Some MONTHLY MAPS are made freely available as they are essential for good CORE energetic structure. If, however you wish to kindly DONATE, please go to directions here?

I sincerely appreciate this as vast quantum hours lovingly go into these Creations…

Thank you!

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  • If a MONTHLY MAP is listed as £0.00 but you wish to kindly DONATE, please initially ORDER HERE, so that you receive Zoom meeting details and download instructions etc.
  • Then return to this page before or after TransMission and kindly make a donation (above) which will take you to a payment page. (Normally, Monthly Maps are £36 but please choose an amount that resonates Truest to you?
  • *You can also kindly donate to Souls of Christ, Orphanage in Africa of which my friend is Guardian to 54 children who are always in need of help and support. Please follow their online instructions how to make a donation.

Thank you, in heartfelt Elation 💃