All MONTHLY MAPS are Now offered through DONATION as I feel they are intrinsic building blocks and essential for good CORE energetic structure, especially during these challenging times. Please see below?

I sincerely appreciate this as vast quantum hours lovingly go into these Creations…

Currently, (November/December I am away in Dublin looking after a relative and will be back online sometime in Jan/Feb. Please CONTACT ME, if urgent?

Thank you!

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  • All MONTHLY MAPS from Now (October 22) will be listed as £0.00 but to kindly DONATE, please initially ORDER HERE, so that you receive Zoom meeting details and download instructions etc.
  • Then return to this page before or after TransMission and kindly make a donation (above) which will take you to a payment page. (A suggested donation is £36 but please choose an amount by pressing: “Change Amount” that resonates Truest to you?

Thank you, in heartfelt Elation 💃