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Krystal Cathedrals

Organic Christos Code

Activation Sites: Solar Rishi: Return of the Christos Michael/Mary

The following DIAMOND HEARTS: “Chalice Configurations” have been re-installed into Quantum Holographic Grids.. These are Solar Arc: Krystal Cathedrals that are illumining Christos Code into the very leylines upon which they stand, travelling through many Star Vector Points, mapping the Time Continuum into peaceful harmony.

This is good news!

I shall report any findings and insights as and when I go along……….

Krystal Cathedrals 2

Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

Krystal Cathedrals 3
Krystal Cathedrals 2

Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres) France

Krystal Cathedrals 5
Krystal Cathedrals 2

St Stephens, Vienna, Austria

Krystal Cathedrals 7
Image: Bwag
Krystal Cathedrals 2

Wells Cathedral, Somerset, England

Krystal Cathedrals 9
Krystal Cathedrals 2

Pantheon, Rome, Italy

Krystal Cathedrals 11
Cosmic Pillars of Justice

Golden Cube technology

Five Magic Cubes by 5

Mothers Magic Cube is the base tone math that make up the Universal Mother principle in the field current and equations, these also correspond to the frequencies, and dimension of base code in the DNA.

Fathers Magic Cube is the resonant tone math that make up the Universal Father Principle in the field current and equations, these also correspond to the frequencies, and dimensions of resonant harmonic tones in the DNA.

Child’s Magic Cube relates to the Cosmic Christ math and is the offspring of the Universal Mother and Father principles. These are the overtone codes that make up the field current and correspond to the dimensions of the overtone coding in the DNA.

Blank Magic Cube is a construction of new math formula as designed by Krystal Star.

Magic Cube 369 is the keys derived to material manifestation inter-dimensionally that correspond to all things in the external manifest realms. These are the horizontal math keys that build the clock shield and repair the alien machinery in the horizontal grids, and help repair and build the Rod.

(ascension glossary)

references: Energetic Synthesis, July 21 Newsletter and Ascension Class

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