The Man who Knows.. 1

The Man who Knows..

This is an important but spine chillingly sombre, compelling interview with John O’looney, a funeral director who poignantly reveals the Truth about what happened in the Care Homes, the current agenda and his personal revelations.

As I listened to his candid revelations, I could tangibly feel the grief and dead-light technology which is surrounding this insidious agenda. So please place yourself in a Shield of Protection* so that you observe rather than absorb.

Please share this video with others if you so feel Called to make them aware of what is transpiring 3D real-time? However, note this can be altered in quantum fields to RESET the space-time continuum to Highest Reality Outcome for the benefit of: All Life Everywhere:

I decree the fulfilment of the Heroic Probability for ALL in Divine Right Timing, Divine Right Order and Divine Right Expression.
(Construed as a Kristiac outcome for the Benefit of All Life everywhere)

*Whilst Source Shield is Activate, I am still in Creation of Mechanics {in audio format}, so please explore another time to discover this invaluable Shield of Protection..

Thank you!


The Man who Knows.. 2

UPDATE: 19/09/21

Mark has since been sadly suspended from the Independent Funeral Registry:

The Man who Knows.. 3

We wish no harm on the Doctors and Nurses but Truth to be revealed and healed.

The Man who Knows.. 4

UPDATE: 09/10/21

I am providing this information so you can use own discernment. I remain open minded as either-way the Truth shall prevail..

I came across the below photo (and comments which I made into a PDF for accessibility), of Baphomet sign which J.O uses when meaning to do an exclamation mark symbol when he refers to “Covd” . (This can be seen on video he did with Crowhouse, guy at about 5 or 6 mins in). He also makes same sign in above video a few minutes in when referring to same.

The Man who Knows.. 5

PDF Viewer: Comments sourced from Telegram: Amandha Vollmer-

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