Positive Protocols

& T & C’s

Dear One

Please know, these Creations are weaved within Portals of Etheric Surgery where We and your ‘Genetic Technicians’ perform delicate, complex ‘energetic procedures’ to assist you to Heal, Align and Repair or “Connect to Correct” Core Manifestation, Body Template. We assist with restoring and optimising energetic structure and/or removal of implants, devices, codes, clamps, miasmas, schisms, etheric taggers, trackers, remote viewers, negative thought field programming’s and beyond….

These are intricate Patterning Systems, so we suggest you initially read the following Tablets carefully in a linear order to receive the most comprehensive guidance on how to integrate these vibrational, frequencies, in highest alignment with you? Thereafter, you may tune in to any Tablet or section as and when you feel guided?

Treat yourself with love and kindness and receive only that which serves your Highest Evolution and lovingly disregard that which does not to preserve unique identity.

Please spend quality time thinking about your intentions for each Transmission/experience you receive?

And yet be Open to Great Unknown……?

It is my absolute joy and purpose to connect with your magnificence.

Warmly, Auror’Ah

Absolute of Atoms

We advise you to always TRUST your own discernment about use of these Creations.  They are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any physical, mental and emotional conditions.  They are purely exploratory in nature!

In respect, I am not responsible for your self-care; yet lovingly hold a space of atomony* for you to come to own resolutions about your spiritual, emotional, physical and mental welfare. Therefore, as Absolute of your Atoms, I encourage you to always listen to the innate Body Intelligence within you that shall assist you in all transitions of Soul?

Take the Seeds of Consciousness that resonate and lovingly disregard that which doesn’t so you fully empower yourself to TRUST your own Internal Compass and not that of another’s no matter how well intended!

Absolute of your Atoms

*Atomony (Autonomy), a frequency upgrade of self-sovereignty, not an injected distorted ‘automatic pilot’ but full awareness of atomic structure and its many forms and expressions which fuse together our Core Manifestation Template in 100% liquid light threads or strands.

Water, Water Everywhere..

Drink plenty of fresh, clean water throughout/after the TransMission and rest and integrate at a pace and rate you can assimilate..

Plasma Pod

To assist you, we advise that you familiarise yourself with: Frequency Stabiliser: PLASMA POD  (integration package) before listening to an MP3 TransMission, or PODCAST as I may not always Invoke in auditory form.  

(However, they are ALWAYS energetically weaved in silent expression in all my Creations of HeArt)

After a Transmission..

After listening to an MP3 TRANSMISSION or PODCAST, or VIDEO, I suggest you take a good, long pure salt (500ml) bath and soak for at least 20 mins.

Connect with Oceanic Kingdoms who lovingly take away and purify any extra energetic residue. (Or try this super DELUXE DETOX BATH, which works magical wonders..

For the following few days,  energies, frequencies and Vibrations shall still be coming through OmniVERSE:

You may have more energy, healing, radiant thoughts, bursts of inspiration, elation, joy, exhilaration, beautiful synchronicity, heart-openings, grace, empathy, compassion, clarity, prophetic insights, enhanced creativity, higher guidance & visions,  lightness of spirit, a renewed sense of purpose & beyond..

Deluxe Bath

Self Care/Help

However, if you feel tearful, sorrowful, angry, agitated, upset, vulnerable, sleepy, etc, please be in loving kindness and acceptance with everything and honour all feelings, emotions, thoughts, sensations within the blessed love and breath of your heart. Repeating the below mantra over and over with your hands over your heart can assist you:

Really feel the vibration of these Coding’s rippling through you in the midst of any anxiety, fear, anger and or panic that you might feel and do this until these lower sensations dissipate or completely disappear:

“I Am Loving this,

I Am Accepting this,

I Am Embracing this”

Reading the frequency Article: Smiling the Stars: Healing Morphogenic Field, can help to reset circuitry?

Protocols & T & C's 1

If you need extra support, I suggest you listen to Aurora Pillars of Light, Frequency Stabiliser: MP3 TransMission, as well as read the Frequency Booklet because it has multiple healing vibrations, contained within?

Also, we suggest to watch the Presentation: Aurora Pillars of Light: which can calm, soothe and pacify as well as educate and inspire?

We suggest to absorb the frequencies of ‘Quick Fix’, VIBRATORY TOP UP’S – MED’S to assist you? These are little magical, majestic ‘etheric medicine’ gateways infused in soulful resonance to calm, soothe, pacify and align CNS System and balance and calm stress and anxiety levels;

As well as infuse a sense of inner-wonder to restore faith and inner-spiration..

The Divine Will

This is a very powerful, beautiful DECREE – spoken/sung by Power of 3 – to create a spinning/oscillating ‘Prayer Wheel,’ Pillar of Light all through and around you to restore faith, protection and manifest highest ideals into fruition!

Adapted from Maharata Texts Ashayana Deane (E’Asha)

Electric Plasma Storm

TESLA Template

Electric Plasma Storm is a quick fix Vibratory Top Up which blasts through astral debris, stress and tension stored in CNS System using power of Cosmic Thunder, Lightening and Rain Elements.

Video Source: Unknown (Thank you!) – Electric Fireball released after an Electric Storm.

Protocols & T & C's 2
We are moving into a New Dimension filled in New Earth Plasma Light


Try to embody an awareness of Neutral Observer Point as sensors will be more acute – the Veil is lifting and that which needs to come up to light of resolution will reveal itself? You will sense, hear, feel, see things quite differently that perhaps you might have ignored before?

Expect feel rather tired for following 3 days, priority is to rest and take it easy, above all be in loving kindness to self and others. Your vibration will be very sensitive and could therefore be prone to ‘electronic interference’ or lower vibrations: People, places or things and ‘strange’ distortions,… Aurora Pillars will assist you to stabilise if this occurs?

Know, All is Well!  And Trust your Highest Spirit is governing all precious Unfoldments with “Ease, Love & Grace”.. You are in total command of your realities and being in CORE-SELF will ensure a smooth transition.

Nature Helpers

Take walks in Nature, hug the Trees, watch the birds, feel the plants, smell the flowers, breathe in fresh air and find somewhere to lie down on the mushy peat of the Earth and write experiences down, if you choose? This will offload any extra tension and bring greater clarity as you engage left/right brain hemispheres in perfect balance and union.


I cannot emphasise enough the tangible, remarkable healing benefits that shall transpire through you in co-evolution with these Creations when you immerse yourself in the Golden Green Gate of Natures Balm.

Here you are immersed in a true magical playground free of distractions and illusion to reset bearings where you will find greater levels of clarity to assist you to balance, focus and re-charge and provide exceptional deep comfort, solace and the:

Power of Peace.

Portal of Grace

Finally, if after doing all of the aforementioned and things are still not shifting, or you’re feeling totally overwhelmed, please contact me expressing whatever is on your mind and heart, (in confidence) using CONNECT form stating Portal of Grace in the subject box?

Although, please know with commitments, I may not always be able to respond straight away; But I assure you, I will read your Essence and it’ll be felt and heard to which I will lovingly transmit subtle balancing, wholeness vibrations, if necessary? This is done through ‘silent transmission’ which is infused into light-bodies to bring comfort and relief. My Higher Self Will only Transmit healing frequencies remotely with your expressed Higher-Self permission, through “Connect to Correct,” radionics.

Ultimately, your Higher Identity is the best form of loving protection, guidance-ship and truest assistance and the more you can build a connection together as an illumined Pillar of Light all through and around you will naturally increase your ability to trust what is real and what is not, in order to best serve you, Dear One!

Aurora Pillars of Light (Bouncing Bouncers)

The Epsilon Symbol

If you are under severe ‘Psychic Attack’, you may further use the exemplary golden power of The Epsilon Symbol which is the Greek Symbol of Theta and has retained its positive scalar wave formation in the shape of a Comic Egg with a parallel bar in the centre which acts as a conducer of energy to block lower astral interference from astral planes, parallel or phantom matrices.

Point of Interest: The star Epsilon-Andromedae is a bright yellow star in Andromeda Galaxy which could be an entrance point for ‘safety codes’ to lovingly penetrate through to your Hologram, if you choose? Originally, we were one with this Dimension as a Twin Counterpart before the Fall which created separation and opened our Fields to psychic attack, alienation and feelings of loss and pain.

The Galactic Center and the Andromedan Galactic Core are intersecting. Another way to say this is that we are finally intersecting with the Original Core of our Creation, the Center point of All Union. There is an Aurora Platform that creates passage way between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy. .

Ascension Dictionary

Do your own research and connect in deep, yet focused meditation?

I send you blessings of GRACE as we transcend all lower frequencies into the remembrance of the true power of love and friendship.

Protocols & T & C's 3

UPDATE: 22nd July 2021

There could very well be a new ‘Epsilon Variant’ about the ‘pokey thing’ and I wish to assure you that the Epsilon Sequence is not related to this at all. It still maintains its vibratory pitch. However, check in with your heart and ask: “Is this safe for me to use, right now?” Or words to this effect… As you might want to lay off from using it just in case you get backlash?

Unfortunately, this has happened with some of our Organic Symbols where a wormhole can open up and loosh energy inverting original light componency. However, there are still many that are strong-holds and the NP’s have not been able to infiltrate. Also Upgrades will continue..

What is a TransMission?

A word about the vibration of TRANSMISSION… It is not associated with any negative ‘Trans’ (trance) vibrations.. Components are broken down through the Transduction sequence which is the ‘source spark’ which enters Core Manifestation Template and infuses light bodies in correct spinning ratios to clear ‘birth miasmas ‘and distortions in energetic blue-print of Cosmos reality.

Its components are encoded with the Frequency of Light, Colour and Sound to assist you to amplify Mission Codes in relation to your Divine Core Blueprint.


Terms & Conditions

Most Images within this webspace are LIGHT TEMPLATES created (or taken) by Aurora-Blue or Auror’Ah (unless otherwise stated, or public domain) *

If you see something you like, please write to me using CONNECT form to ask my permission to use?  

However, I am lawfully as-king that you do not download ANY Images from this website (unless purchased, given as a GIFT, or with my expressed permission). 

Not only are they vast Creations of artistic repertoire taking numerous hours/lifetimes to integrate frequency, vibrations, resonance & energetics;  But importantly, embody highest spiritual integrity, holding ‘Transmission Frequencies’ that profoundly respect their intention of purpose.

(These will not come through if misused in any way, shape or form and their mechanisms will instantly shut-down!). 

You are free to SHARE any of my PODCASTS, mp3’s (free), writings, quotes etc if you either provide a link to this site or attribute my name as: Auror’Ah AzurA’h / AurorA’h Adele Rai / or simply AurorA’h (multiple choice!) 😉

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If you don’t want to receive my Noseyletters, please unsubscribe when you get 1st one as I don’t want to impose upon your privacy! ;-). Or maybe, you’d just like to have a little peruse over my content, If so you can view here, as I often post threads/posts etc directly on Substack so as not to bombard my subscribers mailbox.

A Note: (My Artistic Frequency Names, change intermittently: AurorA/Auror’Ah/AurorA’h (“Au = GOLD & OR is GOLD + A is God and H is God’s Breath!”) Azur’Ah (Azurite Race) and Adele Coral Rai (Adele: my birth middle name – Coral – My Oceanic Kingdoms and Rai: One Ray of Rainbow Light), (or a combination of the like…:-) Which doesn’t mean I’m confused or non committing! Rather, they’re woven together in light-threads which hold differing oscillating vibrations – or sound tones – frequencies & energies relevant to each Creation.)

Arc of AurorA is symbolic of the Aurora Platforms and “FAIL-SAFE Harmonic Universe encoded to assist Earth in this Ascension Process. We are also symbolic of the AurorA Angels from the 7th Higher Heavens who harmonically assist with facilitating transduction of the Primal Light and Sound Fields to overwrite distortions in Earth’s Holographic Architecture.

Perhaps it’s not to get too caught into the ‘name brand’, so to speak: Rather see, feel, hear, sense, Tune of Soul of which lovingly transmits?

Thank you!

Acknowledgments: *

(Audio music:: adapted by AurorA’h

Background Cover (this page) Open Source Ascension Glossary: Aurora Guardian Host

Waiver & Acknowledgment

Date: Here & Now
Authored by: AurorA’h

This Waiver and Acknowledgement is my own creation. I am the author of it and therefore have authority over it. This Waiver and Acknowledgement was created with the intention to correct my status and notify all false gods, governments and their agents that I am the living, spiritual woman endowed with God-given rights and sovereign free will. My God-given rights cannot be taken away from me and my personage and are above all corporate or state rules, orders, codes, acts, statutes, and regulations, and laws made by man or imposter man. I am not a legal fiction nor corporation. I am the living, spiritual woman infused in 100% Organic Liquid Diamond Light: I am the Holder of my Original, Core Manifestation, Organic Blue print Template, infused and ignited in the image and representation of God.

Any and all men, women or false god, acting or not acting as a government agent, spy, entity, or clone who violates my God-given rights and causes harm to me or my properties in any way, shape or form shall answer to the Law: Lore: Natural Justice System of God. All thoughts, intentions, and actions are known by God and there is no escaping these Laws: Lores which are Absolute.

Waiver and Acknowledgment

From the beginning of Zero Point, with the Living God as my witness, I, Auror’Ah, the living, spiritual woman created in the image of the Living God, am acknowledging all blessings given by the Living God, surrendering all transgressions against the Living God, and waiving all benefits without the Living God.

Thank you!

Please know: This Waiver and Acknowledgement was adapted from Pao of www.EsotericKnowledge.me, as inspired by Kurt Kallenbach, with great thanks.

Please CLICK HERE for Cosmic Cascade, Energy Flush



Protocols & T & C's 4

I’ve noticed ‘Pods’ springing up everywhere like a hive mentality, or a cocoon, Container Unit which harnesses the flow of natural energy. Whereas, the energy intention of a ‘Pod’ to me symbolises: hope, friendship and connection. It’s inspired by my ‘Whale Kingdom’ friends who swim in liquid light plasma “Pods” as ‘Light Ships’ through atomic structure and hold some major Blue-Print Maps to DNA Evolution on this Planet and beyond; Whilst pacifying the te’tonic plates and singing majestic Light Codes through our magnificent oceans……

Just think: What is the largest mammal on Earth? Of course, a Blue Whale Being, majestic-electric pulsating with plasma frequencies which can grow to up to 105 feet long, weighing 200 tons!

So just image how large its Soul is……………………..?

Protocols & T & C's 5


Frequency of Sound

Image and Decode: Unknown, thank you x : Audio: Whale & Harp Mix by AurorA’h

Hmm, the mind boggles as we cannot quantify the enormity of this gigantic reservoir of potentiality and what you can create with It? Or can we……………!!!

It’s about the power of UNITY consciousness, not restriction, or form or control but true sound waves of Eternal


Royal Emerald Order

Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds, Emblem


The RA vibration seems to be getting a bad rap these days from some rather ‘angry’ Truth Seekers (who I am sure mean well in their earnest expression to assist in sovereignty) but are perhaps misguided – tuning into the reversal programming orchestrated by ‘Atmospheric Intruders’ to deflect the true notion of the RA Frequency which serves the Gold Ray, 14th Dimension in Highest Light ,Truth & Order.

The Ra Vibration, is interrelated to the Ra Confederacy which are noble beings from the 7th Higher Heavens assisting with the ‘Covenant of Paliador’ to rescue soul fragments from the Tara explosion 550 MYA and reclamation of Universal Holographic Architecture.

They are not interested in robbing gold or abusing power and never have been as they serve a Christos Mission of Divine Living Light.

Making of the Emblem

I designed the Emblem/Logo after an enlightening healing session where I had removed the hideous, Crown of Thorns which was blocking, scrambling and reversing my Head Antennae and connection to my true Christos Mission.

In its place I saw a noble, ornate Crown upon my Head which I could tangibly feel whilst innately knowing the Crown of Thorns was a superimposition blocking my true One! It’s not that I felt regal or better than; But a remarkable knowing deep in the Highest Core of me, as if something had been taken from me a very long time ago and that I had uncovered my true Crown buried underneath this Implant as a symbol of the Noble Races of which I (we) am from.

The Crown shape was taken from a GIF Image to which I added Emeralds and Sapphires and Diamonds. Each one lovingly placed with Power of Breath & Intention to RECLAIM our Jewels, Gifts, Crowns, Wings and Talent:

“All that has been Lost & Stolen shall be returned onto you”

he Royal Emerald Order is dedicated to All of Humanity and not a bunch of beings who came here and convinced us they were the only Royals and above and beyond the Original, Organic Divine Human Blueprint Core Manifestation Template. Also the SOURCE SHIELD Breastplate is strategically placed to preserve true notion of power and protection.

The Inter-Dimensional Association of Free Worlds is a ‘gestalt organisation’ formed many billions of years ago (although free of Time & Space) in order to preserve ancient knowledge and Earth/Universal records from intruder races and to restore Bio-Regenesis of our Original Human Blueprint and Earth Holographic Architecture. Although, I resonate with this frequency and always feel a sentiment and vast expansiveness when I tune in. I am asking for a more personal approach of what my role is as I am still unclear?

The Crown comes with responsibility to uphold Truth, Power and Sovereignty, to restore harmony and assist all those (including self) who are unable to assist themselves due to fear, lack of, suffering, alienation, or power and greed.

It restores self-respect and atomony, leadership and Higher connection to pierce through Holographic Architecture using Diamond Ray strength which acts like a Higher Energy Cosmic Ray or Meru Rod of laser light precision, focus and determination to never give up on your Mission no matter what odds are against you, no matter how many times you feel you have ‘failed: ‘

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

or simply weary from the never ending ‘fight’ to restore true light. Yet when seen in the eyes of the Beholder requires no fight at all but simply to surrender to faith of knowingness “Deep in the Highest Core of you”.

And So It Is! It is Done! Sealed in: Aurora Light of Dawn!



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Waiver and Acknowledgement logo AoA, Transpar

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