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Solar Dragon Kings Activating..

Update: 06/05/21 : New Video as user removed original one


The Solar Dragon Kings are Activating to reset Holographic Grids in Highest Alignment with Solar Christos to dissolve the Frequency Fence. Liquid Light Plasma Rays are pouring in to infuse and break apart old, tired, corrupted electrical charges scrambling circuitry in order to repair DNA liquid light fibres.

Magma Magnet & Sun Water

  • i) I encourage you to watch Magma Magnet from the Krystal Kaleidoscope series to assist you to recharge, replenish ‘old tired’ cells and drink plenty of solar charged water. ie, simply put a glass of water out in the Sun in the morning for at least 1 hour (include a cleansed Crystal if you choose?) and sip slowly throughout the day… This will assist to purify and wash away any sediments programmed to old agendas, war torn programmes looping around CNS system and facilitate lodged trauma release.

Living Light Codes:

  • ii) Furthermore, now is a good time to look at the LIVING LIGHT CODE: STARFIRE and be sure to listen to the Audio to infuse Starfire Codes into bodily integrity of system and work highest wonders.

These are amazingly challenging times during this collective Dark Night of the Soul; But remember True Knights are returning to Earth in the formation of Solar Rishi: Right of Return, who are diligently working to break apart the Quarantine Embargos orchestrated over Earth some 25,000 YA*. Please be assured that our 144,000 Elemental Friends have stepped up frequency in order to assist humanity to REWRITE THE HALL OF RECORDS in Highest Alignment to sentient embodiment.

frequency web/net/cage

Yes, we are dealing with the reversal of LIVE... However the “Bravest of the Brave” are stepping forward to allow for greatest change upon our precious planet. We are the Guardians who agreed to protect the sanctity of Earth and we’ve been excellently prepared for this Brief Moment in Time , ultimately in the largest landscape of Infinity.

Please do not lose faith, We are with you assisting you to follow the Compass of Heart, True North as over-lighted by the Celestial North Star you are.

Lovingly, On High, AurorA’h

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