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Unite the Sovereign Nations

A powerful message to Unite the Sovereign Nations to come together as One to reclaim our Earth.

lURNpA lURNpA – David Cole

Australia is under attack, the world is under attack by the New World Order.! However, the launch-pad is beginning here because of the cess-pit that lurks underground in the D.U.M.B.S beneath this sacred land.

However, in True Light, Australia is the First Nations home-hub of Sacred Fire Dragon energies and the Rainbow Dragon breath of Mother Arc, UlurU, Stargate and this is what the ‘other-side’ want to get their grubby hands on. To steal the Mother Flame and force their way into this precious Womb Stargate which holds the Khees to Divine Mother Template and our salvation to connect with our Emerald Crystal Heart.

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However, she is fighting back……… And – as we speak – connecting as a Super Conductor and Generator with all the star lines across this planet, stretching into Omniversal time-grids to send a Clarion Call of Divine Justice, peace, love, harmony and sanctity into our Emerald Crystal Heart of Our World.

I encourage you to Hold a Positive Light as you watch the above and transcend, transcend, transcend any lower, false timelines so you may Be in Peace, my friend!

Thank you!

Lovingly, AurorA’h

Permission given to DOWNLOAD this Mother Arc, UlurU Template. Please do so here:


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Please see: #02:14/11☀️Sunday Update An Angel Speaks, Newsletter

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