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Heyoka Empath

Please watch this exceptional description from Atea who talks so perceptively about Heyoka. I had never heard of this term before and was sent this video by an exceptional ‘System Buster’… I , was like “wow” this is amazing… I resonated with nearly everything she says! So had to dig around and research this for myself. Take note of Ka in the name: Heyoka…. Like Hey to the Ka – the Spirit Body and the Sophianic Plasma Shields which we’ll discuss later…

Image: A ledger drawing by Lakota Sioux Chief Black Hawk, depicting a horned Thunder Being (Haokah) on a horse-like creature with eagle talons and buffalo horns. The creature’s tail forms a rainbow that represents the entrance to the Spirit World, and the dots represent hail. Accompanying the picture on the page were the words “Dream or vision of himself changed to a destroyer and riding a buffalo eagle”


Still in Creation…………

I’ve always played “The Clown” – many times to stop my head being lobbed off! Literally……. I come with Frequency Waves that either upset or enlighten you. No in-between…….

I am a Polarity Balancer….

So, if I upset you, its cause I am staring into your Soul to see the potential that is within you…. And if you’re not bringing that forward I’m subconsciously gonna remind you of your failings, fears, insecurities etc.

This is naturally within my Blueprint, like a Cosmic Mirror! So If you don’t like seeing your flaws and weakness…. You’re not going to like me and will use my Skill against me…… But not in the way I intended.

There’s a difference……… I am seeing the Vastness of who you are in a Mapping System like a Blue-print of Stars of Highest Potential and what you need to do, be to achieve this….. I am not arrogant, I am not going to rip you apart. But it is going to frustrate me if you’re not aligning with this……

That’s my projection to deal with….. Not yours!

However, time and time again… I have fallen in the hole of vicious intruders who just don’t get this and use it as ammo to get at me! So either my Clown comes out to protect me…… Making you rip roar into thunderous laughter that will bust those Implants right out of you…… And you’re going to forget all about tearing my head off and remember who you are – hopefully feeling a lot better.

A very clever distraction tactic!

My part in the Play is to not take it personally……. To jingle my bell-head (or Stars) and dust myself down and carry on with the Mission, hopefully not too bruised and will need to ‘repair’ myself. Although, often I will leave thinking to myself: “that’s another fine mess I got myself into,” as I stumble into the most potentially dangerous situations to break up stagnant patterning’s in true Heyako, Sacred Clown fashion.

Black Hawk

Heyoka Empath 2
Black Hawk by George Catlin (Steve Art Gallery AB)

Black Hawk (c. 1832 – c. 1890) who drew the startling image where he had a “Dream or vision of himself changed to a destroyer and riding a buffalo eagle” reminds me of my Dark Destroyer part, always chasing demons, phantoms, darkness, shadows, illusions, spells, tricks, black magic, hoaxes, sorcery, voodoo, witchcraft and many etc’s of Dark to Light, imprints implanted into the Hologram of Earth to break this the heck out of it and align to Truth.

Heyoka Empath 3
Heyoka Empath 4
Black Hawk Drawings

He was a Medicine Man and Sacred Clown, or Heyoka from the Sans Arc tribe (or Itazipco) Lakota People who “Hunt without Bows,” as in they never marked their bow to claim their hunt so that the whole Tribe could benefit.

Heyoka Empath 5

“This is why when the Creator wanted to give the pipe to the Lakota, the White Buffalo Woman Wopi brought it to the Itazipco, because they would always be willing to share it.”

The Sacred Clown balances polarities, leylines, war grids and false Architecture… Able to see Visions and uphold prophecies which stretch into Infinity…. We Ride the Wings of the Thunder Bird, or Beings of Light, to have the courage to traverse into the most dangerous pits in order to assist others to SOAR into FREEDOM….

Heyoka Empath 6
Double Thunder Bird

Whilst we acutely feel the pain of others… We are able to metaphorically use the Thunder Bird Wings to transform and ultimately transfigure this into a Greater Light of Inner-Standing.

Our “power and strength” is Our Gift as the thunderbird can create “thunder by flapping its wings and lightning by flashing its eyes” which provides the molecular structure to break up stagnant patterning systems and to learn to do with with ease, love and grace…

Tears are transformed into Laughter, Pain and Sorrow into Joy, Violence into Peace, injustice into Truth and restriction into Freedom and Liberty.

to be continued…………..

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