Monthly Maps: September 2022-Creativity Soul, Studio: LAUNCH PARTI-Ki 1


Creativity Soul, Studio: LAUNCH PARTI-Ki

Thursday 1st September @ 4.00 pm uk time.


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Monthly Maps: September 2022-Creativity Soul, Studio: LAUNCH PARTI-Ki 2

This is a multi-sensory immersion experience and we will be performing: a Presentation-TransMission, meditation/activation, collective healings and Q & A’s… I cannot say how long this will be, lets say 3-4 hours, could be more or less…….

Materials : Please bring PAPER AND COLOURED PENS/PENCILS/sparkly thIngs etc FOR SOUL TRANSMISSIONS… :)✨

Monthly Maps: September 2022-Creativity Soul, Studio: LAUNCH PARTI-Ki 1

Creativity Soul, Studio: LAUNCH PARTI-Ki

Regular Monthly Maps: including Presentation/TransMission + Activation and Q & A’s and Group Sharing’s…….


Monthly Maps: September 2022-Creativity Soul, Studio: LAUNCH PARTI-Ki 4

If you feel the Call, please kindly give a Donation towards this Presentation, if you choose?

Monthly Maps: September 2022-Creativity Soul, Studio: LAUNCH PARTI-Ki 1

If you are unable to join live – all is well – the REPLAY & DOWNLOAD link will be in the PDF you receive within 2-3 hours (after you purchase this event). But please allow up to 24hrs for any technicals.

All healings, frequencies and vibrations will be free of time and space so you can tune in, or retune in as many times as you like…

To preserve group energetics and in respect of all those who have purchased a Monthly Map, or ordered via voluntary Donation :

I look forward to welcoming you into our Group Field…

  • If, however you have been given a link from someone to join and haven’t ordered this yourself through the above means: I will respectfully ask you to do this before you continue – as this is ‘energy gate-crashing’ and how infiltrations occur.
  • Equally, if you have ordered a Monthly Map through the Shop. Please, do not send anyone else the link!
  • If however, you know someone has ordered this and having difficulty accessing the zoom link. It is absolutely fine for you to send/receive a link which is much appreciated in helping each other out.

Thank you for respecting our Group Field, in Highest Alignment.

We are building a beautiful, authentic, open space with a focus of: “Infinite Awareness,” spiritual maturity – lightness of Spirit and Truth.

I respect that Transmissions can be emotionally Triggering due to the raw and sensitive nature of some of the material.

Whilst I positively in-joy ‘colourful characters’ and respect and honour ‘freedom of speech’; especially during these challenging, turbulent times.

I must, however preserve the group space and therefore respectfully reserve the right to remove anyone who is infiltrating, possessed, using psychic attack, or being rude, insensitive and disrespectful to others.

I will, however, give “Notice” to this end to allow: “Higher Self to Take Command” to give you a chance to lovingly auto-correct your behaviour – so you are not causing harm – in respect of yourself and All concerned.

If anyone is struggling with the intensity of the material, or has any issues or concerns, please reach out to me and let’s see how we can positively assist you with this?

Thank you for your inner-standing and respecting our Group Field, in Highest Alignment.

Currently, I am choosing to perform Monthly Maps: Transmissions via Audio format only (just like many who perform Transmissions via telephone conferences).

If you have any issues with me ‘not being seen,’ perhaps consider if this medium of expression is for you? If not, I innerstand and hope you find a conducive atmosphere for you.

I will use video (‘AI facial recognition’) when I adjust frequencies – as its depletive and just not conducive for me due to the challenging internal mechanics of upholding space in group dynamics.

When I feel ready, I will visually Wing In and Wing Out so I can preserve internal dynamics. 😉

Thank you for innerstanding!

You are most welcome to use your video camera if you choose and is encouraged – if you are not adversely affected by AI facial recognition – as I do InJoy to see and interact with your Essence.

Monthly Maps: September 2022-Creativity Soul, Studio: LAUNCH PARTI-Ki 6

Recordings of Monthly Maps :

Please know Monthly Maps will Now be recorded automatically upon entry and uploaded to my Shop and some to Creativity Soul Studio*, Channel and/or other mediums to benefit all those who choose to receive this essence.  If you do not consent to having your face/voice/presence publically on this recording, perhaps this medium of expression isn’t for you? If so, I innerstand and hope to see you somewhere in Vibratory Alignment soon…….  🙂

Or, please see how to access the REPLAYS

Please integrate PROTOCOLS page if you need extra vibratory support before/after this event.

PDF’s, Audio/Video & Materials

I supply PDF’s of each slide I create and you are free to study these for personal use and I highly encourage this as many vis-able and ‘silent’ Kees & Codes are housed within that will further help with vibratory expansion and integration.

If however, you want to use these, including audio and video material in your teachings/workshops/groups etc, I ask that you kindly CONTACT ME first to ask my permission to use.

Thank you, for respecting Grace of Highest Expression.

Acknowledgment of other Sources..

I have attempted to honour all other material Sources as best I can in gratitude for their invaluable contribution to my Creations. If however I have overlooked something, please contact me and I will do my absolute best to correct this in Highest Alignment.

Thank you, in appreciation!

Expect some colourful CALaMities!! 😉

Darling, AurorA’h & the Beloveds

Indigo Tree