The Krystal Kaleidoscope

The Krystal Kaleidoscope

The following are extracts from ABOVE original Krystal Kaleidoscope series ( 12 mins).

They’re only a few minutes long and we suggest to choose one which resonates and contemplate as a Mind Mandala and/or quick-fix Vibratory Top Up?

Magma Magnet & Mother Arc

Krystal Kaleidoscope: Magma Magnet
Krystal Kaleidoscope: Mother Arc, Rainbow Stargate

Aurora Light Beam & Mystical Sun

Krystal Kaleidoscope: Aurora Light Beam
Krystal Kaleidoscope – Mystical Sun

DNA Sun Disc & Krystal Healing Waters *

Krystal Kaleidoscope: DNA Sun Disc
Krystal Kaleidoscope: Krystal Healing Waters


If you have been part of any trauma MK Ultra Mind Control programming, please ask in your heart whether the Krystal Kaleidoscope Series will best serve you?  If you get a “yes”, please continue and consult PROTOCOLS page for support?  If you get a “no”, please TRUST this and do not watch this package.

Whilst, it has been created in Highest Intention, it contains a butterfly which is used in mind control trauma tactics.  However this Template, nor any part of the Krystal Kaleidoscope series is related to MK Ultra: Monarch Butterfly.

In fact, it is an Overwrite Khee! To dissemble and neutralise this distortion being merely a butterfly signifying the catalytic principle of the beautiful transitory nature of our DNA lifeform;  But sadly this can have significant implications to those dealing with severe, unresolved trauma.  TRUST YOUR ORGANIC GUIDANCE!

Please see:


*Note regarding: Krystal Healing Waters video of the Krystal Kaleidoscope Video series. I was instructed to include Dolphins in this video as a playful connection. I wish to dispel any possible belief that these Beings are from a ‘Cult’ Vibration from Sirius A. These particular Beings exist in a ‘Higher Vibratory Field’ in the ancient lands of LeMUria before any distortions and abuse of power. They come with a powerful message of peace, playfulness and hope as they recognise that many of their ‘brothers & sisters’ have been mind-swiped to manipulate and harness New Age communities.

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