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Thank you for your consideration of a beloved Dynamic Energy SessI0n with me….

I am Oraphim-Indigo, Crystalline Rainbow and a Heyoka Empath who has trained for many lifetimes for my Mission remotely viewing into Krystal Kaleidoscopes to obServe multi-prismatic, Realms of Cosmic Consciousness.

Remote Viewing, liquid Light Codex, Light Language and full-scan body radionics are implemented to explore internal/external bio-fields.

As a Light, Colour and Sound Frequency Commander, I have an innate inner-standing of the Human Blueprint and provide astounding clarity of the many complex, colourful paradoxes we evolve into – returning to FREEDOM of symbiotic nature.

Please know that in order to explore these landscapes we must transmit Truth Codes that can be disturbing/startling to hear, whether this be past lives, traumas, current global insidious agendas, phantoms, off plan-e.t intruders, clearance patterning systems etc… However, this is always done in care, compassion and dignity in order to transcend the illusionary ma-tricks and re-orientate you to yOur :

video: @DivineSoulsPortal

Original Blueprint Destiny Codes….

I will be in contact with you within 48 hours of submitting your request so we can arrange a mutually beneficial time for us both.

Session details:  Currently Sessions are performed over Zoom in partial video and audio format for me. Please use video if you can!

All Sessions will be recorded in a Frequency Folder and sent to you within 24-36 hrs.

A 2 hr session is £150 (£144 introductory) and includes a symbiotic, dynamic infusion of: Guidance, Insights, teachings, healing, Advocacy, meditation, Implant Removal, Remote Viewing, Light Language, innate body: Light, Colour and Sound Scalar Wave frequencies. Medical Intuitive Exploration & beyond.. 

All payments are accepted through Stripe. I will send a request 1-2 days before our Session and kindly ask you pay in advance.  (I offer concessions in compassionate circumstances…) Please enquire.

Cancellations:  Refunds are only offered if you change your mind within 48hrs of us confirming a session as energy Transmissions will be coming through as soon as you make a commitment. Please contact me.

Please know that I do ask you to commit to some essential preparatory work before &/or after, as this will attune your Frequency to get the best out of our space together and optimise you moving forward in life…. 💎

Also, please see Protocols & T & C’s before booking a Session.

Disclaimer: Sessions are to be agreed in awareness that you are your own Free Will Being and invite you to use discernment about what resonates in Truth for you and what does not. I am not responsible for your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual essence.  However, I offer a Chalice of Care and Compassion for your welfare, in utmost integrity. 

All Guidance is provided for entertainment purposes only.

To book a Session, please fill in the CONNECT FORM in confidence:

I warmly look forward to C0-Creating with you… 🙂

Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path – anonymous

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