Sword of Truth: Light Activator Template


Sword of Truth: Light Activator Template

We lovingly invite you to immerse yourself in this ‘Sword of Truth’,  Template…?

Many of you attracted to this Template are Sword Holders of Truth.. Way’showers of the future who hold within your DNA & Cell (Mitochondria) – Power Generators – special electrical wave frequencies that pulsate with spherical life-force to change (or repair/restore) the                         

      ‘Holographic Architecture’ of Earth….

You are Blue-Print Holders of advanced consciousness who are here to create great change upon this Planet!  You abhor all lies, deception, illusion and trickery etc.

You tell it like it is! Real, raw and true.. Sometimes, this doesn’t go down to well with others who like to live in their ‘safe bubbles’. 

Plasmatics: Electric Plasma Balls Frequency Activator Template

‘Electric Plasma Balls are inspired and Transmitted by TESLA and King Arthur who are Inter-D, Maji(cal) Grail Line Kings who hold 12 strand blue-print DNA particles through Blue Star Diamond Heart Gateway.  They contain Electric Plasma of Thunder & Lightening to blaze through discordancy and Electro Plasma Rain to electromagnetically charge & release liquidising, light vapours  contained within. 

You may be attracted to tales of Knights, Dragons & Castles & King Arthur history/Fable...

Or experience inter-dimensional Dreams of travelling into vast Universes, time and space parallels, rescuing princesses, or Prince’s for that matter!  Bravely slaying ‘evil’ dragons, yet riding on majestic, Sovereign Ones – in grace, dignity, honour and Loving Order, Right Evolution. (L.O.R.E)

However, a ‘Truth Seeker‘ is One who is also in presence of : 

     the Heart of the Sun,

the Heart of the Cosmic Mother Earth,

               the Heart of the Galactic Spheres

                   and the Heart of the Universal Gateways……….

All together as one Open Doorway through the Conduit of your Mighty Human Heart!!

We must therefore ask ourselves:

What is My Agreement with the Sun?

What is My Agreement with the Cosmic Mother Earth

What is My Agreement with the Galactic Centre/Being?

What is My Agreement with SOURCE………?

Why Am I (We) Here……….…?

                                       Why Did I choose to Bear the Sword of Truth?

                                                 How can I best Yield this……….?

We cannot speak TRUTH if solely from Mind – it must be infused with Nectar of Heart’ for your message to truly take affect…………….?

Therefore we cause no harm to anyone!  Unless they choose to take that upon their Journey of Evolution!   You are not the decider of this, they are…..………..                     

Therefore, you may graciously Cut Through any Pain that is caused by expressing your authentic Peace…………………… and Yielding your  Sword of Truth – for the World needs this noble expressIon :

          The ‘True Knights’ are Returning en-masse to Earth and We Salute You!

As a STARGATE HOLDER, this Template has many Labyrinths and Timelines to traverse and weave through to reclaim aspects of multi-d selves and Covenants signed to uphold the ‘Lore of One‘……..? Sometimes these areas in life can appear haunting, dark and dangerous, but when you yield your ‘Sword of Truth’ and Cut Through all illusion and fear, within the Shield of Love.  You are lead into  authentic Higher Pathways to assist others navigate through their chaos, finding balance, harmony and Freedom.  

As a Key Holder of Truth, you remember the ‘Stargate of Evolution’ of which we originally came through to enter the Realms of Earth and through which we shall return.  In order to exit out of the false light, ‘looping system,’ insidiously embedded here in Earth Architecture…

Here, you may hear many Time Callings to lovingly assure you of your Inner Compass Home, through the STARGATE of HEART….?


Sacred Sword of Truth

Sword of Truth: Light Activator Template 1

Sacred Sword of Truth,

cutting through all discord and despair,

freeing All chaos and illusion caught in lair..

This is Trueness,

our Freedom Gate

to bravely Cut Through all forms of hate!

Come into your Heart Now?

and reveal your Diamond Light,

for this is what shall free the demons of the night..

Together, we stand Strong and True,

a never ending Symphony of Love – begins a’New..

Beloved, I AM AurorA


2nd August 2017, updated Jan 2019 & Sep 2020