Krystal Healing Waters


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A deeply healing Kaleidoscope of ancient rich lands, purifying soul, removing entities, negative thought forms, programmings etc, connecting to Elemental Water Kingdoms and LeMUria.

This Frequency Activator Template is very close to my heart and comes encoded with purifying waves of Omnilove from Mother Arc and Her many Crystal Chambers to soothe, comfort and dispel hurts, attacks and wounds and false Architecture superimposed over Earth and Her Kingdoms.  It’s Light, yet deep and reflective and invites you to write your thoughts and feelings down on paper to bring greater clarity into the Womb of Creation.  (Especially enhanced after watching the Videoscape:  Krystal Healing Waters, see below).

(Once purchased, you may refer to Living Light Codes for suggestions of how to also use this special Activator as a Mind Mandala/Optical Induction Technique?)


Why not bask in the Videoscape of the Krystal Healing Waters?

And/or take a 5 min Vibratory Top Up?