The day I fell down a drain and what I learnt..

A synopsis of what I originally began writing in October 2020..

It had been raining……… I was finalising Source Shield, Mechanics and for some reason felt compelled to empty out the trash. As I reversed the bin, I simply fell straight through the loose man-hole cover right into the drain, I somehow stopped myself from going right to bottom by spontaneously using both my arms as levers to stop me but I was pretty bashed up with what feels like ripped nerves, cuts and bruises and shock waves streaming through my body which was dreadfully painful as I already have RSI (repetitive strain injury).


As I climbed out, I immediately began to say out loud SAFETY RESET over and over to clear and reset my energetic structure and immediately sat on the sofa and began to sip the tea I had just made, shaking with adrenaline.

I thought to myself: “what the “!!@*beep….. ” has this just happened, did I really just fall down a drain? I’m just not the falling down drain type of girl -whoever she may be! 😉

I looked at Source Shield still open on the computer screen and said: “This is powerful, they don’t want this out there!”

However, I simply continued the wave for a while like nothing’s gonna stop me and began editing the Presentation with my body alive in pain and still in shock. This is the determination of the HUman Spirit when we know we are truly alive in passion and purpose.

I learned these things:

We are formidable beings and when embodying our Higher Purpose, nothing can stop us!

Life can be over in a fraction of a second so try live each moment in the present in awareness of what’s really real.

Don’t become so lonely that you don’t have a friend to come over and make you a cup of tea when you most need it and show you they really care and love you. I didn’t have such a friend on that day and I cried about it!

Don’t ever trash love away or throw it down the drain, so to speak. Know you are worthy of love and speak your Truth to your Beloved – in harmlessness.

Always strengthen yourself in your Core Shield of Protection. *

The day I fell down a drain and what I learnt.. 1
SOURCE SHIELD: Krystal Core Star Earth

*Source Shield is still stabilising as a supreme Field of Protection and needs further investigation and amplification. I have been working on this for over 2 years as true mechanics need to be integrated as I use my Human Body as a Conduit to bring this dynamic Essence into manifestation.

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