Smiling the Stars-Healing the Morphogenic Field

You are a Star who metamorphosised into a walking, talking human structure! You forgot this because of some weird mechanism distortions that goes on in the Glands which emits a toxic substance through kinetics (the study of motion and its causes) into the skeletal system causing them to forget its original DNA Sensors. In simple terms, a type of reversal patterning goes on through a mutated form which scrambles our ‘Body Kit’ causing our glands to forget their original Blueprint of a pure, pulsating Star…… The Cambridge dictionary definition of a Star is: A very large ball of burning gas in space that is usually seen from the earth as a point of light in the sky at night:

E mv2

Considering its a “ball of burning gas” this analogy seems rather cold and perfunctory to me. Now whilst I can’t give you the lowdown on all scientific analysis of a Star, as this isn’t purpose of this discourse, nor my authority, but what I can do is remind us of our etheric, original Star Power.

As we began to morph down the Krystal Spiral, our DNA strands became compacted, contorted like a tightly coiled ball of electrical cables and within this compaction our solar-star memories began to twist and fade like a murky watercolour.


Just imagine a painting which uses a majestic ‘Royal Blue‘ colour and the Painter keeps adding water to it, eventually it will lose its original sheen and begin to fade, right?

As the water molecules expand it begins to blend and merge with other colours and before you know it, you’ve got quite a mess on your hands, unless you’ve expertly applied paint.

Mind-Video Projector

So, imagine if in the original creation of ‘Royal Blue‘ the Cosmos recorded this exact colour tone, frequency and resonance of this vibration using a quantum ‘video recorder‘ reflective of Mind, before the water (or Painter, depending on reference point) had a chance to corrupt it?

This is what we might refer to as the ‘Morphogenic Field’ or Morphic Resonance as Rupert Sheldrake calls this: “a process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems”. 


We are not therefore a product of scrambled after-waves potentially distorted into the fabric of time – but a powerhouse of Original Intent. I’ve been looking at some fascinating images captured by a photographer & artist: Seb Janiak, although he has an interesting collection of images on Morphogenic Resonance, what captured my attention was his Photon Series, which might activate some light quotient into optic sensors?

A Light Echo in time..

This is fascinating, to capture light as vibration in original intent may seem rather complex because time distorts carrier waves of information as a ‘Light Echo‘ subject to false holographic plug-ins, upon its journey through Cosmos. Just like how an echo can travel for thousands of miles through shadowy Canyons acting as gigantic boomerang speakers.

A light-echo is light reflecting off inter-steller cloud dust from an atomic explosion such as a Supernova (death of a Star) which releases a quantum power-house of photonic light, gamma ray frequencies, minerals, diamonds, gold, etc.

However, the Star does not have to die in order for a light-echo to occur as unusual phenomena exists, just like in the Star V838 Monocerotis which occurred from a seemingly insignificant star which according to scientists shone “1,000 times brighter than our Sun”.

Quite simply in this haze of confusion you forgot your Star sigNature shining in all its brilliance because the ‘Light Echo’ distorts the moment of true originality.

In etheric terms, this means we can use this quantum power to re-generate our ‘Body-Kit’ like assembling a sophisticated ‘Meccano Set’ which became convoluted in the mass explosion.

Literally, (and please take a breath on this) there are parts of our Hologram potentially blown up, scattered across the Cosmos which in midst of everyday reality we desperately try to assemble, piece by piece, by going to Healers, Doctors, Therapists etc to uncover those ‘hidden’, parts of ourselves. Mismatched, missing body parts devastated through wars, atomic explosions, trauma, death and decay.

We might then question who or what got hold of this ‘light-echo’ and potentially manipulated this information to prevent original ethos? What false constructs began to appear in the distorted star-dust and attach themselves to us convincing us we were less than, or began derailing us off our Blueprint Mission & Purpose, like a runaway train!

It’d be very interesting to do an ‘Anger Management’ experiment by allowing people to shout & scream into this vast rocky space and yet hear it bounce right back at them as an echo whereby one could realise that when we project disdain upon another, we’re really doing this to our self as a Mirror Projection or Auditory Projection, in this sense!

However, that’s for other vistas, for now let’s just enjoy the scenery until we metaphorically cross that Canyon one fine day?

Echo Canyon

Bitter Memories of a Star

Every star, planet, cosmos, rock, gem, plant, mineral has its own collective gene pool which technically teaches it how to evolve through morphogenic resonance? Perhaps it doesn’t have the rational capabilities of humans to question and argue everything but flows in wave forms through consciousness.

However, having said that, I’ve just been reminded that there are some pretty dodgy Stars which are firing off a lot of ‘crude technology’ holding bitter resentments stretching back millennia. Whilst this isn’t the ethos to go into this right now, I’m sure i’ll be called to write about it one day.)

New Nebula discoveries..

Moving on for now, we evolve through liquid light of Nebula, the birthplace of stars or as scientists refer to this as: “A Nursery of Stars”.

We get educated here, how to become a Star?

Pillars of Creation
Pillars of Creation – NASA, ESA & Hubble Heritage Team.
Public Domain

This is accessed through glandular system and accrets to every fibre of being a liquid GOLD, STAR DUST, to overwrite the reversed ‘toxic’ substance we spoke of in beginning of this journey.  Through the winds of time, it’s essence becomes corrupted through a memory gene pool of collective miasmas which injected a type of ‘poison’ into glandular system, importantly responsible for regulating mood, emotion, temperature, safety,  wholistic vibrations and overall sense of well-being and balance.

However, we have a ‘back-up system’ in the shape of our innate BLUEPRINT RECORDER stored in our MASTER GLAND in back centre of our brain. This device has recorded not only every aspect of your evolution but the evolution of mankind and before the be-fores..

The ‘Pillars of Creation‘ forms an entrance point to retrieve specific rates of biochemical data in the form of majestic cathedrals, rather like gatekeepers who record history, Each Tip is a Radar Sensor, or antennae which points to Truth; Because anything less than less could corrupt our record of evolution of Cosmos? They have a mighty job on their hands (or spears) which they take very seriously.

So it makes sense to me that we need to TIME-JUMP‘ to the Nebula’s to re-learn a few human anomalies and remember our true STAR POWER, before this became corrupted in the after- echo?

Therefore, Cosmos reality becomes a vast Cosmic Playground for us to lovingly explore….? We meet these noble Gatekeepers who show us our ‘Time Tracks’ and give us clues as to where we lost access to our original Maps? However, we gotta speak to ‘Gatekeeper’ as Self – to that which lays hidden, so we remain atomonous!*

Thus receiving advice and help from a good, kind friend but knowing we’re carving our own Atomic Path through those wild echoey Canyons, that if not mastered can sound like boomeranged ‘illusionary voices’ which set out to deflect, trick and corrupt through bi-waves of collective Morphogenic Field.

For now, we’re building quantum! Accessing Memory Portals to free trapped, sticky energy which clings to our Field and tries to convince us that we’re a product of our genes, or chromosomes which whilst partly true, there’s a much bigger picture here stretching back thousands of years of noble, vast lineages from which you evolved.

Until then, we need to clear the constructs that are stealing our Maps, so to speak! Too afraid to embark upon an adventure of a lifetime because somebody/thing stole their Maps which mislead and scrambled them and so the deceptive cycle goes on and on, until we as Master of Realities auto-correct this.

Finally, I invite you to do following experiment on the next page to assist you to integrate our Transmission which uses Vibratory etheric Medicine?

Importantly, it will help you reclaim some of those ‘lost’ Maps and we’ll return with Updates along our journey? Until then I leave you in capable hands of CORE-SELF as you enjoy this Experiment together?

*atomonous – As Absolute of your Atoms, this is my take on autonomous, or autonomy (the right of self-government or sovereignty) incorporating full light spectrum, original blueprint, atomic structure as 12+ strand Avatar DNA.