Aurora Light Beam, Light Activator Template

An Inter-dimensional Jet-Stream, DREAM your Reality , Opens….. 

Through the Aurora Borealis, we travel within a “River of Light” – a most spectacular display of symphonic harmonies, lighting  Up starry Night…  

cascading and rippling through the Electric Universe Deeper and deeper we traverse…….

Yet ever excited at the prospect of this Colourful Frequency Shift

Chasing Rainbow spectrum’s caught Adrift!

Divinity of Dawn, “Aurora” greets the Sun every morning and “blinds the Stars with Her Radiance!” 

Strong, confident, powerful, lovable, like’Able, in full spectrum gradience! 

We linger………….


 Exchange Codes……. and De’light in our Cocktail of Celestial NODES …

Alive and Free as a Solar Bird breezing by effortlessly in the Air…. 

Freeing all trapped in illusion of Lair!

The Electric Rain, charges our skin!  Bringing new life force to our Cells………

We are The Infinite…… We are the ‘Chosen Ones’, she tells..

We are the One We have been waiting for………..

This is the LORE Governess of our Core!


A Code Bearer 

Several billion tons of Plasma is hurled out of the Sun, whizzing towards the Earth, passing Mercury and Venus at speeds of up to 8 million kilometers an hour in a ‘Solar Storm’ of such intensity and determination that they pierce through the powerful Earth Magnetosphere.  

Earth Magnetosphere

Aurora Light Beam, Light Activator Template 1

Image: (NASA Public Domain)

She relinquishes Her ‘hold’ to allow the particles to enter through North & South Poles 20 – 200 miles above our Crown!  Here, they Dance with such excitement at meeting the Oxygen & Nitrogen gases, creating the alchemy of spectacular liquid light colour display of the Aurora Borealis.

It Lights Us Up, liter’ally! Our Brain Cells ACTIVATE with a big whammy of freeing Higher Vibes – restoring our True Cosmic Tribes……….

Picking up gigantic Codes from its vast Sun Sojourn – through the Planets and reaching  Earth……………. 

Watch the Aurora and Reclaim your Turf……..?

‘Sun making l0ve with Earth’

“Wham, bam Thank you Ma’am……..” It is Not!  

Most certainly passionately fierce and driven –

but its pure desire, Excitement –

is in majestic softness and sensuality of Enlightenment:

CO2-Creating  ‘Electric Symphony’ of Life’s Creation, 

borne through Sacred Union to which we Give Birth……

Thus, a gigantic ‘Cosmic Switchboard’ Opens within our Heart upholding Highest Evolution; You get the opportunity to lovingly Dial-In and remember: 

                                                  Solar Sun solution?

       I Wonder, oh how I Wander this beautiful Morning Dawn….


How ‘You gonna relinquish your hold‘ and ALLOW this Essence to Radiate your Soular Heart, as Sworn…….? 

        Take your time!

It’s Up to you how you gonna Play this Game, bringing Symphonies A New……..

                Or A New You!  

Here’s a Clue – make it FUN, Light and True, revealing the Sparkling Diamond, Blue………


This Template has it’s own ‘Innate Intelligence but you want this’ Electric Vibration’ to perfectly resonate with Original blueprint of each organ, debunking old, crippled distortions, perversions, illusions-astral delusions… Naturally, harmonically, bringing forth “HAPPY DANCING CELLS“, so as not to ‘Kick Out!’ 

     Rather, Imprint in perfect alchemical So(u)lar  harmony.

Video: “Night of Northern Lights” Maciej Winiarczyk

“I like to believe that the aurora borealis is Magic. That all the Magic that used to exist in the world was simply dispersed to the coldest regions of the Earth to be frozen, and released when we are ready to believe again and every night, some of it escapes and dances with the Earth. Lost lovers mingling in the sky.”
– A. R. Ilyas –