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  • polars

    A Polar Ice Story


    WELCOME!  This superb collection includes:

    i) A Polar Ice Story – (Storybook Version)
    ii) A Polar Ice Story – (Meditation Version)

    (*bonus edition*)

    iii) Vibratory PDF Booklet of Transcribe…

    & oodles of Polar & Panda Cosmic Love…

  • AlbionRock of Compassion, Albion



    ALBION, Frequency Photo Booklet

    We present a fine, modern collection of Biosphere, Landscape where ancient root races 1st emerged into Earth Elder Matrix to lay Grids for humanity to evolve..

  • anointing oilanointing oil ii

    Anointing Oil


    ingredients : 💎 30ml bottle

    Organic Oils: Jojoba Oil, Black Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil

    Therapeutic grade &/or wild/organic: Lavender, Peppermint, Angelica, Cedarwood, Black pepper (and other precious oils as vibratory guided for each remedy)

    Frankincense resin, clove, cinnamon, coriander seeds, salmiac, zeolite liquid*,  vitamin e oil, high-grade, pink sea salt.  Rose quartz crystals, black obsidian, opal.

    Pure Love 💜

    *salmiak is a volcanic type of salt.  Highly beneficial for manifestation and weaving 3rd DNA strand into liquid light fibres.  See Colon Hydrotherapy videos from Karen (Bear Klan woman)  Zeolite is from a volcanic compound, purifying toxins.



  • Aurora-Pillars-of-Light

    Aurora Pillars of Light!


    – Frequency Stabiliser

    This is my Core Stabiliser, bringing Light, Colour % Sound resonating securely within 4 gigantic, Cathedral Pillars…

    This is truly “Lights, Camera, Action”.  To feel confidence and courage to take positive action in life!  Earthed & rooted, yet perfectly connected to Higher Codes of Truth!

    “Bouncing Bouncers” of tremendous strength, support and encouragement to fulfil Mission Codes undisturbed by electronic/inorganic interference and beyond..

  • Jewelled Expressions, BottleRose

    AURorA Vibrational Spray


    Vibrational AURorA Spray!

    Jewelled Expressions

    My Signature Scent….


    Highly concentrated premier Essential Oils, infused in Himalayan Pink Salt

    ‘Miracle’ Elite Shungite (Nano) Water

    Vibrationally attuned, Crystals

    Attuned Elementals – Koshi Chimes: Aria, Ignis, Aqua, Terra &


  • dna

    DNA, Sun Disc


    DNA Sun Disc,


    A very special frequency Activator: DNA Living Light Code (Dynamic Network Access), invites you to marvel at visual receptors within Krystal Kaleidoscope Video Series.


    Electric Plasma Storm


    Electric Plasma Storm MP3

    Lightning fast turbo charger, reboot to CNS (Central Nervous System)

    CALM, SOOTHE, Re-orientate Internal Compass


    Nature Kingdom Connector!

    TESLA Transmitter & Super Conductor

    PLASMA POD frequencies.


  • Protected: EQUINOX SPECIAL: The Gift of the Water Bearer


    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • golden aquilagolden aquila

    GOLDEN AQUILA: Voyagers of Discovery


    Please contact me before purchasing this Course due to some of the sensitive and controversial subject matters we discuss, so I can assess if you are vibrationally supported. Thank you. AurorA’h Please see here:

  • DNA-Mirror-Ball

    Happy Dancing Cells


    Higher Timelines MP3 TransMission


    An exquisite, phenomenal deeply freeing, Lightening Wave of activating New Paradigm Cells, Master Cell Optimiser..