Time Travels of an Inter-Dimensional Spy: The Playbook for Time-Travellers – Extract:

The Krystal Spiral

You were born a time traveller!   You came Into the Womb from a Higher Harmonic Time Vector of the distant future through the frequency wave of the Krystal Spiral; Infused in liquid light DNA strands, memories, sacred geomancies and full mission codes. A whole quantum wave form of pure consciousness which as you began to descend became less and less as you down-stepped frequency in order to ‘squeeze’ into Earth.  
This motion is what we refer to as a ‘Dimensional Drop’, and through each juncture it became more compacted like a tightly coiled ball of electrical wires, some knots or schisms appeared which needed unscrambling, DNA Light fibres become contorted, memories faded and dissolved as you hit the ‘Frequency Band’ of Earth. 
However, throughout your significant journey you were accompanied by Higher Hosts from your Soul Family who boomeranged back and forth to you light codes of comfort, support and encouragement.
They knew your journey wouldn’t be easy!
As you descended through each dimension you met a multi-dimensional aspect of Self which infused its essence into a self-sustaining Crystal Seed which you would activate upon your journey in life in order to play with many repertoires of self.
Along the Krystal Spiral you began to pick up tiny receptors from Earth’s atmosphere and formed beliefs about what this place is?  You formed opinions and fears about how you would fit in here?  What role you would play?  What parents you would choose and why? 
Although, filled in hope and vast potential, this became obscured by the many intricate ‘locking systems‘ that exist here – combination locks that seemed alien and restrictive to you.
Your inner eyes were perfectly activated and memories fully intact stored in soul repertoire.   Perhaps you saw the people as primitive, or “backward,” as I did?  However unfair; You knew you were from an advanced civilisation and choose to come back in time in order to help your race evolve again and to achieve this through the eyes of strength, compassion, love and humility.
Deep within the Core Seed of you, you remembered the finery of which this earth once was.  It had a different name: known as: Ta-Ra (UrthA ) – a higher harmonic, Time Vector filled in omnipotent Liquid Light Temples of magistracy and blossomed with vast creative potential.  It was free of any curses and hexes and spells and people adorned each-other, not with money, cars or houses, but compassion, unity and love.   
In quantum flashes you saw the people you’d incarnate with: families, friends, lovers, teachers, lesson plans etc but as you descended deeper down you saw many ‘false’ projected realities superimposed around you.
It felt darker, denser and the people seemed under a spell, you wanted to shout at them to “wake up,” it’s a lie, a trick, an illusion!” You demanded to see the real earth, what had they done with it? 
Although it was as if no one was listening……?
Yet, something innate within kept a Higher Vision stored in Core Manifestation Template – quantum flashes of Truth, spiralling in spherical motions…. Although with each lowering descent these strands faded or separated and as the Spiral compacted, you became dizzy and confused: Your original Unified Field of Light began to pick up and merge with a collective sphere of many distorted time-line battles, wars, invasions, suffering and sorrow… 
As you grew from the egg; The soul watched over you from a Higher Harmonic in a 6th wave form tending and nurturing this precious Seed to expand, flourish and grow.  It didn’t put its full quantum into you, otherwise it would’ve been like charging a children’s toy with a thousand volts!  The body would vaporise…
So, the Soul had a Master Plan! It knew through the harmonic patience of time that one day you’d want to find that Seed again and accrete the energy from within to grow in the liquid light – Nursery of Stars? It kept its full omnipotent connection to you in colour light forms called ‘scalar wave patterning’s’ – flashing on and off – beaming like a light-house in abundant streams of consciousness, guiding you safely Home through vast singing light fields
Idealistic, brave and opinionated, noble and true were Core Values and then it all went black and you forgot it all……..
Yet, today you have chosen to re-memBEr ………………?

Extract taken from prologue:

Kathara Grid: Krystal Spiral (12 Sphere Tree of Life) unknown source

0, 1, 1 , 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64…….. (Please see Glossary Arc)

Time-Travels, The Playbook

TO BE RELEASED in Divine Right Timing..