuitry and told myself:

“I Am Safe with The Mother”

When I returned home, the more I tuned into watching the video the naturally calmer and contented I began to feel which became a very simple, evocative meditation on sheer focus and determination, reflective of the Bees abilities.

I believe they come with a message of preservation of the sweetness of life…. Paradoxically, to eradicate the ‘Hive Mind’ mentality that is being beamed at us by a govern-ment (an old word for mind) which is trying to control the mind, to follow the collective aimlessly without a care of our own thinking or that of our god-self for that matter. Rather let us focus on what our Mission Purpose truly is and how determined are we to go and dig for it?

This is the resonance of digging for Gold literally (which we mention in the original article of Return of the Mother) and to use this alchemy honey as an elixir to preserve our sweet, sovereign mind so there is no interim between our Mind and the Mind of God. (As a suggestion you might want to listen to The Divine Will, if appropriate for you right Now?)

A sweet-salty taste, make haste..

In the Podcast: Return of the Mother.. (the one before the Ceremony) we mention a most beautiful place called Leigh-on-Sea which is the largest Estuary, Nature Reserve in the whole of the UK! I visited last week (04:09) and absolutely fell in love with this majestic setting, feeling I could live here for the sheer expansion of peace and exquisite serenity I felt bathed in the gentle breeze of the salt plains..

Here we were releasing persecution codes and attacking mechanisms of the Divine Feminine, allowing Her to speak her Truth from Her Golden/Ruby Heart, and receive ruby balm healing which has been restored and returned to the Divine Mother.. I didn’t know this at the time as I visited there with a man who I had only known for 5 weeks who I allowed to cleverly chat, charm and manipulate his way into my life, yet knowing he possessed a good romantic heart under his many fractured parts. However, I had to assertively ‘rock n roll’ with him to strengthen, shield and lovingly protect/defend myself and my good name!

Talking of names, not only was I arrogantly demanded for my “name and mobile number” in forceful ‘military style’ by a male manager, without so much as an explanation, that I’m surprised he didn’t ask for my “Rank” too! I responded with a puzzled: “why you asking for this?” To which he conceitedly said : “For Track & Trace!”

I politely but firmly said “No thank you” and immediately left the restaurant! I refuse to give away my civil rights for such matters, unless it’s to merely book a table or something of the like.

On the return home, I was further greeted with about 40 energetically challenged ‘gagged’ commuters beaming out ‘hatred codes’ because I was unmasked, who I imagine needed a taste of my delicious ‘salt medicine’ to alleviate their subjection. I was called to stand my ground with ease, compassion and grace and importantly not allow it to topple me over, detract me or gobble me up!

During these strange, ‘medieval times’ where we are seeing blatant disregard of our civil liberties and heckling projections from humanity turning on each-other, we are being asked to hold our Inner-Christos Compass and nobility and remember who our true power is : Our connection to our God Source to which we embody and serve.

Ultimately, it was a day of amplification, freedom and facing truths to pierce through the Veil of Illusion and see who and what I wanted in my life after being given a sweet-yet salty taste of truly what I desire in life and how I wish to be treated, whilst finding my inner-power and conviction again.

10/09/20 Round II Leigh-on-Sea recall

I returned to Leigh, on 10th September which is just over 20 miles from Chafford Gorges to receive valuable Vibratory Top Up’s in preparation for the Ceremony which is still yet to be performed! ‘(Guardian Timing’ is rather different to human timing to the point when I set a date etc for an event, it may not transpire at that time, or certainly not in a way that I might have envisioned but there’s always a logic and a Divine Timing to this and I’ve learned to surrender to the process, albeit respect that we have a human punctuality and reliability thing going on but ultimately my perspective is to Serve my Highest Power).

I was awarded with a sublimely beautiful warm September Sun which soothed and warmed my Soul. I remembered inner-peace again looking out onto the calming muddy salt plains with majestic hawks flying above, ducks waddling across the ponds and even a lone pheasant hiding in the bushes. Even getting stuck in the mud at one point to which I fell down laughing whilst nearly losing my trainer to the smelly mud bath!

This is what Divine Mother is teaching us right now, to dig deep into the ‘mud’ of our lives to clear out the stench (or rather miasmas) and yet know that right above the surface is the freshest saltiest waters which purifies and washes away all sediments of discord and confusion -bringing laughter, joy and true crystal clear, clarity of expression.

Here I was drawn to a Vortex Tree of still, powerful beauty with massive pine cones which stood on a ‘spin-point’ of the Earth which is rather like an acupuncture point in the body receiving channels of communication and an energy release valve to bring greater flow to a region or area of the body.

“The Singing Tree”

A lone strong Tree
Verdant splendour of strong thistle green
There I had an epiphany..
The Singing Tree

It calls itself a “Singing Tree” but I cannot say I heard this myself as there was a guy expertly flying a large toy plane overhead which, whilst interesting to watch his absolutely fluid movements, was terribly loud and distracting!

But perhaps you can Now whilst watching the video in silence whilst listening to the sound of your breath as I believe it has a special message for each of us, if you choose to receive it?

However, as I drew closer I could tangibly feel its Magnetic Vortex presence from about 5 feet away which immediately strengthened me, as if anchoring rods appeared out of the soles of my feet wedged deep into the earth! All Trees are ‘Anchoring Rods’ to pull in molecular structure from surrounding areas and funnel energy in positive vortex flows through the atmosphere and into Earth’s crevices, caves and waterways etc; But this one’s off the charts!

It sings the vibration and resonance of Truth like visiting an Elder! So be prepared to hear some ‘home-truths’ and stand tall in the receiving as you don’t want to get knocked off your feet but just know it commands respect and integrity.

It flows with eternal currents of energy and is no doubt instrumental in our Return of the Mother Ceremony, which will be performed in: “Divine Right Timing and Divine Right Order” to allow us to fulfil our “Heroic Probability!” Ultimately, this is the fulfilment of our Mission Codes like how an Archer skilfully shoots with an “Arc of Trajectory” – to quantumly pierce through Holographic Architecture with 100% precision, determination and focus to achieve its destiny code.

Return of the Mother - Cosmic Playground! 1


We suggest in the Return of the Mother PODCAST: to listen to the Krystal Healing Waters video from the Krystal Kaleidoscope series for at least 5 times over a 3 day period, if you choose? To help reset circuitry and balance and soothe emotions, hurts, wounds and traumas which feels poignant right now due to the vortex of energy swirling through our waterways to wash away astral impurities.

UPDATE: Round III Leigh on Sea 19/09/20

Return of the Mother - Cosmic Playground! 2

Seems we weren’t finished with Leigh-on-Sea as I was called back to this majestic area with my best friend Chris to the absolutely stunning, Two Tree Island part for further rest, retreat and reflection which I believe the following Image & Video represents.

I hope the peace transmits to you, especially if you are experiencing the pain of heart-ache in any way, shape or form to be healed and purified in these sublime Krystal Healing Waters:

Leigh-on- Sea, Salt Plains