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Please note this page is still in Creation, being updated, added to perpetually, I am releasing Here & Now – as and when I receive Transmissions – because of valuable information to be pertained. So please do check back intermittently. Thank you!

WARNING: This is highly disturbing intel and deeply distressed me for many weeks, if not months and in Truth, I am still consciously aware of it. Whilst it does not contain graphic images, the information is stand-alone horrifying enough! Please SHIELD yourself so as not to absorb, rather observe in compassionate witness.
Part I
Part II

See also D!U!M!B!S




Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS)

This is the angle (angel) axis on which sub atomic particles spin. (Its far to complicated for me to explain in linear terms as its filled in atomic physics which isn’t my speciality). However – in the Language of Light – this comes quite spontaneously and naturally and I therefore provide this audio for you so you can feel the vibration to integrate and facilitate Light Quantum:

I can say though, that its related to Time-Travel or Time Continuum through dimensions which creates a subatomic shift at a 45° angle. Speeding up the particles in one’s body to such a huge Light quantum that one becomes a spinning Ball of Light able to pierce through Holographic Infrastructure and travel through Stargates to reach a desired location or time-vector etc.

Its how spacecraft travel and Yogis achieve Samadhi and Tibetan Monks reach Rainbow Light Body and even how the Pyramids were moved so that a solid object transcends limitation and moves as light…… Almost like creating a Sound Field around something which illumines atoms and shatters the concept of solidness, directly affecting linear time, space highlighting the illusion.

See: The Lion Gorge Scroll as I did my best to explain this in linear, descriptive terms.

Atlantean Pylon Implant Network (APIN)

Lemurian Pylon Implant Network (LPIN)

Founder Races Original Blueprint Morphogenic Map of the World.

The APIN grid networks were designed in the shapes of creatures, for instance, animals, birds, so that when viewed by ETs from space using photo-radionic equipment they can be seen and immediately identified…

“The first APINs were created 5.5 million years ago by advanced Guardian Founder races. The Leonine race created the Great White Lion and the Avian race created its companion the Golden Eagle to give support to Earth to prevent an evolutionary descent that, left unattended, was a certainty.

These benevolent APINs interface with and reinforce, by resonance, the original blueprints underlying all creation. By supporting the Earth’s inner morphogenetic structure, and its blueprint/’DNA’ and codes, these grids correspondingly support the DNA and consciousness of all life on the planet, in particular, aiding the civilisation and planet through the ascension cycles (see article on ascension).

Noel Huntley
Great White Lion
Four Faces of Man

Images taken from website of Noel Huntley ( (rendering from the copyright material of A & A Deane, © 2010, All Rights Reserved; Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series.)

For full extemporary article, please click here:

Astral Waves

These are 7 super-highways of Rainbow Liquid Light Plasma frequencies which are transmitted through the Aurora Gateway or Pillars cosmically linked to the 7 Higher Heavens way beyond the Cosmic Horizon of this Universe, stretching into Multi-Heavens or layers of Higher Consciousness.

Much support, guidance and assistance can be transcribed here which begins to RESET light bodies into highest accordance, purify colour mesh codes which have become mutated, release astral debris and provide secure crystal-clear higher guidance with your Christos Avatar Blueprint and the Aurora Races and Aurora Angels which spin correct ratio angles within Axiatonal Points of body.

Hence releasing harmonic Sound, Light & Colour Codes conducive to your Core Manifestation Template.

This 7th Wave Astral, is created and designed to overwrite old distorted lower astral planes which involve, coerce and incite lower astral sex, astral delusion, astral rape and violation and infringement in any way shape or form.

There exists Worlds beyond this Dimension of exquisite peace and beauty vibrating only in Higher Consciousness levels untouched by distortions or Mind Mirrors which lead one into the Dark Abyss.

Here, exists Beacons of Belief which shine like a Light-House for you to reclaim the wholeness of your Soul once again, Dear Brethren.

The Aurora Platforms are such a Destiny Code to lead us safely to our Inner Sanctum where peace is restored and you receive communion from the Living God in abundant reservoirs of scalar wave, Primal Light & Sound Fields.

“A Licence to Chill”
Crystal Caves leading to Aurora Platforms (liquid light)

Please see: Aurora Pillars of Light MP3 and TransMission PDF and Frequency Activator Template

Also See Aurora Pillars Video Presentation

Also see Secret Covenant

Override Khee: “I Am Source, SoveReign, Free. I Am God‘s EternIty…”

The Occult Art of Law – An Introduction – Alan of Salisbury—Alan-of-Salisbury:6

Script kindly taken from – Ascension Dictionary:

CDT PLATES (Cloister Dora Teura Plates)

A series of 12 Pre-Atlantian Holographic Disk Records from 246,000 BC. They are small pale silver physical disk that contains massive tomes of practical physical and spiritual evolutionary advancement (Sacred Spiritual Science) teachings that are translated by 3 Speakers.

The three CDT-Plates Speakers are always contemporaries and work closely and cooperatively together, collectively presenting on Earth the translations to which they are commissioned over a 12 year period of time.

The CDT-Plates are holographic recordings, storage and transmission devices that holds massive amounts of data in encrypted, electromagnetic scalar-standing-wave form. They were manufactured from a form of striated-selenite-quartz crystal organic to the Density-2 planet Sirius B, surrounding a radioactive isotopic core, encased in a “hybrid-metal” silver-alloy compound organic to Earth.

They contain the full evolutionary history of life evolution in our Time Matrix since the last life-wave was seeded 950 billion years ago up to the present and also “future records” of the many various paths of evolutionary development of human and inter-dimensional, inter-galactic, inter-time races, which emerge from free-will choices rendered in our present space-time continuum.

They are presented to the races of our 15 dimensional Time Matrix by the Density-5 (Dimensions 13-15) Elohei-Elohim-Emerald OrderSeraphei-Seraphin-Gold Order and Braha-Rama-Amethyst Order. (The 3 primary Founders Races in our Time Matrix)

Translation of data from the CDT-Plates is accomplished through initiation of specific frequency transmitions, through which the discs activate to release their stored data in the chosen form of holographic, audio, visual or digital translation.

Among the numerous subjects included in the CDT-Plates are:

  1. The Melchizedek Cloister Law of One Spiritual studies.
  2. Keylontic Morphogenetic (matter template) Science
  3. 15 Dimensional Unified Field Physics
  4. Primary Creation Mechanics.
  5. Advanced Merkaba-Kundalini-DNA Bio-Regenesis Ascension Mechanics.
  6. Kathara Core Template Healing. (Kathara Healing)
  7. Planetary Templar Star Gate Mechanics.
  8. Pre-ancient History, Founders Races and Angelic Race evolution.
  9. Higher Sensory Perceptions and OOB travel. (Out of Body)
  10. Books of Maps and Key – The technical manual for Earth’s Hall of Amenti Star Gates and
  11. Planetary Templar Complex system.

They also serve a dual purpose in relation to obtaining manual access to the 12 Primary Start Gates of The Universal Templar Complex. The CDT-Plates are part of a larger apparatus the includes 12 corresponding, larger silver discs called the Signet Shields. One CDT-Plate translator and speaker was the man historically known as John the Baptist (31 BC-34 BC). Other CDT-Plate Speaker and leader of the Essene “Chrystian Movement” was Jeshua Melchizedek (Known as “Jesus” in the Bible)

Other translations of ancient times were dispensed through Speakers born into Hindu, Chinese, Tibetan, African, Egyptian, Mayan, Incan and Celtic-Druidic Grail Lines.

The CDT-Plate disks have been in protective custody within the Azurite-EOMC Eieyani Priest of Ur family lines since a cataclysmic event that took place on Earth in 208,216 BC. – Before that date they were in the protective custody of the Urtite human lineage.

The Maharata is the ancient Sacred Text translation of the Founders Races CDT-Plates from 246,000 BC, which originally contained 590 volumes, and over 500,000 pages, of non-dogmatic, egalitarian, Sacred Spiritual Science Teachings covering every aspect of mastering personal and cosmic reality.

Before intentional editing and distortion at the hand of Fallen Angelics and corrupt human power elite, the teachings of every traditional religious belief system on Earth, from Christianity to Buddhism and Indigenous Tribal Oral Tradition, originally emerged from re-translations of the Maharata Texts and CDTPlates.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.

  • Voyagers I

Celtic Sea Salt and hydration + Bio Plasma Cell Salts

Benefits of Celtic Sea Salt
good for hyper sensitive starseeds, calms nervous tension. especially when Transmitting (Channelling) to provide conductibility/electrolytes to Cells and Nervous System

Leigh-on-Sea : Salt Plains

Chlorine Dioxide, the Universal Remedy that Drug Companies Hate

Also research MMS, G3n3 D3c0de also has a Health Protocol with MMS.

Please use own discernment about these ‘cures’. I am yet to investigate myself so supplying for information purposes only.

Absolute must watch !!! (Please watch all 3 in series)

If you still think your government has been telling you the truth and still think they have your best interests in mind…you might want to look into these. COMBATLVL

  • Project Bluebird
  • Project Bluebeam
  • Project Evergreen
  • Project Artich0ke
  • MK-Ultra
  • MK-Naomi
  • Project M0narch
  • Operation Chaos
  • Operation Gladio
  • Operation Mockingbird
  • Operation Paperclip
  • Operation Northwoods
  • Operation Ranch Hand
  • Operation Popeye
  • (Doomsday Project)
  • Cointelpro
  • Operation Project Seal
  • Operation Stargate
  • Operation Highjump
  • Operation Delirium
  • Project Rainbow
  • Operation Midnight Climax
  • Project Woodpecker
  • Project Stagate – Grill Flame,  Sun Streak
  • Operation Cloverleaf
  • Operation Fishbowl
  • Project Bluebook
  • Project Coast.
  • Musical Control ( Rockef£ller )
  • Project Groom Lake
  • Jekyll Island.
  • The creation of the Federal Reserve.
  • Fiat currency.
  • Operation High Jump.
  • Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd.
  • Agartha.
  • Operation Paperclip.
  • Fluoridation effects.
  • Agenda 21.
  • Agenda 30.
  • Monsanto.
  • Aspartame.
  • B G H (Bovine growth hormone).
  • Rothschild’s family history.
  • Albert Pike.
  • Adam Weishaupt.
  • P.N.A.C
  • Council of Foreign Relations
  • (CFR).
  • Committee of 300.
  • 13 families.
  • Skull and Bones Society.
  • The Bush family’s business dealings.
  • General Wesley Clark.
  • Bill Cooper.
  • William Guy Carr.
  • M1LABS.
  • Zacharaiah Sitchen.
  • Annunaki.
  • Nephalim.
  • Nibiru (Planet X).
  • Ninth Circle Cult.
  • N@zi eugenics.
  • Council of 13.
  • Council of Nicea.
  • Library of Alexandria.
  • Vatican Catacombs.
  • Emperor Constantine.
  • Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
  • Freemasonry.
  • Plantagenet’s.
  • Merovingian’s.
  • Jesuits.
  • Sabbatean Frankists.
  • D!U!M!B!S
  • Phil Schneider.
  • Protocols of the learned Elders of Zi0n.
  • Tavistock Institute.
  • Frankfurt subversion techniques.
  • Fabian society.
  • Satanic ritual abuse.
  • Adr$n0chr0me.
  • Elm St Guest house.
  • 788 – 790 Finchley Road, Hampstead.
  • Christchurch Primary School, Hampstead.
  • Balfour Declaration and the Creation of Israel.
  • The Samson Option
image: Green Dodo (the Copper Vessel I use for drinking some of my water.)

Core Manifestation Template

12 Sphere Crystal Tree of Life (Ordered Chaos)

The Tree of life or Core Manifestation Template is the Blueprint “Architecture of our multidimensional consciousness orientation”.

Its super multi sensory light fibres weave their way through the fabric of time and space into many multi-dimensional realities, energy vortex centres, DNA light fibres and Quantum realities of which we are all connected as One. Just like the strings of a harp that play the Music of the Spheres; When our ‘strings’ or Light Spheres are playing harmoniously we naturally, rightfully achieve ascension, or rather Incension and access Kees and Codes out of the Time Vector, Home.

Core Seed Atom or Permanent Seed Atom


Sacred Crystal Heart

The Core Seed Atom is placed in Higher Heart or Thymus Gland, You can do Thymus Gland Tapping to activate it when under stress, duress or fear/anxiety. Just think of a Gorilla who pounds on his chest (thymus gland) to power himself up and show whose King of the Jungle! 😉

Well, we don’t need to go Gorilla Style but very gently tap on the Thymus Gland several times which is just below the collar bone in the centre. You can feel a nice little crevasse there which you can tap into when you are needing extra resources/power to assist you…

  • Aids in confidence building
  • Power, focus, wards off energetic invaders
  • Reducing colds/flu as this gland is connected to the immune system

See the Cosmic Cascade, energy flush

Just prior the cataclysm of Tara 550 million years ago, a rescue mission for the Taran souls of HU-1 was set in motion.

Being skilled in Time Portal mechanics and Interdimensional portal travel, the Ceres created a plan the Ur-Terranates would fulfill.

With assistance of the Sirian Council, Elohim, and HU-2 Pleidians, the Ur-Terranates formed an agreement with several other races called The Covenant of Palaidor.

The mission involved the creation of the Sphere of Amenti to allow open transit between Earth and Tara for beings possessing genetic codes that could endure portal transit.

Those involved in this agreement (the Sirians, Pleidians, Ur-Terranates, Elohim, Lyrans, Ceres, Lumiansand Alanians) became known as the Palaidorians.

(See: Fall of Man)

Ascension Dictionary

Also, see

Also, see Enema, Coffee

Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.

Ascension Glossary

see more:

Also, our planetary systems and chakra vortexes, or as I prefer Krystal Stars are based upon dimensional systems.

  • 12D Lyra (Stargate of Evolution Gateway)
  • 11D Lyra/Vega
  • 10D Lyra/Vega
  • 9D Andromeda
  • 8D Orion
  • 7D : Arcturus
  • 6D : Sirius
  • 5D : Pleiades
  • 4D : Sun/Sol
  • 3D : Earth
Fertility Glyph & Double Diamond Ruby Sun Activator

See: Living Light Codes: Fertility Glyph and listen to accompanying Audio to assist you, Dear ONe!

Imprinting this as a ‘Visual Activator’ invokes the Brain to begin remembering to start distributing healthy wave patterning’s to the CELLS of your Organs and overwrite the false Ruby Codes which began to degenerate cells causing aging, mutations, satanic grid overlays and dark mother Templates. Go easy with this as it’s a powerful resonance and you need to feel “soul-safe” with lots of tender loving care.

Double Diamond Sun Body

It Activates Double Diamond within  So(u)lar Heart as a powerful Transmitter of higher vibrations, frequencies & healing conductor energies.  Contained within its mechanics are ancient ‘Cosmic Eggs’ that activate, release and restore electrical components to begin to instantly RECLAIM power and self-belief that your body is a perfect, well orchestrated ‘vehicle’ that knows exactly, innately how to heal, adjust, realign & re-calibrate distortions.  In Truth, it only knows innate perfection!

Begin Igniter Process with this Glyph.. First placing within centre of Master Gland to activate and soothe sensors? Then drop through Core Central Channel to your heart……Conducting, amplifying, expanding frequencies….  

You are  the Composer, Conductor & Orchestra of your Life!  As Absolute of your Atoms, etherically imprint this Image within each organ breathing through Liquid Gold Light, Shining Bright.. 

                                                       TAKE YOUR TIME!

Cleverly visualise your favourite instrument playing harmonic symphonies within each Cell of your Organs, vibrating in perfect harmonics……? See the ‘audience’ of your Cells singing and sparkling as they recognise these harmonic waves……..

Thus, Opening the Cosmic Eggs of your Divine Blueprint Template to begin igniting

                                      The Flame…


Gene D£c0de

CAUTION: Defender Warriors of Truth: This video contain disturbing information regarding child tra$$ick!ng and the deep underground tunnels. Please ask in your heart if you wish to continue? And protect your energy field with Kristiac Shielding (Source Shield) so you observe rather than absorb, if you choose?

Deep Underground Military Bases (Australia)

Leah-Anne Mcneice, [06.10.21 12:40][Forwarded from D.U.M.B.S and Underground War]⚡️⚔️⚡️‌‌⚔️⚡️‌‌⚔️⚡️‌‌⚔️⚡️⚔️⚡️

It is not the people of Australia, it is the country of Australia that is a major DRAKON STRONG HOLD.
The global elite originally set up Parliament House in Canberra as their central seat of government to rule the planet.

The headquarters of the main US intelligence agency is not in Langley, Virginia, but in Melbourne, Australia.

Central Australia is home to the world’s most important underground facilities, built like underground hotels where the global elite seek refuge after implementing their original global extinction plan, only to come out when the dust settles.

Under Canberra there are many levels of draconian bases that can be accessed by submarine and by spaceship that lands cloaked in the lake in front of Parliament House (Lake Burley Griffen).
Under the lake they have access to the many levels that are under the Australian Parliament building.
Under Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the center of Australia is the largest genetic cloning lab in the world for the dark.

Under Pine Gap, located in Australia, is the world’s most important UFO surveillance facility used by the global elite.

Most of the children conceived in underground facilities are conceived in the underground facilities under the western suburbs of Sydney and then taken to Circular Quay Harburg in Sydney and then shipped in crates via P&O Cruise Lines around the world to places like New York, LA, the Middle East and Europe to be used in satanic sacrificial rituals, child hunting and adrenochrome harvesting.

Australia has a MASSIVE underground tunnel system and is littered with DRAKON bases, all connected by large tunnel systems built over 200 years ago with draconic ET technology.

Tunnels from Melbourne lead directly to Tasmania and from Tasmania to Antarctica.

Tunnels from Sydney lead to New Zealand and Norfolk Island.

Tunnels from Sydney lead to Canberra and from Canberra to Pine Gap and Uluru (Ayers Rock) and also to Melbourne.

Tunnels from Perth (Geraldton) in Western Australia lead directly to South Africa.

Tunnels from Darwin lead to Indonesia.

MINERALS are mined underground under Coober Pedy in South Australia, by ANCHORED HUMAN SLAVES and then shipped directly to Alpha Draconis.

Australia is not what most people think it is.

Australia is a major GLOBAL stronghold for the Dark Ones and currently the Dark Ones are desperately trying to hold onto one of their last remaining strongholds on the planet.
That is why standover tactics are currently being used against anyone who dares to stand up.

@DUMBSandUNDERGROUNDsupported by@SpaceForceGalacticFederation

Elemental Re-Encryption Zone

We live in an abundant eco-system surrounded by Plants, Trees, Animals, Insects, fungi, bacteria, Plankton that swarms our Oceans. Each component delicately or fiercely – for that matter – plays its part in life sustaining.

For example, the Rocks that form the infrastructure of this Earth are akin to the Bones that hold our bodily foundation together. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. A Cosmic Mirror of all Elementals around us reflecting our Higher Destinies and Life Code to blend harmonically with the Universe.


The Elemental Re-Encryption Zone is a symbiotic life-form of correlating directly with our Nature Realms to receive frequency Upgrades from the Transmitter Wave of the Sun beaming plasma frequencies from Higher Octaves of Light who preserve the Original Blueprint of Creation.


EMF and DEMONS (prison cell phones, I Eye Phones)

Shungite (Elite)


Organite :



a powerful molecular quantum alchemy of Light Infusions to dispel negative karma, ancestral debris, lower thought field programming’s, implants, remove trauma mind control scripts etc.

Alchemy of Violet Sun Steam (kindneys)

Producing ENERGY to fuel Highest Intentions drawn from Original Blueprint before miasmic distortions and overlords.

What on Earth Happened?

This is an excellent 8 hr or so documentary about the nature of our reality and presents some thought provoking notions about our Earth being flat rather than a Sphere and how the Sun revolves around the Earth, not the Earth that revolves around the Sun. And wait for it that we are not spinning a 1,000 miles or so an hour but the Earth is in fact stationary………….. Whoa!!! And much more…………… Be prepared to have your mind busted on this, as I have! And any preconceived ideas challenged as an expose of lies by the Controllers.

That’s if you choose to believe it…. Of course……………..? I have certainly changed my perspective on many anomalies, but that’s a good thing to always challenge what we are told is reality………….

Watch this space, literally!

Could this be an Original Map of the World found in a Japanese Temple?


Zeph Daniels gives some extraordinary intel on Gang-Stalking :

When listening to these audios, shield yourself in Source Shield so as to educate, liberate and COMMAND PERSONAL SPACE AND POWER. I recommend to vibrationally choose only the ones to listen to as there is so much interference that comes through for energetically sensitive individuals such as myself. However, he does have such expert knowledge that I chose to bounce my way through segments to learn more in validation of the Truth of this terribly distressing hidden phenomena that I have endured for most of my life in some form or other.

Dr Eric Karlstrom


Our ability to see inter-dimensionally by opening the true light waves of the Master Gland (Pineal) once calcifications and superimpositions have been removed.

As always, use own discernment. Above all Trust your instincts as to what resonates in truth for you. But, just to say I am never without H202 {hydrogen peroxide} in my ‘Medicine Cabinet’. Its a miracle ‘cure’. A good ole cheap friend 😉 !!!

PDF DOWNLOAD “The One-Minute Cure: Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases

..the beautiful Dr Gerson

Re 2nd video : Excellent suggestion to use H202 in this way but I use “food grade”. Therefore, no stabilisers are used. (see above link). I did question why he would say not to use FG, but I imagine its because of price, perhaps he thinks he’s helping by saying buy cheaper pHarmacy option! But, “Food Grade” is still cheap in comparison {and uses purified or distilled water}, so we can’t put a price on our health.

However, I’m grateful for this tip from him.

Protocols & T & C's 13

The Inter-Dimensional Association of Free Worlds is a ‘gestalt organisation’ formed many billions of years ago (although free of Time & Space) in order to preserve ancient knowledge and Earth/Universal records from intruder races and to restore Bio-Regenesis of our Original Human Blueprint and Earth Holographic Architecture.


 Ascension Dictionary

(Priests of Ur – EyanE)

Original pre-ancient Oraphin-Turaneusiam “Indigo Children” Angelic Human Grail Line that are formally referred to in ancient times as the Eieyani.

(See: YanasEnergy Matrix)

Eieyani: The Indigo Beings who are on our Eckasha system. (See: God Worlds)

EyanA: The Indigo Beings who are on our Parallel Eckasha system.

The Eieyani Collective responsible for seeding life into our Time Matrix is called Melchizedek Cloister Eieyani or MC Eieyani.

In contemporary times, as they have done since the pre-ancient times, the Eieyani Priests of Ur continue to serve as representatives of the Guardian Alliance (GA), the primary task force of the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW) universal service organization.

The Priests of Ur are living members of this original Angelic Human Grail Line who are capable of sustaining full physical manifestation on Earth or altering their biological orientation at will to engage inter-dimensional time travel or Dimensional Ascension. And are capable of, and often utilize, remote subtle inter-dimensional contact.


Ur” means “light”, in reference to serving the agenda of enlightenment for all.

Eieyani” means “of the Yanas

(See: Melchizedek, Melchizedek Cloister Eieyani)

(See: Rainbow-Sun Krystal-Matrix Speaker , E-Cou-Sha-TA)


Ascension Glossary: Guardian Yeshua

Please DOWnLOAD Keylontic Dictionary which is an invaluable reference grid for Indigo Blueprint architecture.

based on the original Guardian Teachings by Ashayana Deane

by Arek Popovich:

Khundaray Primal Sound Fields are majestic plasma, standing wave form patterning systems composed of the pure liquid Sound of Source. Its the Singing Light Field mechanism of the First ‘Light’ Fields of Creation. Bear in mind, Light is Sound and vice-versa.

Our Whale Kingdom friends swim this mechanism through our Cosmic Oceans and Plasma Light Body to raise atomic structure, bring strength, comradeship and formidable Light Soul Warrior components into our sacred Field.

This wave-form which comes through the Cosmic Cascade can blast out superimpositions, implants, destructive thinking and violations of any way, shape or form. It’s about reclaiming self-worth and healing mental factorisations and soothing the nervous system and connecting your to Higher Purpose and Destiny Codes.

In simple terms it’s about reclaiming friendship, friendship with the Divine and comforting you when you feel lost, afraid, lonely or ‘under attack’.

Hence they swim in Pods to electrify this notion and why I was inspired to call Plasma Pod its such name.

Time-shifts of Liquid Plasma Rainbow Light, Colour and Sound Fields infused into the Hologram of Worlds…. To see multi prismatic light which opens New Dimensions, Portals and Expressions of Consciousness.

In Andromeda we all have the capacity to look into Krystal Kaleidoscopes of expressions in order to remember, learn and empathise with other worlds, species, races, biospheres etc.

We literally embody this frequency for thousands of years, just observing and taking quantum snapshots of blueprints to evolve and better innerstand God’s full landscapes of Creati0ns.

see: the Krystal Kaleidoscope Series

shared on: Unofficial Office of the Orange Man

also Sea:

Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Krystal Palace: The Seat of Throne between the Pineal Gland (masculine) and Pituatuary Gland (feminine). Releasing of feel good hormones to bring Oneness, bliss and True Love of Divine. Activation released of Kundalini Flow: heat and water (Krystal Waters) creating alchemy of steam to distil, diffuse, disperse and transcend “lock-down”, fears, neurosis, pain, depression, alienation. Clears a flowing pathway to gather Jewels, Wings, Talents, Gifts: “All that was Lost & Stolen being returned Unto You”.

A purity of expression!

See Krystal Waters

Krystal Healing Waters

Amplifier of Krystal Waters as a symbiotic overflow of divine grace and spiritual cleansing to soothe Mind & Soul and activate Double Diamond Sun Body.

Also See Krystal Palace

Nice link to a magnified Map of the World

Useful when accessing APIN/LPIN Systems

However, please bear in mind that our current Maps are not to scale:


Master Gland is referred to as Pineal Gland whilst scientifically it is known as Hypothalamus because it regulates overall body temperature. However, we call this the Master Gland as it is a Master Conductor/Transmitter/Amplifier of Higher Consciousness and Cosmic Rays.

Krystal Palace: The Seat of Throne between the Pineal Gland (masculine) and Pituatuary Gland (feminine). Releasing of feel good hormones to bring Oneness, bliss and True Love of Divine. Activation released of Kundalini Flow: heat and water (Krystal Waters) creating alchemy of steam to distil, diffuse, disperse and transcend “lock-down”, fears, neurosis, pain, depression, alienation. Clears a flowing pathway to gather Jewels, Wings, Talents, Gifts: “All that was Lost & Stolen being returned Unto You”.

A purity of expression!

Krystal Healing Waters

Amplifier of Krystal Waters as a symbiotic overflow of divine grace and spiritual cleansing to soothe Mind & Soul and activate Double Diamond Sun Body.

Adapted from Living Light Codes, page

*MASTER GLAND: Scientifically this is referred to as Hypothalamus, however ‘we’ relate this to the Pineal Gland which is true conductor of Higher Frequency energies. However, many false superimpositions have been placed around this powerful Gland as an insidious harvesting unit which distorts its Original Blueprint Template capabilities as a Transmitter/Receiver of Higher Conscious energy.


Regularly working with the pale BLUE FLAME in this manner naturally begins to dissolve/transmute these and allow True Organic Light to conduct through to Light Bodies & subtle energy systems..

I Am providing a link to Lisa Renee’s Meditation Treatments, Glossary as in my personal opinion these are the best Awakening, Implant Removal Architecture on the Planet and have personally saved me multiple times.

These will need to be purchased from her Shop page…. And you can either purchase the whole Ascension Class or just the meditation.

I personally prefer her older treatments which I refer to as “Classics” (from 2009 – 2016), as they are energetic staples with a more human, friendly approach which transcend time and space.

I also have a few good MP3 Transmissions with more to come………. And Holographic Jigsaw contains some Med’s.

Also I designed Vibratory Top Up’s page to be a quick fix for instant relief. And/or in ’emergency situations’ until deeper exploration can occur.


No, we didn’t go to the moon, in case you’re wondering… 😉

Neutron Window

The Oraphim are the Double Diamond Sun Body of the Christos that are here on planet to direct the Universal Threefold Founder Flame Frequencies to repair the architecture of the planetary grid, as well as communicate with the Aurora for the Aurora Krystal Matrix Re-Encryption of Elemental Body projects with the Master Christos Collective, a consortium of beings that are from the Seven Higher Heavens realms. These are the Ancient Master builder Races that are also called Guardian Host from which the Essenes on the earth have been generated to serve as blue flame holders.

Ascension Glossary – Lisa Renee

Images: The Universal Life Force, Cosmic Craft and Unknown Source

Royal Emerald Order


Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds, Emblem

The RA vibration seems to be getting a bad rap these days from some rather ‘angry’ Truth Seekers (who I am sure mean well in their earnest expression to assist in sovereignty) but are perhaps misguided tuning into the reversal programming orchestrated by ‘Atmospheric Intruders’ to deflect the true notion of the RA Frequency which serves the Gold Ray, 14th Dimension in Highest Light ,Truth & Order.

They are not interested in robbing gold or abusing power as certain ancient Egyptian ‘false gods’ and never have been as Serve a Christos Mission of Divine Living Light.

The Ra Vibration is interrelated to the Ra Confederacy, noble beings from the 7th Higher Heavens assisting with the ‘Covenant of Paliador’ to rescue soul fragments from the Tara explosion 550 MYA and reclamation of Universal Holographic Architecture.

Making of the Emblem

I designed the Emblem/Logo after an enlightening healing session where I had removed the hideous, Crown of Thorns which was blocking, scrambling and reversing my Head Antennae and connection to my true Christos Mission.

In its place I saw a noble, ornate Crown upon my Head which I could tangibly feel and innately knew the Crown of Thorns was a superimposition blocking my true One! It’s not that I felt regal or better than; But a remarkable knowing deep in the Highest Core of me that my Crown had been taken from me a very long time ago and that I had uncovered my true One buried underneath this Implant. This signifies a symbol of the Noble Races of which I (we) am from.

The Crown shape was taken from a GIF Image to which I added Emeralds and Sapphires and Diamonds. Each one lovingly placed like how Tensor Rings are formed with Power of Breath & Intention to RECLAIM our Jewels, Gifts, Crowns, Wings and Talent:

All that has been Lost & Stolen shall be returned onto you

The Royal Emerald Order is dedicated to All of Humanity and not just the Imposter Frequency who stole their way into Earth and falsely convinced “We the People” that they were the Royals and above and beyond the Original, Organic Divine Human Blueprint Core Manifestation Template.

Also, SOURCE SHIELD Breastplate is strategically placed to preserve true notion of power and protection.

The Inter-Dimensional Association of Free Worlds is a ‘gestalt organisation’ formed many billions of years ago (although free of Time & Space) in order to preserve ancient knowledge and Earth/Universal records from intruder races and to restore Bio-Regenesis of our Original Human Blueprint and Earth Holographic Architecture. Although, I resonate with this frequency and always feel a sentiment and vast expansiveness when I tune in. I am asking for a more personal approach of what my role is as I am still unclear?

The Crown comes with responsibility to uphold Truth, Power and Sovereignty, to restore harmony and assist all those (including self) who are unable to help themselves due to fear, lack of, suffering, alienation, or power and control and greed.

It restores self-respect and atomony, leadership and Higher connection to Source to pierce through Holographic Architecture using Diamond Ray strength which shatters through illusion.

It acts like a Higher Energy Cosmic Ray or Meru Rod of laser light precision, focus and determination to never give up on your Mission no matter what odds are against you, no matter how many times you feel you have ‘failed: ‘

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

or simply weary from the never ending ‘fight’ to restore true light! Yet when seen in the eyes of the Beholder – through the illusion – requires no fight at all but simply to surrender to the faith and knowingness

“Deep in the Highest Core of you”.

Quantum Holographic Architecture is restoration of the Original Divine Blueprint Mechanics of the Core Manifestation of Earth in direct relation to the 12 Original Root Races.

It blends Elemental Re-Encryption Zone layouts to co-create with the Elemental Bodies of the OmniVerse.


In order to reduce etheric Taggers and Trackers, AI interference and cyber stalking, spying, etc, the following are invaluable to the sensitive starseed and/or indigo.


Duck Duck Go as of april 2022 no longer using (see below)


Brave Browser

I no longer use google as an interface or search engine due to its connections to adr£n0chr0me. Also, one is constantly tagged, tracked and scanned using this inverted biometric.

Brave, browser is a smooth interface and so much better visually and energetically. Combine this with Duck Duck Go, or a similar private search engine and away to go…


I also use a VPN for extra privacy and experience less psychic attacks &/or astral implanting etc…


Also, I use Protonmail as an email server as I do not get interference with this and gradually dispensing of outlook.

WORDPROCESSING/Presentations/PDF’s etc:

WPS is an excellent alternative to Word.


I use ICEDRIVE for storage facility and will NOT be renewing Dropbox as not only is it too expensive but clinical. I prefer the lightness of Icedrive but it still needs further improvements to match Dropbox’s streamline infrastructure.

Its also fractions cheaper.

7 Higher Heavens

See Astral Waves

Shungite Elite, large

I absolutely adore Shungute, a 2 billion year old ‘space rock’ found only in Russia and parts of India. Its a supremely protective rock, especially against EMF and negative energy. It is a superb water purifier too..

It does need clearing though, especially after working for you on heavy issues, moods, people, places or things. Or dreaded EMF.

Place these around computers, smart meters, cable tv boxes. If you require a dental x-ray, bring your Shungite and keep on your body to block radiation.

Shungite is a friend too, i keep mine around and touch, feel, stroke it when I feel low, lonely or emotional. The other night I slept with a mountain of them as I needed extra emotional support after heavy targeting from female energies..

I also, use Nano Shungite powder in my AurorA Vibrational Sprays.

Experiment and In-Joy your new friend. Oh yes, and be aware of fakes, etc. Only purchase from reputable agents. Trust intuition.

Ascension Dictionary

Ascension Glossary

Alex Collier Andromedan contactee

Voyagers I & II Ashayana

The Flower of Life Deception – Metatronic Exposé – Part 1 & Part II

Excellent expose article on ‘Flower of Life’ and Fibonacci sequence or true reference point of: The Krystal Spiral: 0, 1, 1 , 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64… (To be quite honest, I am yet to fully understand this all myself).

The Collective: Inter-D Guardians from my soul collective within the Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds, Serving the Lore of One: Or referred to as the ‘Beloveds’.

Noel Huntley ( (superb article on APIN Systems)

A ‘Spiritual Echo’ is a subterranean tunnel, cave, or platform that links one Vector Point to another Dimension(s) through opening a ‘Neutron Window’ which is the Zero-Point gateway home to Source.

Please see Article/Scroll The Lion’s Gorge, a hidden Spiritual Echo and Right of Return of the Mother

Excellent resource to find a Natural Spring in your area :

Also, see Water, Water Everywhere booklet about the life-giving, healing properties of water. And

Stunning! Natural Spring just opens up…… credit: Larry – Tataria History English channel
unknown Source

S@tanic Ritua1 Abu$e (coded to avoid trolls)

Please research:

Elisa E.

Jeanette Archer

“Candy Girl”

Jesse Czebat0r

if you are called to uncover more of this subject matter. Please protect your energy field so as to obServe rather than absorb, as this is terribly distressing information.

Starfire Cycle is a process to rapidly link us into the Middle Domain Worlds free of Time & Space. It holds high altitudes to alchemical resonance to link you to Source and gather essential frequencies, vibrations and energetics to assist you in Now reality.

See STARFIRE Living Light Codes

MCEO Freedom Teachings: Voyagers ii

A very good empowering, eye opening doc on the “STRAWMAN” and how we empower sovereignty to break free from the rigged matrix.

excellent interview with Bibi who was imprisoned for 8 years, falsely accused…. Yet spent this time to valuably research about the corruption in corps-e-rations and law and how to reclaim your “Strawman” and advocate for God given human rights.

Charlie Fre@k


This is an exemplary presentation by dear Charlie and Colleen but please be warned the content is deeply distressing!! However, must be heard if you truly want to be a TRUTH Teller and embody God’s Spiritual Armour to defend our precious children. May God’s Love Eternal be with you……….

I will add to this as I go along. For now, please see Gang Stalking.

Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray

When a Planet reaches the end of its Starfire activation it moves into a Black-Hole Forcefield where it has used up all of its quantum and can no longer generate living-light mechanisms reaching a tremendous atomic action of what is referred to as a Supernova, releasing output. However in this impressive display the energy is centred around the tipping point of the Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray, often referred by scientists as a Quaser as it is pure laser-light precision.

However this frequency can be lovingly harnessed to power up the Quantum Generator of Cosmos or refracted and used subversively for insidious agendas as a form of Black-Hole Technologies to suck living-life force into Phantom Realities.

Or power up 5g technologies, Haarp, Cern, etheric weaponary etc

(Please note: These are my etheric observations and instructions, I am not a scientist; However, I research necessary left-brain mechanics, in core alignment with Holographic architecture and what my role is to assist in repairing grids, supernovas, asteroids, meteoroids etc. our Cosmos Reality in etheric matter.



Ancient Trees hidden from His-Story!!!

Majestic – we have be soooooo lied to……….

see: UlurU, Mother Arc, Stargate

UlurU, Mother Arc Stargate

see: Unite the Sovereign Nations

see: UlurU – Ascension Glossary

Benefits of Zeolite:

  • #1 Heavy Metals Detox (Safely Removes Mercury, Lead, Cadmium…)
  • Removes Radiation Particles (nuclear, x-rays, security scanners, medical)
  • Detoxes Environmental Toxins (smoke particles, cell phone radiation, chemicals, plastics, pesticides)
  • Stops Tumor Growth (activates p21 gene telling tumors to die)
  • Stops Viruses and Parasites (smothers and starves them)
  • Stops Mycotoxins (fungal, and mold spores) 
  • Relieves Symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, MS, Morgellons and “mystery” Diseases
  • Relieves Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and IBS
  • Enhances Bone Formation and Red Blood Cells
  • Relieves Symptoms of Chronic Diarrhea
  • Natural Cleanse for Chemtrail Residue and Glyphosate Toxicity 
  • Natural Immunity Booster (makes stealth invaders visible and traps/zaps them)
  • Balances Total Cholesterol (Reduces LDL and VLDL and Boosts Healthy HDL)
  • Alkalizing Effect on Your Whole Body (alkaline effect on body)


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