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The Fallen Angelic/ Illuminati Human Anti-Christiac Agenda gained a stronghold on Earth in 25,500 BC when Nibiruian Marduke-Anunnaki (Anunnaki + Omicron Drakonian) seized control of Nibiru and Earth’s D-4 Universal Solar Star Gate-4, in an event known as the ”Lucifer Re-bellion.”
• The name “Lucifer” comes from a hybrid Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki Race that emerged through combining the Density-2 Nibiruian Lulitan family of the Thoth-Enki-Zephelium (Zeta) Anunnaki lineage with the Satain family of the Marduke-Anunnaki line and the D-11 Necromiton (”Beetle-reptile”) Fallen Seraphim race of Andromeda (most contempo-rary ”Andromie” channels are these). From this hybridization the Pleia-dian Samjase-Luciferian Anunnaki and Marduke-Necromiton-Luciferian Anunnaki Races of Sirius B, Nibiru and Alpha and Omega Centauri emerged. This collective of Anunnaki Races promoting an Anti-Christiac dominion agenda became known historically as the ”Lu-ciferians,” and were occasionally joined by other Anunnaki and Illumi-anti Human race lines in their “Quest for the Holy Grail.”
From 22 340 B.C.E. to 22 326 B.C.E., the Egyptian god Thoth-
Tehuti/Hermes Trismegistus/Chac/Kukulcan/Metatron/Mercury/ Christopher Columbus/Enoch/Julius Caesar/Ascended Master Saint Germain/Amulius/ magician Merlin/Ningishzidda (ZepheliumNiburian Annunaki) or whatever name indigenous worldly cultures and political regimes may name him/her defected and betrayed the Elohim’s Christiac Emerald Covenant and decided to create his/her own version of humanity’s history by stealing part of the data stored on Emerald Covenant (Cloister Dora-Teura) CDT-Plate 11 dubbing it the “Emerald Tablets” which can be downloaded and read today as a digital PDF filed book. Read that book at your own risk.

Keylontic Science – Freedom Teachings

(Fallen Seraphim line of Lyra-Vega) Alnitak,-Alnilam Orion, Alpha Draconis, Bellatrix.
APIN System
“The Dragon”.
Primary Races:

Omicron Bipedal Dragon-Moth-insectoid-dino-reptiles Orion. Dracos human-hybrid (Lizard-hominid, some “morph” to human-like) Earth/Inner Earth, Phalzants (Chupacabras) Omicron-Odedicron-mammal-hybrids, Kurrendara Anunnaki-Omicron-Zeta hybrid (Orange Zeta hybrid) Nibiru, Azazael (Blue-Human-Reptile Omicron-Zephelium hybrid) Bellatrix. Marduke-Dramin-Anunnaki insect hominid (Omicron-Anunnaki hybrid)
Core Agenda:

Omicron-Drakonian, Drakonian-Orion Confederation.
Primary Leviathan Illuminati Races Nephedem-Omicron human-hybrids. Etruan King/ Etalian King (Atlas-Etruan King hybrid)/ Roman Remus King (Etalian-Lathin King hybrid)/ Pharisees-Semetic Dragon King (Hibiru) and Hallah King (Hibiru) Atlantian Leviathan Illuminati lines. Dragon King (Sumerian/ Egyptian-Tuthmosis-Ramses/Chinese/Japanese/Germanic) Leviathan Illuminati lines.

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Family of Light Wayshowers: “Keepers of Frequency”

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Collapse Of Earth’s Magnetic Grids – Reversal In The Planetary Shields
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