Quick Fix – Meditation

Vibratory Top Up’s

Please choose a TABlet vibrationally to attune solar senses and restore peace, calm and happiness?

Krystal Healing Waters

Vibratory Integration Activation

Here, we invite you to relax into the heart-beat of solar-power heart and allow a warm inner glow to emerge within to soothe any tensions, fears, paranoia’s and discord. Remembering true reality of Power of Peace?

The Cosmic Cascade

Purity Energy Flush!

1 min Vibratory Top-Up!


We invite you to play the audio and look at visuals whilst in deep expansive presence of breath and immerse yourself in the wonderful, soothing, purifying Cosmic Cascade?

Cosmic Adventure

Light is not at the end of the Tunnel.
You are the Light travelling through the Tunnel!

Cosmic Adventure, sound mix by Azur’A

Just Breathe…

Simply simplicity………..

Stardust by AurorA’h

Free of complicity!

The Divine Will

From the Still-Point of my Wholeness in Manifest Decision.
I Decree in Sovereign Knowing, Here expressed at My Command.
(Lovingly stated Absolute Intention).
The Divine Will of the One Will.

The One Will of the Divine Will.

This I Am!


This is a very powerful, beautiful DECREE – spoken/sung by Power of 3 – to create a spinning/oscillating ‘Prayer Wheel:’ Pillar of Light all through and around you to restore faith, protection and manifest highest ideals into fruition!

Adapted from Maharata Texts Ashayana

Somewhere deep within you is…… rhythm of ancient ways that holds the Power & Magic you need to Heal & Transcend!!!
Rise above who they told you to be wild one❕

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