Magical Rainbow Inner Child: Light Activator Template

Magical Rainbow Inner Child


This Template is a Key-Opener or Connector to your precious, beautiful Inner Child, Over-lighted by our precious Whale Kingdom friends and “Happy Mr Beluga”.  It holds Magical Rainbow Waterfall and Crystal CodesDiamond Sun Body to Open the Sacred  Heart Chambers and connection to LeMUria.

Your Inner Child  is Magical Key to Doorway of  Image-i-Nation , healing trauma lodged in central nervous system and Core Manifestation Template If you speak to her/him tenderly, softly and truthfully you shall find they are tremendous healers of heart?  Make it an Adventure for you, Inner Child and the majestic Whale Kingdom,  to rescue soul splits, trauma implants and pain lodged in body and reward them plentiful!  The Whale Kingdom are Master Protectors and swim in liquid plasma light through your sacred field providing amazing cellular healing. They will astound you at their knowledge and willingness to help!

 I invite you to listen to this special Transmission to connect you together as One?

Magical Rainbow Inner-Child Invocation


“I lovingly Invoke my Mighty I Am Presence to Overlight this Space of Highest Order.  In the Name of The Cosmic Mother, I  invoke the Whale Kingdom’s of Shamballa to Connect as One.   We Now Call Forth all fragmented soul splits, body parts, and mental constructs to “Return to Rightful Owner”!  (Breathe…) In the Name of the Pure One Light, I request the assistance of the Beloved Aurora Guardians and Aurora Angels to facilitate this sacred space.  Please Consecrate my “Inner Child” in full body awareness through Chalice of my Heart.

“My Will Be Done”, I Command my Sovereign Freedom Right!  I revoke all entities, constructs, embargo’s, handlers, controllers, hijackers, negative aliens, implants,  mind control devices, to be removed from my “Inner Child” Now!  This is lovingly Commanded through all Timelines, Dimensions, Alternate Realities, Alternate Universes, False Constructions, and Matrices and Mind Traps in all space and time! By Command of My Holy Christ Self,  I request my Soul to Open an inter-dimensional Vortex Exit  Gate through Cosmic Aether to escort these,  any and All lower vibrations not serving 100%  Clear Light – off planet, to be transmuted purely into SOURCE Substance… 

 (Breathe.. and pause for integration….)

Update: within the audio meditation section, I invoke “Mother Mary” to facilitate deep, divine healing. However, I wish you to be aware this concept has been energetically upgraded to “Cosmic Mother”.

I originally Transmitted in 2017 and it still comes with valuable, timeless essences because of purity of heart. However, bear in mind that ‘behind the scenes’ I have lovingly removed any ‘false ascended host’ matrices to be restored within the liquid light gold order as symbolic of true Maji(cal) Grail Lines…    Thank you!  Please Note: My Frequency Name I used at the time was Aurola Ra but it’s still me…. 🙂

         I Am Free Now! I Am Free Now! I Am Free Now!  

Thank you!” 

Now, we lovingly invite you and precious INNERCHILD to bathe in the KRYSTAL HEALING WATERS if you are in need of extra replenishment after listening to this Transmission? Please PLAY, CREATE & ENJOY to your HEARTS CONTENT?

Furthermore, I suggest listening to Lullaby Light Language (below) to assist with clearing away any astral debris and invoke sound tones and vibrations to electrically purify, soothe and heal your electromagnetic field, aura and precious Inner-Child, f you choose?


Lullaby Light Language

Dedicated to:  All Children in pain, in any way, shape or form to remind you: 

 “You are loved beyond measure….”  x                     

 “I Am Here, NOW!!” 

           Blessings of Eternal Heart, Lovingly KA and

My Little Girl! x

         Here is a Tree for You from Her,

with Sweet Love

Magical Rainbow Inner Child: Light Activator Template 1

         Wow, look It’s Blossomed already..   


Please take the ‘Seeds of Consciousness’ that resonate and lovingly disregard any that do not feel in vibrational harmony! Thank you!