Krystal Healing Waters

A Multi-Sensory experience from LeMUria!

2 min Vibratory Top-Up!

sound mix – by Adele

In Vibratory Alignment with the Krystal Healing Waters, Videoscape

*special note: I am instructed to include Dolphins in this video as a joyful, playful connection. I wish to dispel any possible belief that these Beings are from a ‘Cult’ Vibration from Sirius A. These particular Beings exist in a ‘Vibratory Field’ in the ancient lands of LeMUria before any distortions and abuse of power. They come with a powerful message of peace, playfulness and hope as they recognise that many of their ‘brothers & sisters’ have been mind-swiped to manipulate and harness New Age communities!

They lovingly wish to reset grids of harmony, serving the Lore of One. Thank you!