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  • DNA-Mirror-Ball

    Happy Dancing Cells


    Higher Timelines MP3 TransMission


    An exquisite, phenomenal deeply freeing, Lightening Wave of activating New Paradigm Cells, Master Cell Optimiser..

  • Healthy Abundance

    Healthy AbunDance


    A ‘Golden Ticket’ to remembering natural, organic birth-right filled in empowering, evocative lightening style……

    TROPICAL FLAVOURS, infused in Nectar of Fruits as vibratory ‘Love-Cocktail’.

  • Krystal-Healing-Waters

    Krystal Healing Waters


    A deeply healing Kaleidoscope of ancient rich lands, purifying soul, removing entities, negative thought forms, programmings etc, connecting to Elemental Water Kingdoms and LeMUria. This Frequency Activator Template is very close to my heart and comes encoded with purifying waves of Omnilove from Mother Arc and Her many Crystal Chambers to soothe, comfort and dispel…

  • Magical-Rainbow-Inner-Child

    Lullaby, Light Language


    ** SPECIAL GIFT **

    “Lullaby, Light Language” – A beautiful, soothing harmonic repertoire of soft music to soothe children, or (inner-child)…….. Sung from the Soul in deep, profound love for you………

  • Magical-Rainbow-Inner-Child

    Magical Rainbow Inner-Child


    Magical Rainbow Inner-Child Healing..

    Liquid Light Heavens (7th plane) to release and free ‘child bondage’, trapped in false overlays, false worlds, false dragons, dungeons, lions, false ivory tower, princess phenomena etc….

    Please be aware whilst this is a powerful Activator, it is only a visual receptor and you will need to do your deep Inner-Work.  This can work as a Trigger Code, comforter, soother….. Amplifier of Cosmic Solar Dreams of Freedom… Thank you!

    *I am launching a whole video series, Healing, Magical Rainbow Child, in 2021*

  • The-Tor

    Magnetic Coil, Grounding Cord!


    **A Gift from the Tor, Glastonbury……**

    A New Light, fast accelerating application into New Earth Codes, realising atomic structure as star, galaxy starlight, liquid light of Nebula, plasma waves and beyond…….

    Truly star-spectacular!

    Not to be missed!  Pulsating in starry, yet grounded dance waves of prose..

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