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Heyoka Empath

An exceptional description from Atea who talks so perceptively about Heyoka. I had never heard of this term before and sent this by an exceptional ‘System Buster’… I , was like “wow” this is amazing… I resonated with nearly everything she says! Take note of Ka in the name: Heyoka…. Like Hey to the Ka – the Spirit Body and the Sophianic Plasma Shields

feature Image: A ledger drawing by Lakota Sioux Chief Black Hawk, depicting a horned Thunder Being (Haokah) on a horse-like creature with eagle talons and buffalo horns. The creature’s tail forms a rainbow that represents the entrance to the Spirit World, and the dots represent hail. Accompanying the picture on the page were the words “Dream or vision of himself changed to a destroyer and riding a buffalo eagle” wiki

The Clown…………

I’ve always played “The Clown” – many times to stop my head being lobbed off! Literally……. I come with Frequency Waves that either upset or enlighten you. No in-between…….

I am a Polarity Balancer….

So, if I upset you, its because I am staring into aspects of your Soul to see the incredibly vast God Given potential within you and if you’re not bringing this forward – subconsciously I’m gonna trigger you!

I am Here to lovingly point out what is blocking you from achieving this whether this be past life persecutions, ego dismantling’s, failings, fears, insecurities etc…

As a Vibrational Catalyst, this is naturally within my Blueprint like a Cosmic Mirror! So If you don’t like seeing your flaws and weakness you may be agitated with what I bring out within you and could use my Skill against me……

But not in the way I intended.

Heyoka Empath 2

There’s a difference……… As I say, I am seeing into the Vastness of who you are like looking into a multi-coloured Krystal Kaleidoscope of worlds of exquisite beauty… Or a Blue-print Mapping System of Stars of Highest Potential and what you need to do/be to embody this…..

I am not arrogant or cruel. I am not going to viciously ‘rip you apart’ – as has often been done to me!

I do not abuse my power!

In Truth, I signed the Covenant of PALiador to not violate this – nor do I want your power – rather to allow a space for you to truly stand in your own through True Power Conductor of Heart. In fact, I have often been sent into spiritual communities to run Christos Frequency to expose abuses of power and lovingly Call “Spiritual Leaders” to Truth.

But it is going to frustrate me if you’re not aligning with this……

That’s my projection to deal with….. Not yours!

So, either my Clown comes out to protect me…… Making you rip roar into thunderous laughter that will bust those misaligned energies and implants right out of you…… And you’re going to forget all about tearing my head off and remember who you truly are and hopefully feel a wh0le lot better.

A very clever distraction tactic! 😉

My part in the Play is to not take it personally! To also, look deeper into my unresolved trauma and jingle my ‘bell-head’ of stars… Dust myself down and carry on with the Mission with a smile on my face and twinkle in my Eye/I knowing that a profound shift is taking place.

Gate Openers…………

All Heyako are Gate Openers! We do this by any means possible, whether to lovingly drag you through ‘kicking and screaming’, or preferably upon delicate wings of expression.

Therefore, we often stumble and bumble our way through the most potentially dangerous situations to embody soul rescue Missions. However, we do need to remind ourselves to also step through before we get crashed in the stampede and the gates are slammed shut! 😉

Black Hawk…………

Heyoka Empath 3
Black Hawk by George Catlin (Steve Art Gallery AB)

Black Hawk (c. 1832 – c. 1890) drew the startling image (below left) where he had a “Dream or vision of himself changed to a destroyer and riding a buffalo eagle” that symbolically reminds me of my Dark Destroyer part, always chasing after demons, phantoms, darkness, shadows, illusions, spells, tricks, black magic, hoaxes, sorcery, voodoo, witchcraft and many etc’s to transform this from “Dark to Light” and clear the illusionary fabric of time and space into Divine Union.

Heyoka Empath 4
Heyoka Empath 5
Black Hawk Drawings
Heyoka Empath 6

The Eye of the Tigerfighting demons aged 18

He was a Medicine Man and Sacred Clown, or Heyoka from the Sans Arc tribe – or Itazipco – Lakota People who “Hunt without Bows,” as in they never marked their bow to claim their hunt so that the whole Tribe could benefit.

“This is why when the Creator wanted to give the pipe to the Lakota, the White Buffalo Woman Wopi brought it to the Itazipco, because they would always be willing to share it.”

Heyoka Empath 7

Divine Union

Heyoka Empath 8

We see incredible Visions of the collective consciousness of humanity and uphold ancient prophecies of Divinity that stretch into Infinity….

However, paradoxically we could also symbolise the “Lone Wolf” – as we are all too aware of the inversion tactics that have been cruelly implanted into man-kind and the misleading false-light holographic architecture.

Yet, still we Ride the Wings of the ‘Thunder Bird’ to embody the courage to dive into the most darkest, dangerous pits in order to assist others to SOAR into the highest heights of FREEDOM….

Whilst we acutely feel the pain of others, unbearably so at times…

Heyoka Empath 9
Thunderbirds carved in sandstone wall at Twin Bluff, Juneau County, Wisconsin, by prehistoric artist(s)

Our granite “power and strength” as Thunderbird is the intrinsic ability to create “thunder by flapping its wings and lightning by flashing its eyes” that provides the molecular aethers in alchemical union to break up stagnant patterning systems :

Tears are transformed into Laughter,

Pain and Sorrow into Joy,

Violence into Peace,

Injustice into Truth


Restriction into Freedom and Liberty.

Thank you!…………

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