Krystal Cathedrals 1
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Krystal Cathedrals

Organic Christos Code

Activation Sites: Solar Rishi: Return of the Christos Michael/Mary

The following DIAMOND HEARTS: “Chalice Configurations” have been re-installed into Quantum Holographic Grids.. These are Solar Arc: Krystal Cathedrals that are illumining Christos Code into the very leylines upon which they stand, travelling through many Star Vector Points, mapping the Time Continuum into peaceful harmony.

This is good news!

Krystal Cathedrals 2

I shall report any findings and insights as and when I go along………. See below:

Lincoln Cathedral, UK December 21st 2021

Please read here: The Great Heart Opener and An Angel Speaks: Sunday Update

Krystal Cathedrals 3
Krystal Cathedrals 4

Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

Krystal Cathedrals 5
Krystal Cathedrals 2

Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres) France

Krystal Cathedrals 7
Krystal Cathedrals 2

St Stephens, Vienna, Austria

Krystal Cathedrals 9
Image: Bwag
Krystal Cathedrals 2

Wells Cathedral, Somerset, England

Krystal Cathedrals 11
Krystal Cathedrals 2

Pantheon, Rome, Italy

Krystal Cathedrals 13
Cosmic Pillars of Justice

(ascension glossary)

Update: 28/3/22 Interesting Discoveries :

Krystal Cathedrals 14

Truth in plane sight. Cathedral or Cathode-ral, you decide.

A cathode is a type of electrode through which Electrons move.
Electrodes are a semi conductor (usually a metal part) that is connected to something that is not Metal.

A cathode delivers electrons (negative charge) and the anode collects electrons that have a positive charge.


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