Implants & Strange, weird looking things

A synopsis of superimposition’s sent to Source!

Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster…

For when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

― Friedrich W. Nietzsche


I present this Chapter as a reference point only as some of the strange, weird things I have moved from my energetic structure and a few from my clients.

  Presented in no particular (dis)order.  

Still in Creation… Please check back soon…

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Cordings (& the Aura)

An Aura is a living light mechanism that sustains, protects and enlivens your light-body. Its living consciousness: intelligence and dances in light streams rather like the Aurora BoREALis.

However, the colour spectrums that make up the componencies of each Aura are unique and specific to your Divine Blueprint.

When we form attachments to others, unless this is in a neutral observer standpoint things get attached to us, hooks, cords, implements. I have seen all manor of weird and wonderful things embedded in the aura. (See other Tablets on this page)

Quantum removal & sustainability -Aura Exercise

See yourself in a large, beautiful bubble of light* take 3 deep breaths whilst relaxing deeply (just this alone can pop out some lighter cording’s)…

Eyes closed, slightly crossed together towards Pineal Gland, imagine a blue/aqua green flame about 2 ” in Master Gland, take a deep breath and hold 3 secs, exhale and shoot flame into heart, opening and expanding like a bright popping sensation…

The Blue Flame acts as a Search Light, or Laser Light Torch to shine a light on any Cording’s hidden in Energy Field, Light Body, or body, organs etc…

With Inner-Vision see any Cording’s, attachments, foreign artefacts, dark spots, sticky sensations, etc. Anything that looks and feels weird and uncomfortable.

Keep breathing, see them being vacuumed away or dissolved, vaporized in pure loving light energy. Keep breathing….

If you’ve had nasty/angry/unfair interactions and/or projections with someone, see that person illumined in their Higher Self, Bubble of Light and see if there are any cords attached to you

Jan 21

*Bubble of Light – Why do you think the Agenda is ordering everyone to stay in their “Bubbles?” Because they are supremely powerful and they are trying to loosh this energy from you!

Brain Plugs

These ‘Brain Plugs’ have numerous uses to control, influence, coerce, handle etc.

Major shopping channels: Amazon, Ebay, anyform of internet shopping..

Addictive: Amazon Ebay Internet Shopping

Implants & Strange, Weird looking things.. 1

Electrical wiring connects to neuro-transmitters and wraps itself around CNS, ANS, blocks gateway of Vagus Nerve.


Especially,heart, lungs, abdomen.

Massive Etheric Worms

Placed all the way down esophagus (then bore into heart chambers) Up to several metres long, 1st one removed: over 10 metres!


Expect gagging and feelings of revulsion when being extracted.

I found that DRUMMING in authentic expression hits spot to remove and dissolve these through frequency waves.

Ensure you are in SOURCE SHIELD and/or PLASMA POD before you attempt any of these practices.

If you need to spend time in ‘Cosmic Cascade please do so afterwards to wash away any remaining tentacles and debris particles?

Thank you!

Psychontric gagging

Looks like wire gauge, blocks the voice channel & Vortex Centre.

Beamed out through telepathic thought waves, harnessing you to speak your truth.  You literally are gagged and unable to speak. (see STUN GUN)

Holographic Inserts

A Holographic Insert is an artificial, inorganic brain assimilation technology. These are regularly inserted into etheric brain stems from watching too much Television (especially t.v. series, which keep them spinning on a perpetual loop). 

It is a ‘false plug-in’ which takes you off into distorted false movie type worlds. 

You begin to fantasise of actors lives’, desiring their life, car, house, boy/girl friend, money, success, fame etc, instead of leading own life.

It creates a Mind Slite which opens locked dormant portals, Mind splitters/slides which inject false realities (see mind slides)

Violent films = multiple trauma re-enactment of ‘false timelines’ held in subconscious who cannot distinguish whether real or not?


Brain (largest one 3 1/2 inches x 2 1/2 inches) right side!

Mind Slides

This is an etheric substance reverted. A ‘Sliding Door to Underworld’ ruled by false Gods and perpetrators which are masters at illusion.

Symptoms: You begin changing thought patterns, which Literally slides open a door (to phantom matrix) false timelines, or probable reality and implanted thoughts contained there to owerpower, control and influence your thoughts, word patternings.

International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies :

“ICAACT is an Independent Non Profit Human Rights Organization. We work together with a number of NGOs, Civil Rights Movements and Human Rights groups.

ICAACT was created to obtain evidence of serious Human Rights abuses for Victims of Electronic Terrorism worldwide.

We aim to provide evidence to the individual victim, as well as for all victims of these crimes.

We use specific testing equipment, to ensure that the data that is collected worldwide is conformed and compatible in order for the results to be admissible in both national and international court systems on a later date.

Along with the testing we do case studies, with data obtained through questionnaires.”

Embedded in eye , (past-life war vibration) Diagonal right to left. (removed from a relative who was Zulu Warrior in a past-life) and had experienced terrible, debilitating migraines for most of her life, upon removal these dissipated,

This is an interesting phenomena. Imagine you want to go on holiday to Tahiti and this feels beautiful to you. All of a sudden you start seeing images, hearing about, let’s say, Hawaii and suddenly you’re booking a holiday to Hawaii when your original thought trajectory was to go to Tahiti.

This is what we call a ‘mind slide’, a thought field holographic disc is beamed into your mind, like a shove-in which houses multiple programmes, holiday leaflets etc telling you where you should go on holiday etc. This is the Matrix, the Grid, The Lie or false narrative.

energetic fault lines, corrosions, map blockers, circuitry breakers etc which appear on the Axiatonal lines of the body, or acupuncture points.

Energy is spinning backward or broken, wonky, neurons not firing correctly which causes disorientation or false imagery planted in the mind.


Etheric Tagging

An implant which tracks and records your movements beamed through the false-grid.

Womb harness, energetic


Chastity belt (including lock & key!

Placed upon sexual organs to prevent sexual intercourse. Religious sin vibrations, codes of chastity, repent for sexual deviancy etc. Or attracts bad relationships as part of sexual misery programme.


Please be ultra careful at removal of following. Expect ‘backlash’. Please do not attempt removal of these unless you absolutely TRUST Highest Guidance who is offering tangible solutions and after-care?

Jehovian Seals

The first time I saw one of these on a client who was experiencing mental break-down and aggressive, overpowering reactions. I recoiled in horror at how deeply embedded this ‘beast machinery’ was.

I had to breath deeply and proceed very tentatively because its tentacles were wrapped all around back of brain (medulla oblangata) and infused into multiple brain stems. However, it was placed at ‘Wing Spot’ at back of neck.

be Ultra careful at removal of these, can cause multiple fractures in brain.  This nasty wraps itself around whole brain.

Crucifixion Implant (False crucifixion)


The Crucifixion Implants are located in seven main areas on the left hand side of the body on the 7th Axiatonal line, as follows:

  • Top of skull on left side
  • Heart, left lung, back of left knee
  • Pineal Gland
  • Left side of neck and lymphatics
  • Rear left thigh and buttocks
  • Alta major (where skull rests atop the spine), hypothalamus, and left shoulder
  • Aorta artery on left side of neck

Ascension Glossary

Implants & Strange, Weird looking things.. 3

remove false Solomon Seals

Implants & Strange, Weird looking things.. 4
inverted Star of David



Any type of fearful thoughts or negative thinking.  Opens up ‘black holes’ leading to Phantom Matrix.  A dead-light space.  Mind becomes harnessed, trapped into this, causing mind splitters and illusionary thoughts, fears, irrational thinking, phobias etc.


Open wormholes/blackholes, leading to dark worlds

Multiple trapping systems, distorted holographic discs,

Hide in depleted energy systems, when argument occurs, blows a hole in hologram.  When someone erupts in anger they blast through. 

DNA Cloning, mutations

in multiple distorted holographic worlds, playing different characters

These can be projected from someone having intense thoughts about you.  They literally conjure another ‘false’ you!  Or using DNA mind manipulation, PCR Testing, raiding tombs in ancient egypt and taking sacred heart to clone in off planet breeding programmes.

Energetic Handcuffs, neck chains, feet/ankle, chains,

heavy objects blocking grounding.  Feeling weighted down

A form of energetic gas that affects nervous system.

Exhaustion, feeling listless, tired, agitated, especially when completing a high-end project or Mission Op.

Miasmas, Dead-Light Technology

Stench of death, betrayal, booby-traps, ambushes

Full Silicon Face and Body Mask

This is an inorganic alien machinery overlay.

An impostor version of you!  Looks, talks, acts like you but is a distorted Overlay!

Just like in film ‘Mission Impossible’

The more authentic you become.  Truly speaking Truth, naturally and being you in entirety.  Impossible for this to occur.  Or you will sense it like a clogging feeling wrapped around body.

Broadcasting Beamers, Satellite disturbers

HAARP Technology

Hadron Collinder

Greenwich Meantime Clock

Beamed through Earth Magnetosphere, WIFI, computers, mobiles

Frequency Fences/Webs/Neural Nets

This is a powerful technology beamed from NRG (Nephilim Reversal Grid) operating under Stonehenge. (see HAARP)

See Ascension Dictionary: Frequency Fence

Astral Bullying and Intimidation,

Death threats,

“Kill Codes”


Beamer Technology

Any type of thought to “detonate the body”, “Kill the body”. Or fantasies, images, thoughts (actions) of doing this..

All suicidal thoughts are holographic projectors (inserts) designed to kill the Body Template.

Many times these thoughts can occur when the Body Template is under severe, massive energy attack from outside predators, imposters, working on different Timelines, Dimensions. Jealous of your place in Earth and simply wanting to take it, by force.


Grave Robbing (Past/Parallel lives)

If body buried on Earth (ie not cremated).  Keeps ‘flesh’ , body in looping pattern.

Tricky one, but perfectly possible to do Quantum Scan on all deaths on Earth, especially if of Egyptian Lineage, had lots gold, money etc, jewellery… Curses placed on organs etc. Key is in the bones which stores the ‘death trauma’, bone wacking and high pitched primal sounds helps to break the entrapment and free the bones. 

Fantasy thoughts (false-light matrix)

Fantasies of sexual partners, astral sex,

Scrambles thoughts, chops up energy, confusion

Black goo A dark, black web that spawns like spiders in a black swamp.

Especially attracted to males who drink alcohol. injected into their semen to become part of the ‘sex machine’ and pass this onto ladies, etc.  Keeps the ‘sexual misery’ programme alive.  Must reclaim Sexual Organs and Male Rod to eradicate this. Use of LIGHT CODES completely eradicates this.

Frankenstein Creatures manufactured as alien type software to scare and intimidate.

(found by a highly skilled Healer)

Black Magic, Curses, Hexes, Spells, Brews, Voodoo, Jinn, satanic warfare, Witch-Craft, Wicker “Burning Man” effigies.

Came forth from vast Atlantean Timelines, we will all come across this medium at some point because of mass infections and trickery mechanisms.


Parasitic Bat Type Mammal

This is a parasitic Bat Type Mammal (with eggs). Likes to hide in Nervous System, Lymph Nodes

Astral Dream Stalking. Nightmares. Being locked in buildings, trying to escape through windows, doors, entrapment. CIA/FBI Operatives, Shadow Creatures, dracos, zetas, Annunaki, clones, black ops.

Chakra (False Overlays)

I may write about this but its not my forte… However, please check out this Article about the False Light Webbing and looshing system used in the chakras, or as I prefer to call them Krystal Stars.

Please use own discernment but she makes some very valid eye opening points. However, bear in mind there is organic componencies in these vortexes which are One Chamber of Liquid Octave Rainbow Filament Light and its about removing the false light webbing and hooks, interference which interrupt natural flow..

Etheric Weap*nry

Bombs, booby traps, KILL CODES (sent into home, especially those experiencing hyper-dimensional interference and therefore rarely leave home, so these are directly sent into sovereign space to target) via council officials, repair men, painter ladies, Gas safety inspectors, parcel delivery men

“A booby trap is a device or setup that is intended to kill, harm, or surprise a person or animal, unknowingly triggered by the presence or actions of the victim” Wikipedia

This is a War Tactic – Mind Manipulation Lures, entrapment.  Or psychological warfare: If you say wrong word and your’e “dead”. 

Or when Remote Viewing, no go quarantine areas, multiple trickery mechanisms to snare, blow up hologram.  Eg, Like opening “Indiana’s Tomb”.  When you want access ‘Top Secret’ info, opens up a Pandora’s Box of curses, snakes, death threats etc.  Intimidation.


Nuts & bolts

Especially like hide up nose, entrance/gateway to brain.  Must be approached from under chin, with Laser-light, Crystal Fingers ™ (b) Don’t be fooled though these are made from off-planet substances stronger than steel!! Must be vaporised.

Beamed at you causing temporary paralysis, unable to move, predators use this to trap you.  Eg, if you in a conversation with someone and you feel a blocker field, like you just cant leave, or a ‘sticky glue’ type feeling.

Alien based technology, Unable to move, speak, placed in an etheric webbing, trap.  Stuns electromagnetic field.

The Hadron Collider is a massive etheric weopon.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator. It consists of a 27-kilometre ring of superconducting magnets with a number of accelerating structures to boost the energy of the particles along the way.

Violation Codes


The following data is very sensitive. Please only carefully read in the intention that you are fully responsible for your self-care. If you have experienced ‘sexual trauma’ in any way shape, or form. Please seek appropriate guidance from someone you trust, as reading this might trigger deeply held sub conscious traumas to come up to light of resolution and you will need to be fully supported.

Astral Rape

Etheric Alien impregnation (and semen)

Being raped on Astral Plane & etheric semen injected into vagina, ovum and anus, These can include entities, ET’s, demonics and soulless fragmented body parts. A type of ‘psychotronic beamer technology which paralyses the CNS system so you cannot move, or scream.

Regular use of Source Shield will naturally form a Pillar of Protection to prevent this from ever happening again.

Ascension Dictionary

psychotronic beamer technology

Bio-neurological scalar pulse transmission.

(Electromagnetic Pulse – EMP – transmission) Manipulation technology in use by Fallen Angelics to progressively instigate and amplify conflicts and regional wars, and pseudo-Divine phenomena (Like “crying statues and paintings” and appearances of “Jesus”, “Virgin Mary”, “Archangel Michael” , and other “Holy Figures”) that appears to group of humans who are mentally ensnared (fascinated, trapped) in both Traditional and New Age religious dogmas.

Etheric Rectum Plugs

Multiple sexual traumas, watching pornography, explicit films loaded with ‘splitters’. Purpose is to split male Rod and Hara line. (?) Creates a splintering of Central Column, like putting a tree-cutter down middle of a tree trunk.

If you are afraid you will tighten the rectum area which creates a schism or fault line in sexual receptors, creating anxiety, frigidity, tension.


(proceed with caution!)

This Chapter is solely for Inner-Child or Children targeted by Dark Agenda/Atmospheric Intruders.

i) Please ensure you are safely cocooned in your Shield of Protection: SOURCE SHIELD before reading any of this data.

ii) Also, please refer to Magical Rainbow INNER-CHILD Template and listen to Audio

Magical Rainbow

Cartoons: (sleeping sickness.)

Children’s Books, Films, Nursery Rhymes, literature, text books etc

Sleeping Beauty, Wizard of Oz, Rapunzel, Hansel & Gretel etc  

Snow White & 7 Dwarfs:

Major Brainwashing Tool to hijack 7 days of week. 

Keep us dopey, yet “whistle whilst we work!!”

Black Magic Spell must be reversed: (eg, work we whilst whistle!!!) Cartoons saturated with brain washing.. kids learn early on notion of violence and desensitise, traumatise them.

Snow White is sacrifice, & dwarfs are little Zetas:

Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Dopey, Bashful, Sneezy

Road Runner:

Multiple times being killed (Kill Codes)

Tom & Jerry:

Divide & Conquer tactics , Desensitization


Inner-Child, bound, gagged, robbed, stolen, trapped, drugged in multiple distorted holograms. Handlers, controllers,

Very disturbing one, deeply distressing… Its okay to embody RESCURER vibration, love rescuer who can unleash these ‘dimensional locks’.

So, what kept lingering in the dark stolen night where Dark Riders came out to taunt and joust her to morbid lust?                          

The Puppet cowards with soulless faces who came for their nightly feed.  And indeed; The insidious Flower Snatchers who came to greedily plant their Seed.

extract: the girl who fell through the cracks

Please know this page is still in creation and I shall update regularly as appropriate. You may visit this essence as many times as you wish to gain greater levels of clarity but GO SLOWLY and respect innate intelligence to go at pace and rate suitable for your body.