Monthly Maps: August 2022 – POWER SYMBOL and your Divine Blueprint


This is an multi-sensory immersion experience and we will be performing a Presentation TransMission, guided meditation/activation, collective healing and Q & A’s and cannot say how long this will be, lets say 3-4 hours, could be more or less……. PLEASE HAVE A ‘RECORD CARD’ OR PAPER AND COLOURED PENS/PENCILS FOR DRAWING YOUR POWER SYMBOL. Thank you! Aux

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Regular Monthly Maps: including Presentation/TransMission + Activation and Q & A’s and Group Sharing’s…….

✨ Please know this is a free presentation as POWER SYMBOL is a fundamental building block to our Divine Blueprint and I believe should be made freely available to everyone who chooses to receive this ESSENcE. ✨

✨If, however you would like to DONATE, please READ HERE.  This is very much appreciated as vast quantum hours lovingly go into these Creations but please know there is no obligation.  Thank you! 🙂  AurorA’h ✨