Light Activation Templates


Optical Master Gland Induction Technique:


Please do not download any of the following Living Light Codes (in these Tabs) – unless given as a Gift – in order to preserve and respect their integrity of purpose.

Frequencies, energies and vibrations will instantly shut down and not come through to your Field.

However, please INJOY their Creativity of Soul from this Portal, as many times as required.
Thank you!

Living Light Fields, AMBASSADOR


A Liquid Light Stream of pure consciousness to activate AMBASSADORSHIP TRAINING in your life, if you so choose?

This Creation might appear ‘messy’ and complex but its fluid, free-flowing and Higher Purpose is contained within in symbiotic harmony to honour multi-sensory abstract form.

You will find deeper reflective meaning revealed unto you the more you engage with this Essence, like layers of ice melting away, exposing True Form and Holy Order in relation to your Mission Codes in the chaos of life and evolution.



Fire Letters & Codes, Plasma Activator

What looks like an unattractive bulbous blob is actually a supremely powerful Igniter of Higher Conscious Rays to Activate Starfire Cycle to blend and infuse Starfire Keys & Codes – a ‘Right of Return’ Inwards deep into the Crystal Heart of Creation-Elation!

Ability to fearlessly pierce through quantum architecture to retrieve stolen DNA discs and infuse “Return to Rightful Owner” Commands.

A Gift from Cosmic Mother Aether to activate True Callings, Home!

See: The Lion Gorge, a hidden spiritual echo and Right of Return of the Mother!

Broadcasting Station


TRUE BEAMER TECH, transmitting from the SOURCE of you

This is an interesting one!

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this as a Broadcasting Transmitter & Receiver of Source Information.

Plasma Ray Technology beamed through stargate heart as creation.

A vast omniverse of creation/elation.

Mechanics of Manifestation


Spinning Time-Line Wheels of Success

I am still receiving Attunements about this Code but felt compelled to release it as a ‘blank code’ or rather ZERO-POINT Energy Field, for now, for you to use own discernment?

I may release an AUDIO TRANSMISSION about this very special essence so we can learn together!

However, for now I suggest you practice the above Optical Master-Gland Induction technique to decide for yourself what feelings, sensations, thoughts, imagery you feel whilst being in presence of this Living Light Code?

As for me, it has a smooth elixir with a very playful energy and fills my heart with a tangible feeling of hope.


until then…



Plasma Snake Wars

This One’s confusing, I came across it today (28/7/20) having completely forgotten about it after drawing it many months ago. I was searching for another Code and yet this one fell out ‘of nowhere’ and began disrupting the Field with things crashing and falling out of cupboards and strange winds gushing through the house. It must have been lying dormant and then suddenly activated, so go easy on this one!

I personally believe it’s a Major Clear of Plasma Wars, Electric War timelines and distortions in the ‘Kundalini Lifeforce’ energy which is infested with snakes etc. Also it has connections to Tara and soul time-lines where many Essenes were persecuted serving Infinite’s Name.

Just a suggestion, don’t start with this one if you are new to working with Light Codes until you feel ready to dig deep into Time-Line Traumas, wars, fire distortions, illusions, tricks, spells etc. So experiment with others until you feel ready, or simply ask inside: “Is this the right Code for me Right Now?” And TRUST the answer.

As ever, refer to GUIDELINES if necessary to pick up any ‘broken pieces’ which might run havoc in your life until you empower yourself to RESET in peace and clarity.



This one speaks for itself! Adapted from my notes whilst listening to a ‘heavy’ poignant, intensive lecture

Fertility glyph


Pomegranate Seeds of Life

I was inspired to create this Living Light Code, glyph after looking deep into a Pomegranate and seeing the many liquid light chambers over-flowing with Seeds of Love. It was ripe, delicious and fruity. The two pomegranates could be likened to two ovaries, overflowing with an abundance of evocative fertile eggs to procreate the Gift of Life – not only of babies but ripe in Creativity of Soul to manifest whatever is within her highest heart’s desire, in sheer opulent richness?

A suggestion for Women: When performing the Optical Induction Technique bring the two ‘seed pods’ into One through Master Gland but when shooting down Central Vertical Channel allow them to split into two and rest in the Ovaries for as long as possible and into the Sexual Organs before continuing their journey through the legs and into the Core of Earth.

For men: Allow the ‘Seed Pods’ to settle in each of the Scrotum Sacs to generate a huge reservoir of male quantum, purifying and enriching the multitude of pulsating semen.

This is a very sensual experience of self-love, purified in a Ruby Crystal Balm to restore all sexual distortions, infringements, violations and shame and humiliation. It removes stagnant memories, old energies and false-light codes. It reminds one of not only the Gift of Life but empowering notions of personal and planetary beauty which bear many rich fruits of success, as overlighted by Mother Arc who bears witness to All.



Clearing Womb or Umbilicus distortions.

This fluid Activator forms many intricate spirals possibly forming the entrance into and out of this Time Vector through the Birth Canal.

SUGGESTION: Follow wave form in your mind from Point A to B or Vice-Versa, whilst breathing deeply and being aware of the ‘fault lines’ yet all lead into One.

Or use Index Finger to SLOWLY trace this around whilst breathing deeply..

Pay attention to any thoughts, sensations, frequencies, vibrations you feel whilst being in presence of this Template?

It is a Memory Trigger Activator and can bring up foetal recognition or deeply held trauma held in the Womb for Women and/or whilst being in the Womb for both Males & Females, so please use GUIDELINES just in case?

GO SLOWLY.. You might want to do this several times in one day and access how you feel? Write in a SUCCESS JOURNAL etc…

However, another suggestion: Start spiralling ever so slowly but then gradually build up faster, so the more you engage with this Template you are naturally able to skilfully finish in one quick fluid motion! Be aware you are transcending time and clearing TIMELINES the more you engage..


DisSolve Directional Beacons Now!


depresSion deActivate

Depression LLC

Silicate Matrix Upgrade to clear false injected depression into cellular memory….

Please vocalise: E-Na-Ta-Sa as a Mantra until feels complete…

Scramble the Scramblers!

Whilst in presence of this Light Code, ask yourself the following questions and write down what first comes into your mind:

Who am I afraid to be?

What am I afraid to express or create?

What am I afraid to say?

What am I afraid to change?

What am I afraid to accept?

What am I afraid to give?

Who or what am I afraid to give to?

Who am I afraid to love?

Who am I afraid to forgive?

What am I afraid to see, hear or know?

What am I afraid to let go of?

What pain or loss do I not want to feel?

What truth about myself do I not want to know?

Questions in thanks to Shelley Klammer, email: Woman and Depression: Artist and Creativity Coach

Sion = Zionites…. Original Blueprint, not the Invader/Imposter Races. These are 12 strand DNA Star Codes drawn from Highest Creator Substance directly into Morphogenic Resonance, bodily integrity.

Magma Magnet Plasma Igniter

Activation of sacred Fire Letters and Khee Codes in alignment with Magma Magnet video from Krystal Kaleidoscope series. Works beautifully with Krystal Healing Waters to create ALCHEMY OF STEAM to raise SELF-ESTEEM with purity of Violet Suns.


Royal Emerald Order: ROYAL CROWN – Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds.


These Living Light Codes are designed to create frequency shifts in consciousness and activate Light Bodies in accordance with Divine Will at a pace and rate your body can assimilate, if you choose? However, always trust own discernment! They are adaptogenic resonating with Solar Reference Grids in alignment with Core Manifestation Template for Highest Unfoldment

Optical Master Gland Induction Technique

Audio TransMission

i) Ensure you have READ the Optical Master Gland Induction Technique (below) thoroughly to familiarise and integrate with its written Essence as this Will enhance your Audio Experience.

ii) Choose a Living Light Code (above) which resonates with you at this Now moment…?

iii) Play the Audio whilst looking at the Living Light Code you have chosen?

Please pause the recording at each question of the Multi-Sensory section, if you need more integration/observation time.

This will facilitate multi-sensory awareness/activation of the Code’s supreme essence in relation to your Personal Mastery.

Please only take the Seeds of Consciousness that resonate and lovingly disregard anything that does not.

Thank you!



Look anywhere into an area of a Living Light Code, Template (see TABS below) that takes your fancy and quietly observe this for a couple of minutes…….. whilst breathing deeply?

Now, ever so slightly – cross your eyes together – to engage Left & Right Brain Hemispheres as One, whilst still looking at the Code for as long as feels comfortable, until your eyes naturally begin to close. (This is referred to as Optical Master-Gland Induction).

Now visualise a small pale BLUE FLAME in the centre of *Master Gland about 2 inches high whilst being aware of your breath for as long as necessary enjoying this Elixir.

Open your eyes Now and take a deep breath in whilst looking at the Code in front of you….. On the out breath, shoot this Flame out into the whole of the Code like a Magnetic Sensor/Receptor to pick up frequency, energy & vibration contained within?

Keep breathing for as long as feels complete, as if to charge the Living Light Code with the power of your breath……. And continue to gather up all this delicious, optimum frequency energy.

Now, in one full swoop strongly breathe it back into the Master Gland on the next inhale.

HOLD THE CHARGE on the in-breath for as long as possible………… And breathe this out into the Master Gland and see, feel, sense it pop open like a magnificent STAR-BURST lighting up Wisdom Codes, Ancient Callings, Success Imprints and Beyond...

Now that you have picked up all the relevant encodements to your biosphere. Close your eyes and allow this Living Light Code to softly melt and infuse all the way through your brain and into the many neural pathways, for as long as necessary….. ?

Keep Breathing..

See it trickle down through the Throat Center opening up your Vocal Cords and Highest Expression.

On it goes, deep into the heart and the many Heart Chambers opening any closed ‘valves’ to the Light of Truth: softly, slowly, gently.

Keep Breathing……

Use your breath to allow the Code to travel all the way through to Solar Plexus Power Centre and swirl in an anti-clockwise direction all through here lighting up Codes of Power, Love, Freedom & Joy……

Down it travels to below the belly button into the Sacral Centre and swirling like a gigantic vortex in spherical motions of oscillation and vibration. Take a long deep sighing breath of release….

Now breathe, nice & easy..

Allow the Carrier Wave of breath to pulsate the Flame Code into Root Core, really try to feel it lovingly exploring this area, picking up ancient earth encodements of safety & security.

See colours, lights, sensations popping open like mini starbursts of liquid-light heaven: Reassuring, comforting, connecting and believing..

Deep Breath Out….

See the Living Light Code travel down both legs like flames of consciousness and travel deep into the Core of Earth and connecting with the many vast, liquid light organic Chambers of Magistracy.

Breathe Out…

Share your GIFT with the World and feel this heart knowing as your Divine Blueprint reclaiming what is infinitely yours…………….?

See a Sphere form around the Light Code filled in Liquid Platinum, Earth Plasma Radiation Light as a protective Shield of Consciousness and feel comforted.

On the next inhale, rapidly shoot this all the way up through Central Vertical Current of body and settle into the Higher Heart or Thymus Gland just under the centre of your collar bone.

Breathe Out…

Be in subtle awareness for as long as possible fully connected to your breath and open your eyes when naturally feels right to you.


I suggest you take a nice glass of water, preferably with a slice of lemon to pick up encodement’s and clear any old, stagnant debris from cellular memory and bring further clarity of love with each sip.


How do you feel? (do you feel happy, sad, curious, puzzled, intimidated, vulnerable, calm, agitated etc. Pay attention to this without judgement)

What are you sensing in your body and surroundings? (Hot sensations, cool, cold, tingly, buzzy, pulsating, or is your body tight, stiff, or perhaps just numb etc.) Simply observe!

What are you hearing inside and outside body consciousness? (can you hear popping sensations, chime bells, loud traffic, or people chattering, or perhaps a memory of sound? Pay attention to surroundings in pure observation mode..)

What is your Knowing? (What do you know deep in the Core of you..) Trust initial 1st spark before any fear or doubt sets in..

If the Living Light Code could talk (which it can because it’s consciousness) what would it say to you?

Do you have any body pain? If so, visualise the Code directly superimposed over this ‘pain’ and allow to diffuse through you whilst deeply breathing for as long as necessary…..

*MASTER GLAND: Scientifically this is referred to as Hypothalamus, however ‘we’ relate this to the Pineal Gland which is true conductor of Higher Frequency energies. However, many false superimpositions have been placed around this powerful Gland as an insidious harvesting unit which distorts its Original Blueprint Template capabilities as a Transmitter/Receiver of Higher Conscious energy.

Regularly working with the pale BLUE FLAME in this manner naturally begins to dissolve/transmute these and allow True Organic Light to conduct through to Light Bodies & subtle energy systems..

Personal note:

I was called to create this ‘Living Light Code’ page after a deeply distressing time, feeling I had been ‘check-mated’ out of my home of 19 years as I had to immediately pack up and leave due to severe harassment and persecution from a neighbour (black magician), .

I had just fallen out with my best friend who was putting me up and contemplating whether I should sleep on a park bench that night!

As I sat beside a large pond crying my eyes out feeling the most alone I had ever felt, a beautiful COMORANT bird appeared right before me watching me from the corner of ‘his’ eye for quite some time and made a loud squawking sound to draw my attention.

He had come as a Messenger and telepathically told me to return to my friend’s home in peace and humility and that “all is well”. I gratefully thanked the bird and felt a warm glow in my heart and went back and we instantly made up and hugged! I stayed there for 10 days until I found another ‘Temporary Accommodation’. (This is all part of the ‘Spiritual Nomad’ phase I am currently experiencing and I’m sure will discuss at some point when I balance).

I would like to think he watches over this space as a very Wise Bird as I cannot tell you the comfort, friendship and assistance I received from the gentle, graceful being when I felt my whole world had fallen apart!

He touched me beyond measure and I thank him from the depths of my heart in profound gratitude.

Let us remember our friend’s appear in many ‘disguises’ as Messengers of the Divine to remind us of our humility, love, compassion and grace and that we are never alone, no matter how desperate the outer or inner world might appear – we must never lose hope in faith.