IMPORTANT UPDATE: May 2023 I have just received notification that Monthly Maps: May 2022 – August 2023 are to form the CORE foundation of any further teachings.

Therefore, I will recommend that anyone coming to my/Our Creations from Now are to please DOWNLOAD these for Vibratory Integration and attunement.

Soul Message: Beloveds, I have no intention of continuing with Monthly Maps. What started as something progressive and beautiful and exciting, surprisingly began to restrict me and ultimately I felt I no longer injoyed some of the group dynamics.

However, there is still significant info to be pertained in just these 5 Sessions, so I highly encourage to DOWNLOAD these and absorb the many beautiful, empowering holographic layers of precious frequencies we all generated within this Group Field.

I still thoroughly injoy to do Presentations & Courses, just not in a monthly context.

Monthly Maps: Creativity Soul, Studio 1



This is my new regular Monthly Maps, in alignment with:

Monthly Maps: Creativity Soul, Studio 2

… to give us an opportunity to come together and positively re-orientate in a majestic, beautiful and authentic environment, whilst injoying an immersive (and at times intense) Presentation/TransMission + Activation and Q & A’s and Group Sharing’s – to super rock your :

Month on Mission…

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  • Kindly click the RECLAIM button in the Krystal Waters Shop to be taken to Stripe payment gateway. The cost is £36. Or via Donation (for CORE practices)
  • IMPORTANT: You will receive a PDF DOWNLOAD of the months topic, this will include a link to ZOOM CONFERENCE and a REPLAY/DOWNLOAD section where you can access this within a few hours after the Presentation. Allow up to 24 hrs just in case of any technicals.

Thank you for investing in a beautiful “Creatrix” together…………. 🙂

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