MultiVerse, Time-Jump Portal
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MultiVerse – Time-Jump Portal


I’m still figuring out this drawing: “MultiVerse..” I know it’s a Time-Jump Portal, as it was Transmitted through me whilst my 19 year old beloved Soul Friend & Cat, Benjamin was transitioning in March 2019…….

MultiVerse - Time-Jump Portal 1

Benji was/is a Master Time-Traveller, a highly evolved being, we go back a looooooooooooong way, across many Timelines as part of my Soul Council, especially from Ancient Egypt and Sirius b.

A Time-Jump is a transduction series, accreting enough energy quantum to make it out Earth Loop! Raising atomic structure to dissolve through membranes of restriction, embargoes, frequency fences, barriers, shields etc… Each Sphere is a Dimension, some inter-twinned, some stand alone! Either-way, its a Mind-Maze, Phase to obtain MASTER LOCKS & KHEES to release from confine into gates of freedom. Ultimately, which lead to destiny of HEART – HOME!


TS. Eliot

May we suggest to meditate with it as a VISIONARY BOARD, or a Mind Mandala, which may appear like an intricate puzzle to solve but truly its a release key/khee, even for a moment of time if a dilemma has mysteriously appeared in your reality? We encourage you to ponder and most importantly ask your Highest Self to assist you solve, or rather transcend through in Zero Point?

Zero Point Field of Creation

Aha, that’s another discovery, just come through Now… It’s teaching me new things each time I engage with it….. So if each Sphere represents ZERO-POINT, logic tells me that within each ‘vacuum’ is a hive of ever flowing particles of light that vibrate with magnificent life-force, perhaps the life-force of a “thousand trillion suns..”

This is therefore pure frequency light, energy and explosive potential to generate enough power (energy quantum) to transcend ‘lock down’, even if self generated.

So if we ‘lock’ into a sphere, paradoxically, we are opening a gateway of discovery because each Sphere is a Universe, or a whole Cosmos entirety. A world without end….. Another way to look at it, is as a Master Teacher, a friend, a lover……… Or a Hater for that matter, within the ‘Dark Matter’ of life……… It will reflect what one is conjuring into their reality and do this with zero judgement! Like being in a gigantic hula-hoop spinning Universes around you, like laser beams of light.

This is our Internal Gyroscope set to Zero-Point… Just think about it, a plane can’t fly without one, nor a ship set sail, as its the stabilising balance that navigates us steadily through life.

I believe Hawaiians are onto something with ‘Hula Hooping’, not only for physical balance and strength but Cosmos Reality Connection because they are truly spinning Dimensions within the centre of their reality…

The practice of Hula Hooping has been going on for aeons since ancient LeMuria when the Priests of Ur would stand in wave form patterning’s to embody Universal consciousness…….. To change, restructure and embody atomic particles and provide deep cellular healing, metamorphosis, or altered states of consciousness.

MultiVerses, asks us to contemplate if we can lovingly remain neutral when we witness our life spinning out of control, to watch, listen, feel resistance but not necessarily engage with it? Rather we are the centre of this reality and therefore its our creation even if we cannot understand it all?

A few years ago, I attended a chi-kung workshop by a prominent leader in his field, my body in tremendous pain, mood low and adversely affected by all the streams of energy and selfishness of people chucking out their ‘dark matter’ not bothering to clean it up; I was ready to run, I had had enough of processing and transmuting, eating up collective gunge like gigantic asteroids being hurled into New Age spaces…….

However, a friend saw me bolting for the door in tears as I blurted out: “I don’t feel safe here…” With that she forgot her own pain and selfishness and raised in height, broadened her shoulders and centred herself, but not in an overpowering way, but with such incredible passion and strength in her eyes and said:

You gotta feel safe with you!

It was as if a bolt of lightening came through me to jolt me out of the illusion. I gasped at the sheer profundity of beauty and wisdom her Higher Self had just displayed and in that moment of time showed me profound love that all I could do was laugh and hug her in gratitude.

Perhaps, Multi-Verse’s hits a ‘Safety Reset Button‘, like let’s say you didn’t feel safe in a room, house, spiritual workshop, job, country, world, etc, or with another person, thing, or self?

You could play with visualising this ‘space’ or person/thing in one Sphere, and you in another…… ?

  • Embody the feelings, sensations, thoughts etc – basically bring up the yukkies – but know you are in ZERO-POINT field of energy imbued in a resonance of singing light waves – the kind of resonance generated by ancient elders from sacred lands such as Mu?

Or watch this Video Vision of ‘Mother Arc, Rainbow Stargate‘ to activate lush landscapes of remembrance into your life?

  • However, try to watch this as an Observer. It’s like ‘MultiVerse Scene’ is in a different World or Dimension? Now, as you begin to gyrate your hips, (whether physical or in your mind!) Imagine a Hula-Hoop around you, like a fluid spherical Laser-Beam of Light, it gets bigger and bigger, picking up atomic particles of light like a magnet, faster and faster until it dissolves into lightening speed, metamorphosing all through and around you……..
  • Choose what you are drawing in? Is it strength, love, compassion, self-acceptance, peace, courage, or ……………………..?
MultiVerse - Time-Jump Portal 4
Spherical Wave Form
  • Now you are generating quantum! A powerhouse of transcendence within two fields – the place or ‘thing’ you didn’t feel safe with and you in other field or space…….. Now, see them merge together into a stream of lightning bolts cascading into multi-dimensional light forms……?

If it helps, listen to ELECTRIC (PLASMA) STORM to reset circuitry, all the while breathing & receiving Highest Expression:

Electric Plasma Storm is a quick fix Vibratory Top Up which blasts through astral debris, stress and tension stored in CNS System using power of Cosmic Thunder, Lightening and Rain Elements.


TESLA Template

  • Two Worlds are becoming One, polarities realigned, North/Soul Pole as One……. Allow Mind Gates to open, Now and merge within Infinite Heart together as One……..

<<<Breathe…… Deep, empowering breaths…..>>>


as Central Nervous System calms, soothes, pacifies….. Amplifies

  • Now you’ve become One Sphere, all ‘chains’ have dissolved into wave forms, perhaps into atomic algorithms and you exist purely in pure light, particles of peace, reborn, torn away from decay and illusion, separation……. Isolation!
  • Access how you feel, look at the issue you had and bring new light, fresh perspective to this? What was it trying to teach you? What, who was squashed, convoluted? Why? Remember, still as the Observer to listen, try to understand, acknowledge, all the while in the Infinity of Zero-Point…


Finally, take a nice glass of water and sip slowly reaffirming to yourself “I Am Safe…….. ” Or whatever resonates in your heart whilst visualising beautiful, safe empowering memories flowing through your mind, soul and body? (The water will pick up this vibration with each sip you take and draw this into old, dying cells, in order to make way for new Happy Dancing Cells zinging through body!)


I hope MultiVerse helps you to remember what is truly real in your world, free of the illusion of pain and suffering, whilst we honour you, we remember just how easily we can spin ourselves out of it without getting dizzy………….

I feel called to make it available as a very special High Frequency download, so here it is………. Please respect and enjoy this very special Treasure. May it serve you in exemplary ways of Expression.

Whilst this came through in gravest times of losing my Boy who was in such pain and ill-health towards the end of his earthly life; He lovingly, COURAGEOUSLY sat by my side transmitting this huge frequency wave from the depths of his pure magnanimous Soul for us all to share..

He also inspired my Video: INFINITY which I made in honour of my brave soul friend.

I love you –

The Silent Warrior… x