Cosmic Generator Glyphs –

Body Template!

Jigsaw Puzzle

The Cosmic Generator Series is GIFTED from Andromedan’s from 9th Dimension. Master Etheric Surgeons who know the human Body Template like the back of our hand. The ‘Jigsaw Puzzle’ video is a Mind Mandala to trigger 12 Cranial Nerves in the brain and Master Gland to assist in activating Fire Letters and Codes for Optimum Organ Imprint to superimpose over ‘false ones’, harmed, injured, damaged etc.

I drew individual Glyphs using the Instruction Set of my Andromedan counterpart who is a Master Etheric Surgeon and studied the human blueprint for thousands of years.

Although, TRUST your own Guidance as Master of your Molecules and seek medical guidance if in doubt.

If you require a Template, please look at below PDF and choose which one(s) resonate and C0NNECT and I will send you a vibratory instruction package?

Cosmic Generator Glyphs, Jigsaw Puzzle! 1