G0LDEN AQUILA : Ma~StARy course : Voyagers of Discovery! payment plan


beginning 11th June 2023 {11.6.23} until 6th August 2023 (6.8.23)

Please see here for details

Please note this is the PAYMENT PLAN option :  I will kindly send a final payment request of £110 via email, 30 days after booking this course.  Thank you! 🌞

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Please see here for details : https://arcofaurora.com/golden-aquila-mastary-course-voyagers-of-discovery/

Instruction Sets covered :


  • a brief galactic history
  • Remote Viewing, etheric surgery.
  • Learn how to bioscan aura and liquid light bodies.
  • Crystal Fingers : learn how to use Implant Removal, entities, AI nano tech, taggers & trackers etc
  • LPIN/APIN Systems (Golden Eagle grid, Four Faces of Man..) & intruder races
  • Grid Mechanic Repair : “Architechs of Light”
  • Psychic Defence SWAT Team (Spiritual Warri0r Avatar Training)
  • Grounding, Elemental Re-Encryption zone
  • RNA,DNA Tuning Forks : DNA Tune Up!
  • Liquid Light Cleanse : AurA, Crystal bodies, plasma light bodies
  • Golden Fleece, Electric Plasma Balls, AurorA Pillars of Light and Liquid Light Codes
  • Adr£n0chr0m$ and Negative Agenda :*Trigger Warning*
  • Current affairs Intel : Historic war timelines
  • QUANTUM PHYSICS repair holographic grids, sentient Light Activation
  • Greater soul connection : Guides, Helpers, Spirit, M0nad Collective, Beloveds (removal of generational curses, moon reversals, black magic, etc.
  • Bioscan Health, vitamins, minerals, self dowsing etc
  • and more…..
☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ please know I respectfully reserve the right to change some course material as intuitively guided in harmonic alignment with group dynamics and current intel etc. Thank you for inner-standing!