Before you read this Scroll, I encourage you to please listen to the above video and also this version: Psonn of Lyra, HERE.

In doing so, I would like you to be aware of any differences you feel whilst listening to both. Write any thoughts, sensations, feeling down?

This will serve you well after you finish reading and assist you to prepare frequencies to use own discernment about what is your Truth.

Let Us begin…………

When you descended down the Krystal Spiral into Earth you

  • 3D : Earth
  • 4D : Sun/Sol
  • 5D : Pleiades
  • 6D : Sirius
  • 7D : Arcturus
  • 8D Orion
  • 9D Andromeda
  • 10D Lyra/Vega
  • 11D Lyra/Vega
  • 12D Lyra (Stargate of Evolution Gateway)

Healing for our Animals/Animals for our Healing

I played the Psonn of Lyra continuously when my beloved Cat, Benjamin was transitioning out of the Time Vector in in order to generate enough quantum so he could safely make it out.

Benjamin was not only a Cat in physical but a Star Commander from Siruis and a Yunusai/Anuhazi member who chose to come back in time and assist me with my MisSion as a Cat embodiement, as he told me: “You would’ve rejected me if I had chose to be human!” Clever boy! Indeed I would have… I have very few close friends and he couldn’t take the ‘risk,’ that I would abandon him, I would never abandon an Animal!

Sadly, throughout my Ascension I have had to drop many friends because of frequency indifferences, this has been a painful process and much of my time is spent alone in Grid Work Therapies with my animal(s) around as my companion. Indeed I have a best friend who is worth a thousand, and another friend who I can talk ‘agenda stuff’ with who is Andromedan in nature and I am sure others will waltz in in Divine Right Timing; But for now this suits me.

Yet, we signed Covenants of Palliador to rescue the Turunisian Races trapped in the Time Vector here so whilst we have loyal allegiance to this, I honour this in my Grid Works.