• Before you read this Scroll, I encourage you to listen to the above video of the Song of Lyra (whilst in your Kristiac Shielding) & :
  • Write any observations, thoughts, sensations, feelings down?
  • Then listen to this version: Psonn of Lyra, BELOW:
  • In doing so, I would like you to be aware of any differences/comparisons you feel… ?
  • Write any observations, thoughts, sensations, feelings down.. This will serve you well after you finish reading and assist you to use own discernment about what is your Truth.

IN CREATION…….. Please check back in Divine Right Timing as this is more vast than I had intended, thank you for your patience!

Let Us begin…………

When you descended down the Krystal Spiral into Earth you experienced what we call a Frequency Drop descending through all the differing dimensions in order to hit the frequency band of Earth (3d).

  • 12D Lyra (Stargate of Evolution Gateway)
  • 11D Lyra/Vega
  • 10D Lyra/Vega
  • 9D Andromeda
  • 8D Orion
  • 7D : Arcturus
  • 6D : Sirius
  • 5D : Pleiades
  • 4D : Sun/Sol
  • 3D : Earth

Within you, as you, is an infinity of pure potential, now, appearing as a body, and all bodies in the universe and beyond

– Adyashanti

Healing for our Animals/Animals for our Healing

I played the Psonn of Lyra continuously as a Prayer Wheel when my beloved Cat, Benji was transitioning out of the Time Vector into the MultiVerse to generate enough quantum so he could safely make it out.

Benji Boy was not only a Cat in physical but a Star Commander from Sirius b and a Yunusai/Anuhazi race member who chose to come back in time and assist me with my MisSion in a Cat embodiment. He told me: “You would’ve rejected me if I had chose to be human!” Clever boy! Indeed I would…

Psonn/Song of Lyra : Activation Page. 2

I have very few close friends and he couldn’t take the ‘risk,’ that I would abandon him – he knew I would never abandon an Animal!

I must express the benevolence and courage of my precious friend who chose to die a natural death rather than euthanasia, by injection. This would have meant him getting trapped on multiple false dimensions, not making it out of Time Vector due to the toxic chemical formulas designed to split the soul.

Star Commander Benjamin acting as Conduit for 12 Sphere Crystal Tree of Life.

Benji’s Mission was to release many trapped animals, killed in torture and sacrifice for pet food and other disgusting means in his ‘death rites’ process.

However, this meant that he would tragically choke to death with him in my arms whilst I loved and sang to him throughout this horrendous, heart-gut wrenching experience which left me filled in such sorrow and guilt. Yet knowing I had to honour his brave soul wishes and not interfere.

Benji wanted an Egyptian burial as he used to be one of the Great Sphinx type animals that guarded the Healing Chambers (another lifetime I knew him). I placed Frankincense and Rose essential oils on his body and wrapped his precious body in his favourite blanket, again blessed with precious oils.

I included all my gold jewellery from when I was between 18 and 21. Also silver and copper to act as the Carrier Wave to see him safely through the Stargate: Easter Island, 4 Faces of Man Grid and lovingly protected by the Great White Lions.

Infinity – In honour of Star Commander Benji

Covenant of PALiador

Indigo Crystalline Rainbow Children Signed the Covenant of Paliador to rescue the Souls of Tara trapped in the Time Vector so whilst we have loyal allegiance to this, I honour this in my Grid Works. ……………………………..

The Great White Lion Grid

The first APINs were created 5.5 million years ago by advanced Guardian Founder races. The Leonine race created the Great White Lion”.

The APIN components are generally linked up using a crystalline-based technology—like embedding computer microchips into the Earth into a selected format. The Guardians have used them for free-energy systems, climate stabilisation, healing, interstellar communications and broadcasting networks.

Noel Huntley
white lion grid
White Lion Grid Network (rendition Noel Huntley)

Lyra is the Diamond Dimensional Gateway home through the 12star cosmic aethers. It is guarded by the Great White Lions and the Leonine race (a combination of hybrids in human and lion form rather like the Sphinx which is a hybrid of a Lion’s head and human body.

Psonn/Song of Lyra : Activation Page. 3

The Power of Love

These are noble, gentle races but with mighty powerful hearts and hugely telepathic so they know purest intentions and root out the tricksters, demons, phantoms, entities, thought-fields (lower) etc.


You cannot force your way into Heaven, only Pure Heart Opens the Door and this is why the NP’s or AI’s are trapped in the Time Vector and try to cloak themselves in the innocence of children by stealing their purity in order to gain entry. I believe this is truly the meaning of “Wolf in sheep’s clothing!”

This is not allowed : “We Do Not Consent!”

As Guardians of this Time Vector we honour all life, especially those of our Children but we have zero tolerance for abuse of power which is rife on this planet from the upper false echelons of society, who again stole the coding’s of the Pyramids (and Sphinx) to use for nefarious purposes.

Psonn/Song of Lyra : Activation Page. 4

All currencies use a current of energy like that of Gold which is a carrier wave of energy and actually the conduit to travel Interdimensional. Back in the day, we used the Golden Fleece to travel through stargates, as well as a protective Shield.


However, the NP’s have inverted the Gold Rai of the Seraphim – the 2nd Primal Sound Field of Creation emanating from the Three Fold founder flame to harness this loosh in order to corrupt not only monies but the Michael-Mary ley lines using stolen mechanics (see red section ) from the Golden Eagle grid.

Psonn/Song of Lyra : Activation Page. 5
golden eagle grid, Noel Huntley rendering from A Deane’s work.

We could look at this like stealing half a wing from our beautiful Angelic Seraphim Wings needed to fly out of the Time Vector and why we feel trapped here. We need our Wings to Return to God to fly through the Lyra Gateway.

Furthermore Now, we are all experiencing A RIGHT OF RETURN to reclaim

“All that has been lost and stolen shall Be returned onto you”.