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  • Quan Yin-Krystal-Rose-Heart

    Quan Yin, Template


    Quan Yin – Crystal-Rose Heart, Frequency Activator and stabiliser, infused into Core Seed of Heart & Soul.

    Multiple Holographic Roses pouring out liquid Rose Light of love, infused directly within heart chambers, overwriting illusionary tales of love, power & control…… RESETTING COMPASS TO TRUE:

    Raw, authentic Love..


  • Stargate Aurora

    Stargate Aurora


    A multi-sensory visual journey into the electric Rock-STAR Creation …

    Multi-prismatic Light. A STAR GATE Opener.. Liquid Light abunDANCE Codes, transcend ‘Black Hole’ illusion..

    Andromedan Galaxy High Vibes!

  • starseed chrysalis

    Starseed, Chrysalis


    Awakening Starseeds to Soul Mission and life purpose,

    Soul Star comfort within Pod of Life, Galactic Connection: Sirius Timelines & Vista Points..

    Coded Message!

  • TrueLove

    True Love


    Notions of ‘True Love’ Sacred Union, Twin Flame embodiment, Self-Love.  A Call of Soul to listen to harmonic tunes of love coming through Open Door..

  • Rainbow-water

    Water, Water Everywhere!


    A Frequency Booklet about the Vibrational healing quality of Water…..

    Features Electric Plasma Rain, Thunder & Lightening…..

    Healing Power of Water!

    How to Programme Water

    Magnetic Anchor, Template

    & Sonic frequencies….. of love, compassion and empathy!


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