Anyone whose world is limited to the material and physical is riddled with fears, doubts and illusions. To see with restricted vision and beliefs is to limit your power of creation. The material, physical world is known as the plane of illusion. When we decide to move to a spiritual plane, previously unseen doors start to open. The fourth plane is the plane of unconditional love. Here we accept that we are spirit and become aware that we create our reality.”

– Diana Cooper –

Still in Creation ……..

Free Energy and the Call of Spirit…

Our Krystal Cathedrals and ancient Temples were all built to contain pure free energy, rather like a Meru Rod (particle accelerator) which pierces through Quantum Cosmos Architecture and can be used as a bio-weapon to heal or harm.

All Nature’s Energy is free, abundantly free……… In every grain of sand, every blade of grass and every seedling bursting with free life-force energy exists PURE POTENTIALITY of growth and connection to Divine.

Free Energy & the Call of Spirit.. 1

This is the Lakshmana, the ancient temple located in India.
Most of these ancient temples and other buildings of worship that religionists use today, were originally power stations, and sound resonating healing centers.
These structures are more similar in function to pyramids than what we are lead to believe
by mainstream science.


Free Energy & the Call of Spirit.. 2
Free Energy & the Call of Spirit.. 3
Meru Rod Particle Accelerator source – original William Henry article: Jesus and the Meru Super-Antenna
Free Energy & the Call of Spirit.. 4
Free Energy & the Call of Spirit.. 5