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If you want to find the Secrets to the Universe, think in terms of: Energy, Frequency & Vibration. Nikola Tesla

I am a Light, Colour & Sound Frequency Commander – to assist you to heal, repair & put ‘Body Mechanics’ back together again in optimum ratios, like a sophisticated ‘Meccano Set!’ 🙂


We create with Elemental Kingdoms as a Vibrational Catalyst to restore ‘Holographic Architecture’ in Highest Alignment with Core Manifestation Template of Cosmos reality.

If you have any questions, ‘puzzles’ or joys to share, please Connect, we’re only an email away?

Sun-Star Beams to you..☀️


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The Vibration of 'Our Father' : Aramaic Translation 1

The Vibration of ‘Our Father’ : Aramaic Translation

Peace Be with You 2

Peace Be with You

Eye of Horus

The Pyramid and the Pool…

Wisdom & integrity is infused into our Core Infrastructure offering transformation & freedom from superimposed earthly restrictions. To embark upon inter-dimensional Time-Travel to places of sheer majestic beauty held in the deepest Core of our Cosmos – as a reflection of you!

Our authentic, eclectic, style – whilst raw and real – poignantly brings clarity, passion and purpose to our World; Thus, ‘Our Hologram’ appears less daunting – in fact rather exciting, playful and ultimately life changing!

Arc of AurorA, welcomes you into a multi-sensory Cosmic Playground with many fascinating, interconnecting passageways to explore…

Please Create and In-Joy!

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Whilst every intention has been made to make this space ‘mobile friendly’. Due to its uniqued, multi-faceted expression many pages are best viewed on Desktop for your Injoyment and vibratory integration. (Also some MENUS do not appear on mobile for this reason).