Quantum Wave Podcast for Planetary Healing

Created in honour of Peaceful World Wide Demonstrations across the Globe on 20th March 2021: See (please note: Whilst we are not directly affiliated with this group, we are vibrating in quantum alignment with the Cosmos to Connect as One

12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm 12 am (21st)


Just beautiful, walking Human, ‘Cosmic Pillars of Peace’! Thank you from the bottom of my Soul, Beloveds.

We resonated as One and got the Job Done!

PODcast 1
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white lion grid
Great White Lion Grid [rendition Noel Huntley]
tie, Krystal cave
PODcast 2
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PODcast 3

Nefuru-Ra & Mother

Moi aged 24

Return of the Mother: Elemental Re-Encryption Zone: Series (09:09:20)

Spring Equinox LAUNCH:


i) Please see Vibratory Article: The Lion Gorge: Return of the Mother! For in depth information.

lions gorge
Lion Gorge: In Grace We Enter..

ii) Also, explore Return of the Mother: Cosmic Playground for essential ‘Vibratory Notes‘ to assist with amplifications of this Series.

PODcast 4
Peace is eternally restored Now
sandcliff entraince
Entrance to top of Sand Cliffs overlooking Thames Estuary
rainbow rd
Liquid-Light plasma Rainbow frequencies re-installed!
singing vortex tree
Singing Vortex Tree